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LATEST TURKISH FABRICS. Review of Heimtextil Russia (+ video)
We continue our review of the latest collections presented at Heimtextil Russia, limiting the subject of today’s article to the products of Turkish manufacturers.

25.11.2015, Стиль и цвет
Turkish factories have been long active on the Russian market, where they have established a very successful presence over the past few decades. Their thorough understanding of the local market has set them apart from their competition—something that today, in the period of economic crisis, is becoming more evident than ever, as Turkish companies continue to step up their presence and actively introduce new collections in what seems to be a less than optimal economic environment.

We are quite pleased, that the new Turkish collections begin to feature an increasing amount of trending fabrics and original designs—an outcome of the increasing collaboration between Turkish manufacturers and their European counterparts.
Miranda is part of the Harput Holding corporate group. The company’s advanced modern manufacturing allows for the creation of diverse designer models and collections, with the latter being realized all over the world. In addition, for more than 3 years, Miranda has been maintaining an exclusive cut-based collection in Russia, branded as Miranda exclusive.

We were pleasantly surprised, previously, by the bright and contemporary collection, exhibited by Miranda at the Evteks Expo this past May in Istanbul; the company has presented many diverse designs there, oriented mainly on the US, European and their own, Turkish, markets. Today, at the Heimtextil Russia, it was quite interesting to observe which of the mentioned designs have found their way into the current, Russian oriented, collection.

Miranda’s collection at Heimtextil Russia featured:
* large selection of original geometry and lines in delicate pastel color combinations; models of varied density; dégradé effect
* fabrics with an interesting 3D-texture; trending aged and weathered surfaces
* jacquards and devoré in large geometric and abstract ornamentation and interesting color gradations
* large collection of fabrics for roller shades, including Night & Day fabrics with classical and modern patters

According to the prevalent opinion among the visitors of the company’s stand, the key accent of the presented collection became the fabric that imitated rough weave with a diffused, blurry texture.
Company’s contact information
Tel: +7 (499) 745-01-42 | +7 (499) 745-01-42
Moscow, 17 Plehanova St.
miranda-russia.ru | williz.info/company/706/

Karteks represents the produce of a number of Turkish fabrics, and focuses primarily on roll based and cut-to-length programs for drapery fabrics, as well as on a large variety of bedding and other textiles for home furnishing.

For the past 3 years, the firm has been maintaining a warehouse in Moscow. Its collection features a large selection of solids and successful classical designs with companions.

One model that has particularly stuck with us at the expo is velvet with a classical embossed thermal-printed pattern, available in two variants—matte and gloss. Its collection is characterized by a very large color palette and reserved classical design.

Another model that caught our attention is a glossy fabric that imitates reptile skin, and serves as a great example of the Discovery trend.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (499) 614-47-17 | +7 (905) 548-50-50
Moscow, 21/2 Rechnikov St.
karteks.ru | williz.info/company/957/

Since 2004, Adeko has been working professionally with cut-length collections. The company has been developing a warehouse program in Russia for a number of years. The collection itself appeared quite balanced and diverse to our eye. It features a large selection of solids of varied densities and textures. Natural and blended fabrics are also represented, which to us, is always a big plus.

Along with the traditional, classical designs, Adeko has also displayed interesting fabrics with unusual textures, geometrical ornaments, bright colorful prints and exquisite embroideries.
Company’s contact information
Aytaç Coşqun | info@adekodesign.ru
T: +7 (495) 232 47 09 | моб.+7 (916) 106 31 57
Moscow, 100/2 Dmitrovsky Rd.
adekodesign.ru | williz.info/company/714/
anteritextile.com | dizaynadeko.com.tr

The company Demfirattekstil was established in Turkey, in 2003. The factory produces a large variety of home-furnishing textiles, unlike some of their direct competitors, who often limit their manufacture to drapery fabrics.

Like many other Turkish manufacturers, the firm offers a large selection of classical jacquards and fillet lace with a good price to quality value.

The following designs are characteristic of the brand:
* velvet with the use of thermal printing; classical monograms executed with rhinestone in delicate color schemes
* contemporary geometric designs with embossed ornaments
* original jacquards with a large floral curl; reserved elegant classics
* classical medallions, executed in a velvet applique over voile fabrics
Company’s contact information
Cuma Ozturk | karventekstil@gmail.com
Т: +90 282 675 15 50/51 | mob.+90 533 544 25 25
Т: +7 (499) 670 99 12 | +7 (985) 418 80 95 | +7 (926) 101 25 96
Moscow, 1/4 Amurskaya St.
karven.ru | williz.info/company/3157/

Kismet Carmen Rose
The KISMET TEKSİL corporate group has been steadily operating in the textile sector since 1991, and to this day, remains a successful, family-owned enterprise. The company’s factory is located in the district of Çorlu, Tekirdağ province, and occupies an area of over 11000 square meters. There, the firm produces fabrics to three different standards of quality with the use of equipment from such brands as BRODE, DOKUMA and RACHEL ÖRME. Kismet Tekstil exports its produce to all over the world, and has been long present on the Russian market, where it maintains a representational office and a warehouse.

At the Heimtekstil Russia, the factory has displayed its full spectrum of products, ranging from its regular, roll-based and cut-length collections, trims, tassels and accessories, to their completely novel designs.

One of the brand’s more eye-catching designs—a bright golden fabric with a silver webbing—was used by the company’s representatives for the illustration of the Jewellery trend.

Some of the other notable fabrics represented at the stand, were jacquards with embossed curls and a classical monogram in a calm color scheme, exquisite embroideries, and our personal favorites—designs with Paisley motifs.
Company’s contact information
Nicoletta | carmenrose@mail.ru
T: +7 (903) 763 12 11 | +7 (903) 771 68 83
Moscow, 7/8 – 4 Kotlyakovskaya St.
carmenrose.ru | williz.info/company/824/

SUPERtextil (Dr. Deco)
The SUPERgroup holding company is one of the world’s largest businesses in the field of interior fabrics, as well as the current general sponsor for the Heimtextil Russia expo.

On the Russian market, Supertextil is represented by a well-known brand, Dr. Deco, which, as we find notable to mention, has recently relocation into a separate building in Moscow.

At the expo, the company has placed an emphasis on its totally renewed roll-based collection, the Garden. The collection features a contemporary, fresh and buoyant style, which is characterized by a cheerful color palette, and an abundance of semi-translucent fabrics that imitate natural linen and cotton.

The following designs were represented at the stand:
* bright, water-colored floristic prints with striped companions and abstract designs; floristic prints in the Provence style
* abundance of ethnic motifs, predominantly in the stylized Ikat style, presented in both—bright and contrasting color combinations and delicate pastel color schemes
* relaxing designs in the Eco style, silhouettes of flower heads, tree branches and leafs
* joyous designs for children; stylized flowers and abstractions, delicate butterflies

The palette of the current collection was dominated by two color schemes: vernal pastel hues such as coral, lime and gentle greens, and by Mediterranean themes of blue, turquoise, cyan, aquamarine and pure white colors.

We also took note that many of the company’s designs combine quite well with the cut-length collection from IO, with their textured solids, stripe and blurred geometry.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 617-00-95
Moscow, 9/3 Kotlyakovskaya St.
drdeco.ru | williz.info/company/815/

Magiza is a Turkish factory that specializes solely on the manufacture of voile fabrics.

Not long ago, the brand has opened a warehouse in Moscow.

At Heimtextil Russia, the company has displayed many classical and contemporary designs in fillet lace and voiles. One particular design that has caught our eye was a fabric that featured white intertwined lace yearn on a solid dark velvet background—we have found it to be quite original.
Company’s contact information
Murat Gezgel | info@magiza.ru
T: +7 (495) 984 85 06 | +7 (499) 794 18 36
E-5 Karayolu uzeri istanbul cd. sigiryolu mevki 19, Corlu
Т: +7 495 984 85 06
Moscow, 8 Kotlyakovskaya St
magiza.ru | williz.info/company/1511

The factory was established in 1997, in the city of Bursa, and to this day, has been producing home decoration textiles of all types. The products of the company are currently exported to all over the world.

In May, Dersiyon took part in the Evteks fair, where it placed an accent on natural surfaces and mild color schemes of grey, beige, and blue tones, as well as on interesting geometric patterns and a reserved European style. At Heimtextil Russia, however, we have witnessed a completely different type of collection stylistically: Dersiyon has exhibited joyous and bright prints on fabrics with a blended base.

The company’s designs represent a large variety of themes, ranging from floristics and vegetation to the styles of Provence and shabby chic, striped companions and solids.

Among our favorite fabrics, was a model that combined printing techniques with embroidery and geometric design, which from afar was reminiscent of a ceramic panel.
Company’s contact information
T: +90224 243 75 80-81-82-83 | +90224 243 75 83
Address: OSB Ali Osman Sönmez Blv 2. Sk No:7 Nilüfer / BURSA / TÜRKİYE
Т: +7 (495) 617 11 62 | +7 (925) 860 20 40
Moscow, 8 3-rd Ugreshskiy lane
dersiyon.com.tr | williz.info/company/2893/

DİANA (ООО West Decorative)
The factory is located in Istanbul, and has been manufacturing and realizing home decoration textiles for over fifteen years. The brand is fully oriented on external markets, with Russia being one of its chief destination for export. In Russia, the company operates under the Diana brand.

Some of the distinctive traits of the company’s collections are:
* a large selection of printed designs on voile and blended bases
* voiles imitating linen texture
* embroideries and applications on voile, including hand-made models
Company’s contact information
Mehmet Heydar
Т: +7 (499) 127 32 11 | +7 (499) 123 62 88 | +7 (965) 295 59 51
28B/2 Varshavskoe hwy, Moscow
dianamoscow.ru | williz.info/company/3147/

Yelda Tekstil was established in Istanbul, in 1992. The company specializes on trims, tassels and other window treatment accessories, and manufactures over 70 million meters of curtain borders per year, in part due to its state of the art equipment.

At Heimtextil Russia, the brand has exhibited a collection of borders with virtually every possible type of pleating, as well as a very wide color selection of tassels and cords.
Company’s contact information
Yeliz Yucel | info@yeldatekstil.com
Т: +0212 472 01 04 - 472 01 05 | +0212 472 10 72
İkitelli Atatürk Mah. Marmara Sanayi Sitesi A Blok No:10/11 İkitelli / İSTANBUL
kilicdiana.com.tr | williz.info/company/3147/

The company was established in 1974, in the city of Istanbul, and mainly dealt with the manufacture of women’s lingerie. Since 2005, however, Dalinda has begun producing voile, and has successfully mastered embroidery on organza, knotted net, micromesh and batiste.

The collections of the brand are mainly comprised of varied embroideries on mesh that possess an excellent quality to price value. The company has an official representative office in Moscow.
Company’s contact information
Yasin Bey
Т: +90 545 293 0 70 | +90(0212)527-17-63
Kemal Pasa Mah. Ordu Cad. Yesil Tulunba Sk. Örnek Apt. No: 14/B ISTANBUL
Eyup Karaveli
Т: +7 (985)163 80 30 | +7 (926) 318 28 30
1/5, 2-nd Kotlyakovskiy lane, Moscow
dalinda.su | williz.info/company/3279

PİRLANTA Textil, Megana and Paul Vitti brands
The factory has been working in Istanbul since 1997.

In Russia, Pirlanta maintains a roll based and cut-length collections, and offers a large election of solids, classical jacquards and embroideries at a very affordable price.

At Heimtextil Russia, Pirlanta has surprised us with an impressive variety of modern tridimensional textures on lightweight materials, as well as with the delicate color gradations of its jacquards and the intriguing embossed geometric ornaments.
Company’s contact information
Т: (0212) 528 02 01 | (0212) 528 02 02
Т: +7 (495) 259 30 31 | +7 (495) 514 02 86/87/88
Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad station, 2/2 Krasnobogatirskaya St., Moscow

The factory is located in the city of Çorlu, Tekirdağ province, and was among the first Turkish companies to enter the Russian market, where to this day, the brand continues to open new branches and expand collections. Diana, currently, has affiliates in the cities of Moscow, Krasnodar and Novosibirsk.

At Heimtextil Russia, the company has exhibited an interesting collection of fabrics with faux linen textures, a number of original designs with application and an interesting use of active gold in its jacquards and voile fabrics.

One particular jacquard, which combined in itself geometric ornamentation, large-scale curls and vegetation-esque forms, has become the highlight of the displayed collection.
Company’s contact information
Mustafa Kasarci | Russia@sama.com.ru
Т:+7 (926) 472 35 53
Moscow, 11/1 Sormovskiy lane
samatekstil.ru | williz.info/company/3308/

The company is located in Gaziantep, Turkey, and is well known for its manufacture of supreme quality home textiles. Hatem has entered the textile industry in the eighties of the past century, and today it exports its products to over 30 countries around the world, with Russia being among them. The factory’s facilities are outfitted with state-of-the-art, Swiss-made equipment.

The company specializes mainly on embroidery on voile, but solid chenille, voiles with faux linen textures and voiles with velvet application are represented in its collections as well.
Company’s contact information
Marianna Terzinova | info@hatem.ru
Т: +7 962 368 10 84 | +7 495 660 51 92
1/6, 2-nd Kotlyakovskiy lane, ofc.124 (territory of ZAO Mosvoretskaya)
hatem.ru | williz.info/company/3146/

NOVELTIES FROM EUROPE. Review of Heimtextil Russia (+video) williz.ru/info/531/
MOST POPULAR FABRICS at Heimtextil Russia williz.ru/info/517

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