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Review of Home&Tex expo: curtains and voiles
The Home&Tex expo took place from the 28th to 31st of October in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite the fact, that the expo is generally considered to be oriented towards the Turkish interior market, we have encountered many factories there, that actively export to Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and United States. Many of these manufacturers have warehouses and representational offices in Russia.
24.12.2015, Стиль и цвет
In this article, we will overview the collections of curtain fabrics represented at the Home&Tex expo.


The factory has been in business since 1998, and today, exports its products successfully to many countries around the world. The company’s collections stand out with their complex, contemporary textures and a great balance between classical and bold design. These qualities have made Perden’s products very popular among the Russian window treatment studios.

We have first encountered Perden at Heimtextil Frankfurt 2015, where it stood out with its large selection of jacquards sporting tridimensional textures in a trending Sensory color scheme.

At Home&Tex expo, we have seen the following designs:
- several designs in the Discovery trend that featured complex textures, metallic sheen and a cracked surface effect
- jacquards with leaf patterns in a natural color scheme, composed predominately of cotton and polyester
- oriental paisley ornaments
- color combinations of copper, chocolate, vivid green and turquoise
- double-sided, soft and light drapery fabrics with high linen content, which are quite reminiscent of sleek fur
- web-like fabric with distinct Eifel tower-reminiscent patterns.
Company’s contact information
Kamil Musa | kamil@perden.com
+90 (534) 369-56-50 | +90 (224) 384-12-10
williz.info/company/2034/ | perden.com
The Zorlu Holding corporate group plays a significant role in the Turkish economy.
The Zorlu Tekstil enterprise was established in the city of Denizli, in the early 1950-ies. Through the 1980-ies, the company has experienced rapid growth in the home textile sector, and was eventually recognized as the leading manufacturer in Turkey.
The now well-known trademark, TAÇ, was created in the year 1980, and has quickly established itself as the leading trademark among the country’s home textile producers.
Today, Zorlu Holding incorporates 52 companies and employs over 30,000 employees.

At the Home&Tex expo, the company has exhibited the entire range of its products:
- jacquards of classical and modern designs
- various light fabrics, voiles and nets
- roller shades and upholstery fabrics
- varied models of bed linens for children with popular cartoon character designs, as well as bathroom supplies.
Company’s contact information
Melih Mutlu | melihmutlu@zorlu.com
+90 212 456 20 49 | +90 (224) 384-12-10
Levent 199, Büyükdere Caddesi No:199 34394 Şişli/İSTANBUL
williz.info/company/3419/ | tac.com.tr
The roll based and cut-length collections of this brand have long been known on the Russian market. The company has also launched a new direction recently of realizing fabrics for roller shades—news that became a pleasant surprise to us.

At the Home&Tex expo, the company has emphasized its new product line by displaying a new, diverse in densities and style collection of fabrics for roller shades, complemented by drapery companions.
Company’s contact information
Sinan Alyaprak | info@ecobella.ru
+7 (495) 780-43-20 | +7 (495) 780-43-19
williz.info/company/710/ | pinella.ru
Aleran Tekstil
The company Aleran is the leading supplier and manufacturer of voile and drapery fabrics in Turkey. Its collections feature drapery fabrics of modern and classical designs. The brand exports its products to over 38 countries around the world.

A representative of the factory provided us with the following description of the firm’s new collection: “A combination of sensuality, beauty and impeccable style. Our collection features draperies that inspire—materials that give incentive to work and create.”

At the expo, the company has displayed a new collection of jacquard fabrics:
- light and dense jacquards with floristic patterns
- a large selection and solids and fillet lace.
Company’s contact information
Ömer Rızaoğlu | bilgi@alerantekstil.com
Tel. +90 224 384 15 17
Barakfakih Sanayi Bölgesi Barakfakih Mah. 17. Cad.No:4 Kestel /Bursa
williz.info/company/3420/ | alerantekstil.com
EMPIRE TEKSTIL (Damasko brand)
Empire Tekstil is a relatively new Turkish manufacturer, which has committed to increase its sales on the Russian market. The company represents a classical style in fabrics, predominantly of European origin.

The firm updates its collections twice per year, and provides products of superior quality—one which conforms to all European standards. Many natural fabrics are offered, composed mainly of viscose, cotton and linen.

The company’s new Watercolors collection is composed of fabrics with floristic designs, style-wise, reminiscent of many Spanish producers. Not surprisingly, some of them really are manufactured in Spain.

We particularly liked the offered blackout fabrics with faux denim textures, the availability of a wide range of color schemes and above all, the superior quality of the company’s products.

Among other products that we have seen, were a large selection of designs with geometric patterns, ornaments in the Ikat style and various European fabrics.
Company’s contact information
Mehmet Açdal | empiresales@mail.ru
+7 701 711 87 97 | + 90 212 514 09 35
Aydın Örme
The Aydin factory is the leading enterprise within the Turgut Aydın Holding corporate group, which was formed in 2008. The company manufactures a wide range of textile products, including upholstery fabrics, draperies of all types, lace and etcetera.

A large part of the company’s current success is due to its one of a kind collection of furnishing fabrics, marketed under the Lila and Perfiore brands, as well as due to the company’s affiliation with the corporate groups of Pierre Cardin Drapery & Furnishings and Marie Claire Paris.

At the expo, the firm has displayed diverse collections: from exceptionally light voiles and French lace to fashionable, textured fabrics in trending colors.

The following designs have left an impression on us:
- solid fabrics with embossed textures and metallic sheen, all from the Lila collection
- delicate lace in the French style
- light, classical jacquard from the Perfiore collection
- light net and web-like fabrics
- large abstract and geometric ornaments in the Art Nouveau style.
Company’s contact information
Sabina Arman | sabina.arman@aydinorme.com.tr
+ 90 216 633 24 24 /5317 ext/ | +90 533 696 56 70
williz.info/company/3418/ | aydinorme.com.tr
Tanriverdi (Verdi Home brand)
One of the largest manufacturers and editors of the world’s textile market. The style of the company differs greatly from the traditional Turkish brands, as a great number of European designs and premium segment products are present in the firm’s assortment.

At the expo, the company has exhibited a collection designed for the interior market; classical, oriental jacquards combine quite cleverly with the world’s modern trends.
- heavy jacquard fabrics with classical ornaments in the trendy Marsala color
- golden and silver accents in classical designs
- a combination of a mustard and grass-green color gradient over light fabrics
- an exquisite upholstery fabric in a Marsala color, which utilizes 3D effects, and as the company’s designers believe, can potentially become the new bestseller of the brand.

For the near future, the company intends to emphasize the use of light linen fabrics, executed in a natural, pastel color scheme.
Company’s contact information
Şevki Aydin | saydin@tanriverdi.com
+90 (212) 526-7793
williz.info/company/2537/ | tanriverdi.com
The company began operating in 1987, while the Nope brand was established in 2001. The factory produces voiles, roller shades, jacquard fabrics for curtains and various window accessories.

At the expo, the firm has presented a new collection of voiles and drapery fabrics, as well as displayed a collection of roller shades and window treatment accessories.
Company’s contact information
Şenol Bey | info@nope.com.tr
+90 224 261 28 35
williz.info/company/3421/ | nope.com.tr
Akın Brode (La Perla brand)
The company specializes on voile and fillet lace.

At the Home&Tex expo, Akın Brode has exhibited a wide assortment of embroidered fabrics, including fabrics in a composed classical style, some of which imitate natural composition.

The brand offers traditional, for Turkey, designs, which are long and well known among Russian clients.
Company’s contact information
Mert Akın | mertmakin@gmail.com
Tel. +90 216 621 11 28 | +90 216 621 11 29
Meclis Mah.Atatürk Cad. No:49 Sancaktepe/İSTANBUL
williz.info/company/3467/ | akinbrode.com
The company has begun operating within the textile sector in 2010. Its factory specializes on the manufacture of jacquard drapery fabrics, roller shades and fillet lace.

At the expo, the brand has presented a new collection of roller shades in a floristic theme:
- original jacquards with an application effect
- classical designs executed with modern techniques.
Company’s contact information
Bulent Çıldır | bulentcildir@so-cashmere.com
Tel. +90 216 540 51 01
Keyap Çarşi Sit. H Blk No. 135 ÜMRANİYE/İSTANBUL
williz.info/company/3425/ | omreteks.net/
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