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HEIMTEXTIL 2016. Part I. Readymade products, cornices, trimmings
The year traditionally begins with Heimtextil, and as usual we offer a detailed review of the novelties, that were presented in Frankfurt. WilliZ soon will release a series of articles about this major exhibition. We hope it will be interesting for you.
17.03.2016, Стиль и цвет
The first article reports news from manufacturers of readymade products, cornices and trimmings.

Trimland (Turkey)
The company, founded in 1954, is a major manufacturer and exporter of upholstery fabrics and trimmings, including tassels, tiebacks, fringes, cords and other products in medium and upper price segments.

Along with their all-time bestsellers (jacquards and ribbons in variety of styles and designs) were showed new collections called Gallant 1 and 2, as well as the fresh designs of jacquards and ultra-modern collections of tassels: New Classic, New Modern and New Natural.

Those products depict strong team work of designers and smart custom color solutions. Company’s exhibition was as always originally decorated and perfectly demonstrated all possible application of trimming.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Oz-Is Tekstil Turizm San. ve Tic. A.S. / TRIMLAND | Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Contact person: Dilsad CUBUKCUOGLU ARSLAN
E-mail: export@trimland.com | Tel: +90 212 886 5781 Pbx ( Ext. 200 & 469 )
trimland.com | williz.info/company/2532/

Feiler (Germany)
Feiler is a traditional family business, founded in 1928, and leading german manufacturer of genuine multi-colored chenille and top-quality terry products.

Their special weaving technique allows to produce fabrics with double-sided patterns. Variety of colors and nice fleecy nap are unique features of this type of textile. Terry products, woven from threads of many shades, make an impression of exquisite embroidery or tapestry.

Feiler’s new fabric with classical ornament in black and gold, illustrating the Enrich influence, was also highlighted in Heimtextil's Trends Area.

Their renowned collections Irina, Fatima and Miriam were complemented by new items: Manacor, Fjord, Square, Amelie, Lifestyle 2016 (Clover, Divan, Dublin).

Company’s contact information
Company name: Ernst Feiler GmbH | Location: Hohenberg a. D. Eger, Germany
Contact person: Christian Rührschneck
E-mail: Christian.Rührschneck@feiler.de | Tel: +49 (0) 9233 7728 51
feiler.de | williz.info/company/3076/

Universal Knitwers (India)
This company from India specializes in the production of bedspreads, pillows, blankets and other knitted goods. Their ranged includes christmas trees skirts, table linen, kitchen towels, potholders, baskets, bean bags and lots of pillows with new, unusual and interesting forms.

This time company showed not only their entire colorful collection but also interesting items from their new sets: Nature, X-Mas, Navy and Colorful. This is the second year, when their stand is marked as one of the brightest and most unusual in the Indian pavilion.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Universal Knitwers | Location: New Delhi, India
Contact person: Suraj Bhatia
E-mail: suraj@universalknitwears.com | Tel: +91 9811 222 680, +91 130 221 966 870
universalknitwears.com | williz.info/company/3676/

Wallpera (Turkey)
Wallpera specializes in decorative wallpaper, including best selling designs for children, wallpapers with 3D effect and different textures. All this broad diversity of their goods was showcased at the exhibition.

Company’s contact information
Company name: WALLPERA | Location: Turkey
Contact person: Seher Süleymanoğlu
E-mail: seher@wallpera.com | Tel: +90 216 364 44 44
wallpera.com | williz.info/company/3588/

Gerber (Germany)
It's a family business with a long history, originating from 1906, when Richard Gerber founded a small embroidery manufacture in the city of Rebesgrün. The combination of traditions, modern technologies and equipment allow the company to manufacture lace and embroidery of the highest quality. The company produces different lines of tablecloths, table paths and ready-made curtains.

Visitors were able to appreciate their new collection of fabrics, envisioning the summer garden with fluttering butterflies, as well as delicate laces and kitchen curtains with embroidery.

As for this year's novelties, we can mention:
- sets for table layout made of lace fabrics;
- bright kitchen textile with the decor of leaves, flowers and bees;
- napkins made of natural fabrics with embroidery in the form of large leaves;
- products in modern style with application of skeletal lace.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Gerber | Location: Germany
Contact person: Nicole GERBER
E-mail: n.gerber@gerber-spitzen.de | Tel: +49 374 418 80 50
gerber-spitzen.de | williz.info/company/3698/

Varsha Arte (India)
Is and Indian manufacturer of blankets, plaids and decorative pillows.

The visitors of the exhibition enjoyed a variety of floral collection of decorative pillows, knitted blankets (plain and with geometric patterns).

2016 novelties from Varsha Arte presented at the exhibition:
- decorative pillows with animalistic and abstract design;
- collection of pillow covers with images of exotic birds.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Varsha Arte LLP | Location: India
Contact person: Yash Khemka
E-mail: info@varrsha.com | Tel: +91 124 438 95 43
varrsha.com | williz.info/company/3675/

Rechitsa textile (Belarus)
Is the Belarusian leading manufacturer of terry towels.

At the exhibition you could see a collection of their towels, products for bath and sauna, as well as terry products from a mixture of cotton and linen, and special designs, devoted to different holidays.

Among the novelties were presented:
- souvenirs with sights of the cities with a homespun effect;
- mixed cotton and linen products (towels with lace and dobby-hem);
- eco-towels made of 100% cotton.

Company’s contact information
Company name: JSC "Rechitsa Textile" | Location: Rechitsa, Belarus
Contact person: Melnikova Anastasia
E-mail: info@textil.by | Tel: +37 523 407 14 47
textil.by | williz.info/company/3597/

Hammam Home (Egypt)
Egyptian manufacturer of the final products, bath accessories, towels and bathrobes.

The company brought to the exhibition its new brand called HAMMAM, with a range of towels and sets for spas, made of natural egyptian cotton.

This new collection of bathrobes and towels attracted a special attention due to its innovative texture, which passes the oxygen. All the Hammam Home products are made of 100% natural raw material – fiber of egyptian cotton-flower.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Hammam – Home (ARAB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY) | Location: Egypt
Contact person: Hammam Ahamed
E-mail: adc_job@yahoo.com | Tel: 002 010 616 66 98
hammam-home.com | williz.info/company/3674/

InEs Teks (Turkey)
Table cloths and mats, curtains, napkins, carpets, covers and fabrics – all these products offers its clients a Turkish company InEs Teks.

Their products are always in demand among buyers. Most popular collection consists of bright table linens and serving sets, pillowcases with embroidery and knits, as well as plain fabrics in various colors.

New styles were shown in:
- napkins for table layout with embroidery and crochet;
- single-color curtains;
- dining sets in bright colors;
- colorful decorative pillows with bird motifs;
- light tensioned fabrics with «degrade» effect.

Company’s contact information
Company name: InEs | Location: Turkey
Contact person: Hicran ACAR
E-mail: hicran@inesteks.com | Tel: +90 532 293 91 53
inesteks.com | williz.info/company/2887/

UUJIN (Mongolia)
The company offers a wide range of products from high quality raw materials: camel, goat and yak wool. All their models are environmentally friendly and feature innovative design and forms.

UUJIN is one of the mongolian pioneers in usage of yak underfur in the textile industry, who successfully introduced it to the consumer market. In its production yak fur is never mixed with any other texture or subjected to chemical treatment, artificial coloring and external influences. Such technical process allows raw material to maintain its original luxurious softness and outstanding heat capacity, which is indispensable in the cold season.

Due to this technology, UUJIN found recognition among consumers and has earned the title of best national brand of Mongolia.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Uujin | Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Contact person: Nyamgerel Ganbat
E-mail: info@uujinyak.com | Tel: +976 9 918 33 21
uujinyak.com | williz.info/company/3636/

Tassel & Trim (United Kingdom)
Company is based in the UK and specializes in all kinds of trimmings, such as tassels, tiebacks, fringes, cords and other finishes for curtains.

The manufacturer develops its collections in different styles, color combinations and original designs, that make its products sold and appreciated all around the world.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Trimmings By Design Ltd Incorporating Tassel & Trim | Location: United Kingdom
Contact person: Clive Ovenden
E-mail: cliveo@tasselandtrim.co.uk | Tel: +44 133 233 13 14
tasselandtrim.co.uk | williz.info/company/3699/

Hefel (Austria)
HEFEL Textil is one of the most successful and innovative manufacturers of bedding as well as the only weaving industry in Europe. The entire range of their products (quilts and duvets, pillows, mattress covers, bed linen and down proof fabrics) is produced with highest austian quality.

HEFEL Textil is well-known for following textile solutions:
1. Exclusive quilted bedding products with fillers of animal origin, natural and synthetic fibers. The company is a pioneer in the use of organic fibers called TENCEL®, that are being manufactured from eucalyptus trees;
2. Bed linen made of 100% TENCEL® MICRO (Lyocell), cellulose microfiber derived from wood that combines excellent properties of cotton and appearance of silk.

And here are their recent technical innovations, presented at HEIMTEXTIL-2016:
1. HEFEL BIONIC® CLIMA is extremely light double blanket that combines a layer of filler, made of Tencel® corn, with a coat of Airloft fibers;
2. HEFEL COOL mattress top with added cooling function is especially designed for the hot summer nights;
3. HEFEL ROMANCE mattress top brings pure romance into the bedroom in all natural way. The friction of the fabric activates micro-crystals, that release essential oils of cinnamon, ginger and ylang-ylang;
4. HEFEL THERMO blanket allows you to achieve the ideal temperature of sleep, which is activated due to the heat of your own body. Minerals, found in the fiber, accumulate body heat and radiate it in such a way, that it gently penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin, reproducing the effect of infrared radiation.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Hefel Textil GmbH | Location: Schwarzach, Austria
Contact person: Tatjana Boesch
E-mail: Tatjana.boesch@hefel.com | Tel: +43 5572 503 273, +43 664 85 33 039
hefel.com | williz.info/company/3078/

Belarus Оrsha linen textile (Belarus)
Belarus Оrsha linen textile is a manufacturer of linen and semi-linen fabrics and home textile, known far beyond Belarus.

Their specialties, such as linen and semi-linen blankets, bedspreads, sheets, kitchen and table cloth with the effect of "easy care" are particularly popular among buyers.

Recently company expanded its assortment with:
- linen curtains of new colors, drawings and sizes up to 230 cm;
- home textile (bed and table linen, towels, blankets) made of washed linen with the "easy care" effect;
- wide assortment of costume fabrics in contemporary patterns and combination of colors, that were accompanied by other textile;
- range of natural fabrics for windows decoration with the effect of "organza" in different designs and colors.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Belarus Оrsha linen textile | Location: Orsha, Belarus
Contact person: Department of foreign trade
E-mail: linenexport@mail.ru, linenexport@tut.by | Tel: +375 216 531 651, +375 216 532 138
linenmill.by | williz.info/company/3606/

Blue Sky Сashmere (Mongolia)
Mongolian company Blue Sky Сashmere LLC brought to Frankfurt cushions and blankets of their own manufacture.

The visitors could meet a range of knitted blankets and cushions from natural materials in bright and unusual combination of grey and orange colors, as well as interesting designs of blankets and bathrobes.

New this year for them were quilts with the elements of the complex binding.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Blue Sky cashmere LLC | Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Contact person: Svetlana
E-mail: bysa89@mail.ru | Tel: +915 588 00 08
bsc.mn | williz.info/company/3634/

Oba Perdesan (Turkey)
Oba Perdesan operates the market of sun protection systems since 1972. In this time the company sold more than 1.5 million finished products and 3 million meters of fabric for blinds and 1000 tons of aluminum profile per month.

Bestsellers of the company include transparent and printed fabrics for roller blinds, blackouts and "day-night" shutters "day-night", as well as a full range of accessories and components for production of blinds and shutters.

The company introduced the following novelties at the Heimtextil – 2016 exhibition:
1. blinds;
2. transparent elegant shutters ("zebra", "day-night");
3. wooden venetian blinds;
4. 3D curtains.

Company’s contact information
Contact person: EDA ISLER
E-mail: eda.isler@obaperdesan.com.tr | Tel: +90 850 622 69 90
obaperdesan.com.tr | williz.info/company/3645/

Byron & Byron (United Kingdom)
Byron & Byron Ltd is a global manufacturer of handmade cornices. A small workshop, created for the production of wooden cornices in 1984 by Italian designer Orazio Gualtieri, soon turned into a large factory in Tottenham (London). Their cornices are characterized by unique design and distinctive decorative finishing techniques along with the use of a large share of hand craft.

The most popular of the latest collections are:
- “Barn Wood & Rustica”, reflecting the colors of natural wood with aging effect;
- “Romantic & Neon” – a floral collection that is easily distinguished by the tips as flower buds in two color palettes: classic and vibrant neon;
- “Halo”, depicting the urge of modern design for simplicity and elegance, combined with the use of new materials, such as acrylic pipes and bits with chrome trim and fittings.

Their 2016 collection called “Clerkenwell Manor”, presented at the Heimtextil, was inspired by natural colors and the exquisite classic design of the 18th century.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Byron & Byron Ltd | Location: United Kingdom
Contact person: Irina Matjusenko
E-mail: irina@byronandbyron.com | Tel: +44 208 344 7192, +44 208 344 7979
byronandbyron.com | williz.info/company/3633/

HEIMTEXTIL 2016. Part II. India, China, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, UAE williz.ru/info/824/

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