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HEIMTEXTIL 2016. Part III. Europe: trendy & luxury
We continue our in-depth review of the novelties from Frankfurt am Main.
02.03.2016, Стиль и цвет
In our third detailed review, we present our readers with the novelties from European manufacturers.

European producers and editors can justly be regarded as the Haute Couture of the textile world. Year in and year out, they infuse the global industry with the most novel designs and stylistic directions, unconventional texture combinations and superbly executed classics. They are, and will certainly remain in the near future the undisputed trendsetters in the textile field. In the current article, we are going to review the most interesting European fabrics we have discovered at the Heimtextil 2016.

Fuggerhaus (Germany)

Hans Fugger, the founding father of the Fugger family, was an ordinary weaver from the village of Graben, who, in 1367, has moved to the city of Augsburg, where he has entered the weaver’s guild.

The modern history of the FUGGERHAUS begins with the year 1954. Its first factory, founded by Kurt Nill, specialized solely on the development, manufacturing and realization of high-quality interior fabrics of exclusive, classical and contemporary design. Over the course of its 60-year history, the factory has continuously evolved, absorbing a significant number of fashionable and promising European manufacturers into its structure —the trademarks of Indes, VOLLAND, TULIPAN, Label One and ARCHITECTS PAPER were all independent companies at some point in time.

At the expo, we had an opportunity to meet with one of the chief designers of the company’s new collection—a young and contemporary woman, who dedicates a lot of her professional time to travelling around the world. We find that to be consistent with the fact, that FUGGERHAUS’s 2016 collection is completely up-to-date on all the latest trends exposed at the current expo. Today, the company’s collection includes over 5000 items of fabric, all of which are available to length.

Among the favorites of this year’s collection are the color pallets of copper and rust. Other notable novelties include:
– light fabrics with downy raised textures and metallic sheen of silver and copper;
– marble texture realized in jacquard fabrics;
– blurry, abstract designs on light fabrics;
– novelties in the company’s classical line: bright floristic designs embroidered on silk, classical monograms.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Indes Fuggerhaus Textil GmbH | Location: Germany
Contact person: Andreas Petker
E-mail: petker@indesfuggerhaus.de, contact@indesfuggerhaus.com | Tel: +49 (0) 22 64 20 135 622, +49 (0) 178 38 87 528
indesfuggerhaus.de | williz.info/company/3780/

Company’s contact information for Russia
Company name: Bartex | Location: Moscow, Bratislavskaya Str, 33
Contact person: Alexander Zablotskiy
E-mail: info@bartex.ru | Tel: +7 499 641 05 80, +7 916 460 87 77
bartex.ru | williz.info/company/846

Acquitaine (United Kingdom)

Acquitane develops original designs, which are then transferred on British-made cotton and linen fabrics through traditional printing techniques. The company is fairly young (10 years old), yet has already developed a good reputation on the European and American markets.

Debbie Hill, the founder and chief designer of the company, was kind enough to tell us a little about Acquitane and its new collection. She draws inspiration from archival designs, fine arts and the everyday beauty of ordinary and simple things. The company’s current collection is executed in a characteristically English style—floristic motifs, oriental themes, a joyful yet simultaneously calm color pallet. All these aspects unite into a product that fits into a large variety of interiors.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Acquitaine | Location: United Kingdom
Contact person: Debbie Hill
E-mail: deb@acquitaine.co.uk | Tel: +44 (0) 7887 555 299, +44 (0) 161 431 4775
acquitaine.co.uk | williz.info/company/3777/


In 1987, Ulrich Fürus, who had enormous experience in textile industry work, decided to materialize his passion for textiles and design through creation of his own fabrics collection. As a result, he formed the Deco Design Fuerus enterprise.

The collections of the Fuerus brand incorporate contemporary trending colors and textures, fresh designs and a large selection of solids with interesting textures. The style of the brand can be in short described as Art Nouveau with a certain note of nostalgia:

– devore fabrics with contemporary geometric patterns;
– novelties in embroidery characterized by delicate color gradations;
– classical motifs in a modern interpretation;
– a large selection of solid fabrics in 60 distinct colors; dim-out fabrics; fire-retardant fabrics; textured jacquards.

Company’s contact information
Company name: DECO DESİGN FÜRUS | Location: Adolf-Dembach-Strasse 5 D-47829 Krefeld, Germany
Contact person: Аnatoliy Fedorov
E-mail: info@deco-design-fuerus.de, fedorov@gmx.com | Tel: +49 215 149 350, +49 221 2987 0815
deco-design-fuerus.com/en/company | williz.info/company/2990/

Gaetano Rossini (Italy)

Gaetano Rossini strives to merge tradition with modern and advanced technological innovations. Despite the growing diversification of the factory’s produce, automobile manufacturers continue to comprise the majority of the company’s clients.

In the early days of the enterprise, Gaetano Rossini was an exclusively automobile-oriented producer of fabrics. With time, however, the brand began manufacturing specialised and technologically advanced materials for furniture, exteriors and even the fashion industry.

The following fabrics, characteristic of the company’s collection, were introduced at the current expo:
– specialized fabrics of uncommon dimensions: unusual height, width and density of materials;
– upholstery fabrics;
– innovative technologies;
– complex textures;
– three-dimensional fabrics that allow for the creation of very complex structures, and are also light, elastic, rugged and breathable (possess superb air permeability).

Company’s contact information
Company name: Gaetano Rossini | Location: Italy
Contact person: Giulia Castelnuovo
E-mail: giulia.castelnuovo@gaetanorossini.it | Tel: +39 031 85 51 04, +39 345 0653839
gaetanorossini.it | williz.info/company/2095/


A German manufacturer with a worldwide reputation and more than 70 years of experience in the field. Alfred Apelt, the founder of the company, together with his wife Gretta, has restored German textile manufacturing from ruin in the post war years. The company’s first collection of interior fabrics saw light in the year 1960. Since then, Alfred Apelt has evolved into an international, modern and technologically advanced producer of textiles.

In 2005, the firm has undergone a massive rebranding, during which it obtained a new slogan—Decorate your life! In 2016, 6 company designs have received the Iconic Award 2016.

Inspired by the current macro trends, the company has produced a collection that diverges into a number of stylistic trends:
– Modern Vintage — a collection reminiscent of the Art Deco style: geometry with metal sheen and unusual textures, dominated by a copper color pallet;
– Loft Style — graphical, geometric ornaments, achromatic color scheme, natural fabrics;
– Easy Elegance — reserved classics in a modern interpretation;
– Floral Living — bright and joyful floristic prints, as well as bold tropical designs with companion fabrics.

Company’s contact information
Company name: ALFRED APELT GMBH | Location: An der Rench 2 D-77704 Oberkirch, Germany
Contact person: Аnatoliy Fedorov
E-mail: info@apelt.com; fedorov@gmx.com | Tel: +49 (0) 7802 80 70, +49 (0) 7802 80 712; +49 221 2987 0815
apelt.com | williz.info/company/2989/

Sarlas (Greece)

Protos Textile is the exclusive distributer of the SARLAS brand on the Russian market. SARLAS is an editor from Greece, which possesses over 30 years of experience in the industry, and maintains a strong staff of designers. Today, the company exports its fabrics to over 60 countries across the globe.

The brand offers fresh, contemporary design, interesting textures and mid-range price segment.

At Heimtextil expo, the company has unveiled its 2016 collection:
– a wide selection of natural fabrics and textures; a reserved color scheme;
– two beautiful colors of blue-grey and delicate pink added to the usual milky grey color palette;
– blurred geometric ornaments combined with embossed textures; accent on soft, easily pleated fabrics;
– delicate, watercolor-like floristic prints on light fabrics;
– stylized classics; a saturated color scheme of maroon, antique gold and deep blue;
– a variety of designs with color gradations; an effect of degrade in pastel tones.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Sarlas; PROTOS Textile (for Russia) | Location: Greece; Moscow, Warsaw highway, 132, Bld.9 (for Russia)
Contact person: Ekaterina Pogodina
E-mail: info@protos-textile.ru | Tel: +7 495 921 38 33 (доб.108), +7 495 921 39 22
protos-textile.ru | williz.info/company/1653/

Castiglioni (Italy)

An Italian factory, established in 1919. Specializes on the manufacture of classical light fabrics, fillet lace and guipure.

A wide selection of tablecloth fabrics and cotton printed fabrics is also available:
– classical Italian design with embroidery and application in velvet;
– jacquards and solids in a wide range of colors;
– check and stripe in traditional colors.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Castiglioni srl | Location: Italy
Contact person: Anastasia Tukhvatulina
E-mail: anastasia-me@inbox.ru | Tel: 00 99 557 4311 319
castiglioni.it | williz.info/company/3287/

Rufflette (United Kingdom)

An English factory with vast experience in manufacture of all fabric types. This year, the company chose to focus on the contract market, for which it has released an exclusive product—faux wool with fire-retardant properties. The fabric is available in a wide range of solid colors, as well as in a number of exclusive designs with an embossed stitching effect. At the fair, we observed many intriguing applications for this material.

The brand also offers coverlets, decorative pillows, upholstery fabrics and soft fabric wall panels. Among other notable materials, represented in the 2016 collection, are a large selection of black-out and dim-out fabrics with fire-retardant properties.

Rufflette’s current product line allows for the complete outfitting of the most demanding of hotel accommodations.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Rufflette | Location: United Kingdom
Contact person: Graham Peters
E-mail: graham.peters@btl-group.co.uk | Tel: +44 (0) 7740 278 536, +44 (0) 1995 600 285
rufflette.com/ | williz.info/company/3520/

Ena Shaw (United Kingdom)

An English company that was founded by Ena Shaw in the year 1932. During its early years, the company has existed as a small, yet successful textile shop that focused predominantly on the production of custom-made curtains. In 1982 the brand has obtain its own manufacture, and by 1992 it began producing original fabrics and ready-made curtains.

Today, Ena Shaw is known as a first-class editor of interior fabrics, and is widely considered to be among the largest manufacturers of ready-made curtains in Britain.

At Heimtextil 2016, we were most impressed with the company’s diverse selection of drapery fabrics. The designs are offered in a number of trending color pallets, and match quite well with each other:
– contemporary, simple urban style offered in an appealing mid-price segment;
– jacquard fabrics with modern design;
– embroideries with delicate floral patterns;
– coarse, solid fabrics complimented with modern abstraction with accents of metallic sheen;
– bright, ethnic jacquard fabrics with modern finishing techniques.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Ena Shaw | Location: United Kingdom
Contact person: Elaine Stringfellow
E-mail: export@enashaw.co.uk | Tel: +44 (0) 7974 928 639, +44 (0) 1744 853 494
enashaw.co.uk | williz.info/company/3785/

Thevenon (France)

A French family-owned manufactory, founded in 1908. Thevenon’s collections are predominantly comprised of printed cotton fabrics of varied designs, ranging from classical Toile de Jouy to street art.

The factory takes great pride in the upkeeping of its historic manufactory located on the outskirts of Leon—the historical center of weaving.

Maison Thevenon actively collaborates with well-known external designers of Nathalie Lete, InkFabrik and Patrick Plattieir, and is a frequent participant of all major international expositions, such as Heimtextil and Maison&Objet.

The current, spring-summer 2016 collection, features bright floristic prints dominated by the shades of pink quartz color..

Company’s contact information
Company name: Thevenon | Location: France
Contact person: Ekaterina Politova
E-mail: emp@shleif.com | Tel: +79 219 649 411
thevenon1908.com | williz.info/company/3789/

Raymakers (Netherlands)

A company with a rich history — has been present on the textile market since 1773. In 1951, the Queen of Netherlands awarded the firm with the Royal title, meriting its devotion to the upkeep of weaving traditions and for the superb quality of the manufactured goods.

The factory specializes on the production of velvets of all types — solid and jacquard velvets for draperies and upholstery, fire-retardant velvets and many others.

The company is well known for its innovation in velvet production, and its superb products can be seen in many designer collections of high-end textile brands around the world.

Company’s contact information
Company name: J.A. Raymakers & Co b.v. | Location: Netherlands
Contact person: Barend Verschuren
E-mail: barend.verschuren@raymakers.com | Tel: +31 (0) 492 53 68 55, +31 (0) 6 54 29 79 00
raymakers.com | williz.info/company/3652/

Wind (Belgium)

A family business, established by the De Zutter family in 1954. Today, Wind is a large international brand with a superb reputation as a producer of high-end textiles of exclusive quality and design. On the Russian market, the company is represented by the Dom CARO brand.

While taking great care in maintaining the Zutter family’s manufacturing traditions, the current generation strives to add their own fresh ideas to the process of creation. The result — superb quality fabrics that offer modern design, consistent with all major current trends. The trademark textures and creative color schemes of Wind’s materials, helped the company earn a leading place on the market of interior textiles.

In 2016, the brand has released the following collections:
— Botanica — a collection of fire-retardant fabrics that offers exotic floristic prints accompanied by solid companions;
— Concerto — an atmosphere of a small, extravagant hotel that combines coziness and luxury; watercolor-like floral designs, natural linens and companions with stripe;
— Galaxy — natural and reserved colors juxtaposed with saturated hues of orange, green and red; Mediterranean-esque elegance and style;
— Lago — warm hues inspired by the nature’s elements; sand and leafs; shiny fabrics with 3D effects;
— Discovery — linens and silks combined with exquisite embroidery; bright colors and fictional flower forms;
— Yurt — a collection of fire-retardant fabrics in a contemporary style, designed for the contract market;
— Papyrus — a barren desert landscape; shadows from sun accompanied with geometric abstractions — this collection offers beauty in simplicity.

Company’s contact information
Company name: WIND nv; Dom CARO (for Russia) | Location: Belgium; Moscow, Shchipok Str., 28 (for Russia)
Contact person: Lauranne De Zutter
E-mail: lzd@wind.be, info@wind.be; info@domcaro.ru | Tel: +32 56 62 20 30; +7 495 638 56 37
wind.be; domcaro.ru | williz.info/company/3695/; williz.info/company/708/

Kobe (Germany)

In Russia, Kobe brand is exclusively represented by Galleria Arben. The firm is a Dutch textile manufacturer, which has recently celebrated its 40th birthday.

In 1976, Kobe was a small family-owned store, engaged in the realization of 2-nd grade velvets. Four decades of rapid expansion, however, have transformed the company into a renowned international enterprise that has released many successful collections and is justly considered to be a trendsetter in the world of modern interior fabrics. Tim Vandersteck, the son of the company’s founder, has stated that the brand owes its success to the strong team of professionals, who evolved with the company over the years and helped to raise it from ruin after a major fire razed its facilities.

At Heimtextil 2016, the company has introduced a new collection in the Art Deco style, titled Elegance. The exquisite and modern fabrics released by the brand, were inspired by the distinct interior decorations, architecture and female clothing of the renowned artistic style.

Geometric ornamentation, silver and golden sheen, embossed textures and competently selected companions available in lightweight and upholstery variants — all characterize Kobe’s 2016 collection. Among some of the other notable products offered by the company, are printed velvets, jacquard fabrics, prints, devore and solid companions.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Kobe; Galleria Arben (for Russia) | Location: Germany; Moscow, Berezhkovskaya nabereznaya, 28 (for Russia)
Contact person: Maykova Elvira
E-mail: web@galleria.ru; Maykova@arben.ru | Tel: +7 495 755 50 90, +7 499 550 60 33
galleria.ru | williz.info/company/1982/


A family business, which is over 60 years old. The company manufactures interior fabrics and ready-made textiles for homes. The brand’s production plants are now located beyond the German border, as today they are situated all across Europe.

Although the Albani collection is represented by a large variety of fabric types, lace and other lightweight textiles remain the specialty of the brand.

At Heimtextil expo, two fabrics left a particularly lasting impression on us: the copper-colored fillet lace with a modern design and a bright tropical print executed on lace.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Albani Group GmbH& Co. KG | Location: Germany
Contact person: Lucy Kil
E-mail: lucy.kil@albani-group.com | Tel: +49 821 70017 14, +49 821 70017 519
albani-group.com | williz.info/company/3774/

Jab Gardisette (Germany)

Gardisette – an accessible and functional line of fabrics from the world famous publisher Jab. Style of the collection — fresh and modern with trending color combinations.

In 2016, the company has introduced several striking collections in different styles:
– Fanni — coziness of an alpine ski house inspired by mountain landscapes; 4 designs in 14 color variations; chic of a modern suburban home;
– Freya — a modern Scandinavian style, which offers 3 designs in 11 color variants. Floristic prints with devore companions;
– ABC — bright and lovely collection of fabrics for children;
– Leonardo — graphics and geometry; fashionable urban style;
– Tulipa — eco style; prints with tulips accompanied by a great selection of companions; natural color scheme;
– Nordic Flair — collection of lightweight fabrics; 3 designs in 20 color variants; motifs with leafs and stripe;
– Pepe — emphasizes original design and textures; 9 unusual modern fabrics in 31 color variations.

The company has also exhibited a number of novelties in its line of cornices and sunshade solutions from Jab: Geometric effects, roller shade fabrics with metal sheen, optical effects, as well as a number of innovative and technological methods for sunshade system control.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Jab Gardisette | Location: Germany; Moscow, Chistoprudniy Blv., 5/10, ofc. 305 (for Russia)
Contact person: Marina Eliseevа
E-mail: marina.eliseeva@jab.de | Tel: +7 495 730 21 70, +7 909 941 48 91
jab.de | williz.info/company/3787/

Erreerre (Italy)

The factory, founded in the late 40-ies of the past century, has developed on the Italian market, predominantly, as a supplier of fabrics for the industrial and small-scale manufacturers. During the 50-ies, the enterprise has underwent a global restructuring, and has formed a number of important collaboration with major interior design brands.

Today, the company specializes in the production of high-quality fabrics in a classic style.
Erreerre’s philosophy — a modern remastering of historical designs with the use of uncommon techniques and textures, as well as alteration of classical patterns.

Jacquard silk, wool, embroidery, velvet and linen. Fabrics from Erreerre are famous for their luxurious design, rich and complex textures and elegant colors.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Erreerre | Location: Italy
Contact person: Natalia Sokurenko
E-mail: erreerre@erreerre.it, nik-12@yandex.ru | Tel: +39 0362 340 243, +7 495 649 83 03
erreerre.it/index.php/ru | williz.info/company/3776/

Foresti (Italy)

Publishers from Italy. Franco Foresti founded the company in 1964. After spending years on selection of yarn and textile suppliers, as well as the development of original designs, he brought the company on a new level — the fabrics by Foresti become synonymous with the patented Italian style of the highest grade.

Today, the company is successfully managed by Marco Foresti, who manages to combine the traditions of Italian classics with contemporary trends in design.

Classic damasks, silk jacquards, rich embroideries and Swarovski rhinestones — Italian classical traditions in a modern interpretation.

Recently, the company became an official representative of the Mila Schon brand in interior fabric design—an ultramodern collection, characterized by an abundance of geometric patterns, three-dimensional textures and bright color combinations.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Foresti Home Collection Group SRL | Location: Italy
Contact person: Marco Foresti
E-mail: marco@foresticollection.com | Tel: +39 06 57 44 214, +39 06 57 28 74 23
foresticollection.com | williz.info/company/3779/

Hield (United Kingdom)

The furnishing division of Hield was started by the Hield brothers in 1986. Today it utilizes the latest CAD / CAM technologies, and takes great pride in the fact that all the fabrics supplied to foreign clients are manufactured exclusively on British soil.

Hield only uses the highest-grade raw material in its manufacturing processes.
– the superb quality of the wool, used by the company, is ideal of furniture fabrics, as it combines excellent thermo-regulating qualities with fire-retardant and high-durability properties;
– a large selection of jacquard fabrics;
– duplicate fabrics and jacquards are manufactured very quickly;
– the use of innovations in the production of fabrics.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Hield | Location: United Kingdom
Contact person: Chaker Chamsi-Pasha
E-mail: cmcp@hield.co.uk | Tel: +44 (0) 1274 525 500
hield.com | williz.info/company/3637/

Ashley wilde (United Kingdom)

A family-run business in its third generation, founded in 1950. Today, Ashley Wilde is a large company, which exports its products all over the world.

The company employs a strong staff of designers, but often collaborates with world-known external designers as well. Among them are such renowned names as Kylie Minogue, Elizabeth Hurley, Kirstie Allsopp, Emma Bridgewater, Hello Kitty Designers Guild and Roald Dahl.

In 2009, the company was awarded the Queen's Award for International Trade.

The company’s 2016 collection has exhibited bright prints in tropical themes, geometric patterns in the Art Deco style, as well as classic, stylized silhouettes of leaves and trees combined with metal and gold glitter fabrics.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Ashley wilde | Location: United Kingdom
Contact person: Simon Brodin
E-mail: simonb@ashleywildegroup.com | Tel: +44 (0) 1707 635 201
ashleywildegroup.com | williz.info/company/3782/

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