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STYLE CONCENTRATION. New Pierre Frey’s collections.
As part of the story about Maison&Objet we want to focus more on a few publishers. They presented very bright collections.
23.03.2015, Стиль и цвет
Deco Off exhibition.
In parallel with Maison&Objet there is an alternative exhibition Deco Off in Paris. The most famous world publishers and producers such as Jab, Sahco, Rubelli, LILIEVERE and others do not exhibit at Maison&Objet, they open the doors of their showrooms and continuously hold presentations of new collections instead. There are some streets in Paris where showrooms of lifestyle brands are concentrated, it is not only fabrics, but wallpapers, furniture, floor coatings. The atmosphere of the exhibition is very festal, streets are designedwith beautiful small lamps, free transfer.
At many showrooms there are owners of the companies, successors of known surnames and the leading designers of the companies. All of them turned out to be pleasant open people and actively communicated with clients.
Pierre Frey
The presentation of new collections Pierre Frey made the brightest impression on me. Pierre Frey are publishers and producers from France, a family business which is 80 years old. Thanks to Olga Bekhtereva, a brand manager for Russia for a bright emotional story.
What we liked:
1. a variety of styles. Collections simply cardinally differ from each other, moreover collections go under different brands which can not be confused.
2. every collection is very adjusted and finished. It bears its philosophy, style and logic. At the heart of each one there is a history of its creation: journeys, new acquaintances, interesting acquisitions and of course historical records.

Braquenie factory
I managed to visit Pierre Frey archive and to see samples of historical fabrics of the period of the second empire of Napoleon III. They were made at Braquenie factory in XVIII and XIX centuries with manual machines. Braquenie in the XVIII century were recognized leaders in production of carpets. Clients of the factory were Victor Hugo, Chopin and of course the imperial house. Pierre Frey got this factory and brand in 1998. Recently at Braquenie factory fabrics of the XVIII century were reconstructed for again opened galleries of Louvre.

In Braquenie collection «Winter garden» there is an elegant classics holding the spirit of Napoleon III’s ruling.
Each fabric is the work of art, you want to use many fabrics as a picture and the main element of interior.

- Linen with an application of velvet, the illustration was taken from cashmere scarfs which were carried by ladies of that time.

- The gobelin "ladies' happiness" with the Russian motives in flowers and ornaments, Napoléon III's carriage was adjourned with such gobelin.

- Silk jacquarette with Paisley pattern with tremendous modulations and surprisingly thin color transitions.

- Soft furnishing material with an original geometrical ornament, Pierre Frey bought an antiquarian pouf with similar fabric for the house and decided to recreate this fabric.

- The panel, embroidery on silk in a style of chinoiserie, 4 seasons, the shawl of the Pierre Frey’s grandmother was a prototype.
In embroideries there is a lot of color of fuchsia, blue «peacock», coral color, canary-yellow. There is a large amount of black color as a background. Olga explained that at the end of the XIX century with the invention of chemical dyes these colors became fashionable.

Trend coloring in the Pierre Frey’s collection of this season is a combination of salmon and canary-yellow. A set of bright prints on linen, a framework press in an ancient way.
A travel across Russia inspired the designer on creation of three fabrics "Big", "Moscow" and "Volga".

Boussac Architectonique collection
Boussac was acquired by Pierre Frey in 2008. It is a modern brand with bright sprints and a collection of outdoor fabrics. Many luxury hotels are designed in Boussac brand fabrics.

Boussac Architectonique is a new futuristic collection. A play of light of the volumetric figure, the broken geometry, triangular sides, hi-tech materials use, grids, reflecting mirror fabrics.
The collection «Origines» devoted to Australian aborigines.
This Pierre Frey collection refers to the journey across Australia and Oceania.

The designer decided to transfer to fabric the ethnic ornaments, deities and energy concluded in drawings. Fabric with beadwork, reproduction of a Nigerian dress from skin, tie-dyeing, volume embroideries in combination with natural cockleshells. Color stylist is a torrid earth, sea, sun, stone.

In the showroom the artist, who demonstrated how to create a new design of fabrics, worked.

Thanks to Pierre Frey for that inspiration which we received from their fabrics.

And in end there is a correct thought of our work, of a designer’s role.
Patrick Frey when he did a presentation of the collection, said: "We live in the unbalanced world, the only place of comfort is our house therefore let's call designers to create for us feeling of pleasure, happiness and safety in our houses".

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