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“We orient ourselves on prompt completion of orders”. Chamundi Textiles
Chamundi Textiles is part of a large Indian holding company, which has a broad spectrum of interests stretching beyond the field of textiles. For instance, the corporate group has been doing business in Russia/CIS countries for more than 50 years and is one of the largest suppliers of tea owning various brands including “Golden Bowl”, “Assam” & “Simba”.

Outside the Proposte, visiting some show-rooms located in villas and hotels at Como lake, we had a chance to talk with the owner of the company — mister Srinivasan.

12.05.2016, Платные уроки
– How are you? Can you please tell us how long has your company been working with textiles?

– Our factory is over 60 years old, and today, it is one of the largest manufacturers of Silk fabrics for sari in India. We started with Japanese collaboration for making Kimonos. Our Founders spent 3 years in Japan and got trained in art of dyeing and weaving. Traditionally, we have specialized on silks, but with time, gradually expanded our product line to include other fibers and manufacture jacquards, upholstery fabrics and light textiles for curtains.

– How would you describe the style of your fabrics?

– We produce many textiles for American editors, which to a large extent dictates the style of our entire collection, as we offer many fabrics complementary to the North-American style of interiors. Nonetheless, when producing designs, we try to comply with the tastes of all of the local markets we deal with. And I have to say, that although modern consumers have grown accustomed to the fast pace of life and the spreading of high-grade technologies available through their gadgets, in their personal tastes they remain much more traditional than most realize. I believe it will take quite a few generations for that to change.

– In other words, you create designs consistent with the tastes of your clients…

– We have worked with many large editors in the past and in every project, we took active part in the creative process of collaboration with our clients. We are not merely just part of the process—we provide complete solutions for clients.

Our company employs a relatively large staff of designers—about 15 employees, and we also work with external designers of world-renowned names, such as Michael Koch, Erin Finn from USA and Davide Gobetti and Ideq Jaquard from Italy. We take great care to stay in line with the current global trends and directions.

– If we speak about technology, what are the specifics of your factory?

– Our main technological solution — prompt completion of orders, because in the current day and age, people want to receive what they desire nearly instantly and all at once. We provide quality service at all times. Our company is capable to satisfy such demands, as both, our creative and industrial capacities are tailored to complete any project, within the time period of four weeks, in most cases. To achieve such efficiency, we have implemented serious changes to the traditional manufacturing cycle over the years, and today, it is a highly-technological process, controlled end to end, in house, and in all stages through IT-technologies.

– In other words, you have transformed the factory into a modern, high-tech manufacture.

– Yes, and most importantly we fulfil the entire production process ourselves, from the early treatment of yarn to the finished product. We also take pride in providing our clients with a stable assortment of textiles — the company is always ready to reproduce any of the previous designs to standard time terms.
– What are your business aims for the Russian market?

– We are oriented on realizing significant quantities on every local market we participate in. In that regard, the Russian market is no different.

– Thank you!

Contact Information
Contact person: Mr. Sundaram
E-mail: ram@chamundisilks.com | Tel: +91 8022 64 6700, +91 938 233 0742, +91 988 601 9755
chamundisilks.com | williz.info/company/3595/

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