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At the “Fabrics Library” section, we review fabric assortments of textile suppliers, and in the process, organize their products by themes, so designers who use our section would have no trouble in finding the needed fabrics for their theme-dominant projects.

05.09.2015, Библиотека тканей

In the current release of the Fabrics library, we review fabrics that imitate the ikat dyeing technique, known for its characteristic blurred pattern edges and traditional ornamentation.

Collection of ideas: Ikats
Click image to enlarge

designfile.architecturaldigest.com | cdn.houseandhome.com | jenniferbrouwerdesign.com | pamelahopedesigns.com | garrisonhullinger.com | cynthiaweber.com | bordeninteriors.com | denisemcgaha.com | designhintz.com | stephaniescanlon.decoratingden.com

Galleria Arben
Fabrics with an ethnic ornamentation in the IKAT technique are well represented in both, Galleria Arben’s pre-manufactured and custom order programs.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: GA’s own collections: IMAN, LILLY | Drapery, voile and upholstery fabrics with oriental-style ornamentation.
Availability: Warehouse stock and custom orders
Contact information: +7 (495) 687-99-73, | julfi@arben.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/1982/ | Company’s website: galleria.ru

PROTOS Textile
Fabrics with ikat ornaments—variegated and versicolored, with bright and dynamic shapes on cotton, moiré-like sheen on silks and with blurred contours of rainbow-esque patterns on raised velvets—are all available at PROTOS Textile!
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: Collections of ACAPULCO, KILIM | Width/Length: 280-320 cm. | Composition: filled drapery fabric,
100% polyester, 100% cotton
Availability: Orders from 1 meter, term of delivery from 2 to 4 weeks!
Contact information: +7 495 921 38 33 | info@protos-textile.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/1653/ | Company’s website: protos-textile.ru

Amazing, brightly colored patterns with blurred edges printed on a natural base—a modern interpretation of the Ikat technique. Such fabrics would add character to the dullest of interior spaces by infusing them with a very dynamic color scheme.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: CARO collection: Privilege | Width: 140 cm. | Composition: cotton or cotton-linen
Availability: Manufactured to order
Contact information: +7 495 638 56 37 | info@domcaro.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/708/ | Company’s website: domcaro.ru

Ethnic motifs have become quite popular and trendy in modern design, as more and more interiors begin to feature bright and variegated fabrics that serve as allusions to exotic settings such as India, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Ikats from the Symphony of Colors collection are a printed imitation of this complex, ancient and luxurious technique of fabric manufacturing.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: Symphony of Color collection | Composition: Varies by fabric
Availability: Warehouse stock available
Contact information: +7 495 995 01 31 | anka@ankatkani.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/713/ | Company’s website: ankatkani.ru

Trehgorka Manufacture
Quite in line with the world’s current trend, Trehgorka Manufacture has released three new collections of ikat-imitating fabrics: Nazzani, Missoni and Prato. The fabrics feature characteristic of the technique blurriness and diffusion of pattern lines, which in a way is also applicable to the description of collections’ color schemes, which leave a very indistinct, diffused impression.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: Nazzani, Missoni and Prato collections | Composition: 100% cotton | Width: 220 cm
Availability: Warehouse stock available
Contact information: +7 499 252 22 62 | Elena Nuzhdova | Lena@trekhgorka.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/544/ | Company’s website: trekhgorka.ru

This collection is characterized by abundance of colors, natural fabric bases and a great variety of textures. The fabrics do not possess any particular and explicit style, which may impose any regulations onto a given space. Quite on the contrary, besides providing a significant element of decoration, the fabrics will bring symmetry, rhythm and order to any interior.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: VILLA COLLECTION | Composition: 64% cotton, 36% Pes. | Width: 280-300 cm
Availability: Warehouse stock will be available in 2.5 months
Contact information: +7 (499) 258 52 00 | Sema Kanatly| sema@mezura.ru
Company’s website: mezura.ru

ASHLEY-Group’s collection of fabrics represented by a large number of the traditional ikat–esque patterns.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: Collections of natural materials, drapery and upholstery fabrics| Composition: 100% cotton, 100% linen | Width: 1.4 m
Availability: Manufactured to order, term of delivery from 2 to 4 weeks
Contact information: +7 495 290 35 88 | Olga Voblikova | olga@ashley.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/983/ | Company’s website: textile.ashley.ru

Rich, bright and saturated color schemes, as well as cleverly picked companions provide virtually unlimited possibilities for interior space decoration.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: FUGGERHAUS Collection| Composition: cotton, linen, polyester | Width: 140-300 cm
Availability: Germany-based warehouse stock available, term of delivery ~ 2 weeks
Contact information: +8 (499) 641 05 80 | Alexander A. Zabolotsky | info@bartex.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/846/ | Company’s website: fuggerhaus.ru

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