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HEIMTEXTIL 2016. Part II. India, China, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, UAE
We continue our in-depth review of the novelties from Frankfurt am Main.

17.03.2016, Стиль и цвет
In our second detailed review, we present our readers with the novelties from Asian and African manufacturers.

GM Syntex (India)

GM Syntex is a family-owned Indian textile manufacturer that we have already encountered at a number of major trade fairs. The company’s stands are always brimming with visitors, and it is worth noting that the brand’s unusual fabrics have recently drawn a lot of attention from the Russian

The owner’s wife serves as the chief designer of the brand, and is the creative mastermind behind the company’s innovative collections. GM Syntex’s fabrics are known to combine many different textile-finishing techniques.

The brand’s collection at Heimtextil 2016 featured:
– three-dimensional prints in an African theme;
– natural cotton and linen fabrics with a fascinating texture;
– complex designs with embossed embroidery and application;
– ethnic motifs in prints and embroideries; Ikats and a Tie-Dye technique.

Company’s contact information
Company name: G.M. Syntex | Location: India
Contact person: Dalbir Singh
E-mail: europasales@gmsyntex.com | Tel: +91 2261 5598 98
«G.M. Syntex Pvt. Ltd.» на WilliZ >>

Cocoon&Murex (UAE)

Cocoon & Murex is a family business with a rich history. Founded 75 years ago, in Saudi Arabia, the company has now become one of the largest interior fabric editors in the Middle East. Today it owns over 25 showrooms in the region, with the majority being located in the Arab Emirates. In the past years, Cocoon & Murex has been actively pursuing its goal of international development. We will provide more information on this editor, as well as on its recent collections in our exclusive interview from the expo.

The company’s Murex collection offers versatile, inexpensive fabrics, represented at the expo by the following designs:
– a large selection of solid fabrics of all types and textures, offered in a great variety of colors;
– catalogues that offer a competent selection of companions in classical, modern and country styles.

The company’s Cocoon collection offers fabrics of a higher price segment:
– exquisite embroideries on silk, velvet and blended fabrics with companions;
– jacquard velvets, bright geometry with upholstery and voile companions;
– a selection of classical jacquard fabrics with companions.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Cocoon&Murex | Location: Moscow, Rumyantsevo Business Park, bldg. B, 2-nd floor, entrance 9, pavilion 280B
Contact person: Bella
E-mail: cocoon-murex@mail.ru | Tel: +7 966 099 88 58; +7 968 597 82 33
cocoon-murex.ru | instagram.com/cocoon_murex_textile
«The one» на WilliZ >>

Aleran Tekstil (Turkey)

One of the largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers in Turkey. Although the company was founded as recently as 2005, today, it is capable of producing over 2.5 million meters of textiles per year. The factory offers many different types of fabrics, ranging from fillet lace to upholstery, and is generally known within the textile world through the Bonaperde, BONA and Senfoy brands.

At the expo, the company has displayed classical jacquard fabrics, original geometric designs and reserved designs in a natural color scheme.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Aleran Tekstil | Location: Turkey
Contact person: Ömer Rızaoğlu
E-mail: bilgi@alerantekstil.com | Tel: +90 224 384 15 17


An editor from China with an original collection of fabrics.

At Heimtextil 2016, we were unable to pass by the company’s colorful and stylish stand. It featured a great variety of textures, designs and color pallets. Its catalogues, organized in a somewhat American manner, reminded us of the style of the company Designers Guild, where every selection of companion fabrics is represented by a series of books, each signifying a separate color pallet.

The brand’s collections feature a lot of geometry in an American style, faux marble textures, copper and metallic sheen, embossed textures and bright color gradations — all are trending designs, offered at affordable prices.

Company’s contact information
Company name: QIANBAIHUI / IS DESIGNER | Location: China
Contact person: Jack
E-mail: jack@qbh-fab.com | Tel: +86 573 8758 6682
«QIANBAIHUI» на WilliZ >>

Atretis - Velvetex (Morocco)

Atretis is a manufacturer of high-grade upholstery fabrics.

At Heimtextil, we took note of the company’s jacquard velvets in bright color schemes and of contemporary classics, accentuated with golden sheen. Atretis’ collections feature both, screaming and calm versatile fabrics, as well as a large selection of solids of varied pile length.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Atretis - Velvetex | Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Contact person: Mohamed HRAICHI; Abdellatef SMINA
E-mail: mhraichi@atretis.com; a.smina@velvetex.ma | Tel: +212 522 35 11 62; +212 522 59 22 01
atretis.com, velvetex.ma
«ATRETİS» на WilliZ >>
«VELVETEX» на WilliZ >>

Festino (Turkey)

The company specializes on upholstery and decorative fabrics.

In its manufacturing process, Festino only uses yarns of the highest-grade: acrylic, viscose, cotton, linen and torque on polyester base. It also offers fire-retardant textiles made to order, such as the TREVIRA CS fabric.

At Heimtextil trade fair, the company has presented an extensive collection of traditional upholstery velvets, jacquards and bright oriental designs, as well as a number of contemporary textiles following the latest trends in fashion.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Festino | Location: Turkey
Contact person: Selçuk Türkoğlu
E-mail: export@festivaltekstil.com | Tel: +90 224 244 77 44
«Festino» на WilliZ >>

Kashmir Valley arts (India)

A company that specializes on linen, cotton and wool embroidery, as well as on manufacture of blended fabrics. Kashmir is a modern and active brand, committed to the development of own, worldwide distribution network.

Among the offered products, we particularly liked the company’s original designs, traditional for Indian embroidery floristic and animalistic motifs and spectacular color combinations in their natural fabrics.

We were also very impressed with a number of Kashmir’s designs that we considered to be on par with some of the fabrics from the collections of Voyage.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Kashmir Valley arts | Location: India
Contact person: Zamir Naqash
E-mail: kva@kashmirvalleyarts.com | Tel: +91 981 867 01 11
«Kashmir Valley Arts ( naqash)» на WilliZ >>

Marsteks-Fabious (Turkey)

A Turkish company that maintains a large collection of upholstery textiles. It offers an exceptional selection of low-priced solids of varied textures, upholstery pile fabrics in fresh, trending colors, as well as many bright geometric designs.

At Heimtextil expo, Marsteks concentrated on fabrics that yield steady demand and attention from clients:
– solid fabrics of NOVA, SEUL, MOLLY, JAGUAR;
– blended fabrics of COLOMBO, BUGATTI, ALJEN ZEMIN 2;
– jacquards of EPHESUS, DIEGO, WOLK, CHOOSE.

Company’s contact information
Company name: MARSTEKS DÖŞEMELİK KUMAŞ DOK. KONF.SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ | Location: Bursa, Turkey
Contact person: FEHMİ ŞENER
E-mail: fehmi.sener@marsteks.com | Tel: +90 542 404 92 69
«MARSTEKS» на WilliZ >>


Akar Group was founded in 1987, and today produces fabrics for retail, contract and fashion markets. The factory employs a strong international staff of designers, which is clearly reflected in the exquisite color pallets and original, contemporary patterns of the brand’s collections.

At the fair, Akar Group has displayed its bestsellers:
– bright watercolor-esque prints;
– a contemporary collection of devoré voiles;
– jacquard velvet and solid companions.

Company’s contact information
Company name: AKAR GROUP | Location: Bursa, Turkey
Contact person: MURAT ÖRGE
E-mail: marketing@akarconcept.com | Tel: +90 553 244 11 68, +90 224 371 30 70
«AKAR GROUP» на WilliZ >>

Sekmani textil industries (Egypt)

A manufacturer from Egypt that specializes on interior fabrics of all kinds, as well as on textile wallcoverings, panels and varied home accessories.

Among the presented novelties of the 2016 were:
– textile wallcoverings;
– fabrics with exclusive, hand painted designs;
– original fabric panels with bead embroidery;
– gobelins.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Sekmani Textile Industry | Location: Cairo, Egypt
Contact person: Mahmoud Sekmani
E-mail: Mahmoud@sekmani.com | Tel: +20 109 806 14 76, +20 102 444 64 28
«Sekmani» на WilliZ >>

G.M. Fabrics (India)

Another name likely familiar to our readers. G.M. Fabrics is a Mumbai-based manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in the textile field.

At the Heimtextil trade fair, the company has presented a new collection, which featured traditional, for the factory, assortment of elegant curtain fabrics, upholsteries, embroidery, digital prints, velvets and solids. The firm also takes special pride in its line of jacquards.

Company’s contact information
Company name: G.M. Fabrics | Location: India
Contact person: Dinesh Kandpal
E-mail: sales@gmfabrics.com | Tel: +91 2242 1404 00
«G.M.FABRİCS» на WilliZ >>

Chamundi Silks (India)

An Indian company with over 50 years of experience, which originally started with the manufacture of silk in the southern city of Mysore.

Today, the firm offers a wide selection of elite fabric types: jacquard, damask, check, stripe, solid, textured and embroidered products. The composition includes silk, cotton, linen, bamboo, viscose and many other natural yarns and blends.

Chamundi Silks currently supplies fabrics to many well-established furniture brands in Great Britain and USA.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Chamundi Textiles Silk Mills Ltd. | Location: India
Contact person: Ramkumar Menon
E-mail: ram@chamundisilks.com | Tel: +91 8022 6467 00
«Chamundi Textiles Ltd» на WilliZ >>

SVG Fashions / Karma (India)

A fairly young company on the market, which offers high quality products at reasonable pricing.

The assortment includes jacquards, prints, embroidered and solid fabrics — all of which are designed to complement virtually any style of interior.

Company’s contact information
Company name: SVG Fashions Ltd. | Location: India
Contact person: Sandiip Agarwwal
E-mail: sandiip.agarwwal@svgindia.com | Tel: +91 022 4250 9700

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