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DECO OFF SUMMARY: designs, textures, colours
21.03.2018, Выставки
Deco off is Haute couture in textile and, of course, we were very curious about new trends presented by the TOP editors.
The main conclusion: interior textile fashion is evolving, trends are changing, what was popular last year is not actual anymore, new interesting ideas are appearing.

And it’s a good thing because it means that curtain decorators will always be in demand as experts in “clothes” for interior.

This article will reveal what caught our attention in the leading brands collections and we will compare the main trends of Deco off with the trends of Maison&Objet.

Games and irony
Maison&Objet was full of pop-art and kitsch presenting smoking angels, shining bananas, chairs with thorns, golden bugs, plush animals and many more amusing and odd ideas.

But since Deco off is a premium textile exhibition, the collections presented there were more restrained. Nevertheless, there we also noticed outrageous designs such as tie and shirt styled fabrics embroidered with elephants and lions and traditionally beautiful and crazy ideas from Jakob Schlaepfer.

Geometric patterns are still the number 1 trend. Comparing to the last year, patterns have become smaller and colors – brighter.

Art and collaborations with artists
Maison&Objet mostly represents pop-art but Deco off’s premium collections mainly show classic designs and stylish art references.
Collaborations with young or popular artists, historical paintings reflect consumers’ aspiration to individual and unique interiors. We think the popularity of this trend will grow.

Ethnic patterns
Ethnic motives are always an actual trend in textile decoration fashion. Last year ethnic designs were popular as well but the origins of them were not very clear. Probably, those were universal patterns.

This year, on the contrary, we saw many African or North-American Indian-styled designs that were in trend at Maison&Objet. This year’s ethnic is brighter, flashy, featuring a little bit of kitsch. Along with it, presentations are more luxury, we can even say colonial: cultural codes are not being rethought, but are kept as exhibit.

Chinese and Japanese motives that are suitable for modest and strict luxury interiors were very popular at the trade fair as well.

Jungle, toucans
The last year’s brightest trend is still actual even though it doesn’t surprise consumers anymore. We also noticed some changes in prints: monkeys and toucans replaced outmoded pineapples, cactuses and flamingoes.

This year jungle patterns are present in luxury designs on velvet and silk.

Classic designs rethinking
Classic designs are coming back renewed: produced in complex techniques, with its own philosophy and history.

Unusual appearance makes it possible to use these fabrics in modern interiors, for example, as an accentuated component.

Chanel weaving
The trend of Chanel-inspired weaving has been present since the last year, and now it evolved into more complex structures, textures and hand-made twisted yarns.

Natural colors
Modest and calm “simple luxury” has become trendy again. Fabrics look very plain outside but there are expensive composition, complex textures and manual labor inside of them.

Golden details and moderate glitter accompany natural color range.

Sheers with irregular weaving
Light drapery vs. thick tulle? Fabrics of medium dense are getting more popular in interior decoration.

This trend takes its origins from space reduction and tendency of having big panoramic windows. Transparent fabrics, irregular weaving and beautiful draping are the priority now.

Knitting, laces, nets
The trend “soft minimalism” has become exquisite this year. It features knitting effect, mohair, wool and other tactile textures combined with natural colors.

Furs, high pile, wool
Furs are getting more and more popular as well as pile fabrics: mohair, high pile velvets, wool velvets and fabrics of felting technique were presented in premium collections.

Bubble structure
Maison&Objet featured many bubble shaped lamps and chairs-bubbles, and fabrics also contain irregular volume shapes, - this is a past years’ cosmic trend’s echoes.

Gold, lurex
Gold definitely was the main trend at Maison&Objet. It was presented as an independent component, not just a color: we saw golden nets, golden yarns and completely golden curtain fabric.

Yellow and turquoise
Yellow and mustard shades definitely were the most in use. Very often these colors were combined with turquoise.

Another trendy color is terracotta. It has been used in beige-brown spectrum and in combination with deep blue, turquoise and indigo.

Indigo was the most common color at Heimtextil, and premium editors in Paris have also used it actively in their qualities.

This color was declared as the color of the year by Pantone and, as expected, it wasn’t used very widely and usually was presented for accents in interior.

Accessorizes are very important and deserve an attention. More and more of premium textile brands present complex border and tape collections and other decorations.

Accessorizes’ importance is expressed through its price: some hand-made borders can cost up to 2000 euro/m.

These were the main things we wanted to share with you about Deco off. Very soon you can read about the main trends of the year in our trend-book 2018, don’t miss it!

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