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The Art of Living in French Maison&Objet`19
06.03.2019, Выставки
In our previous article, which was devoted to M&O, we introduced you some organizational questions and told briefly about the exhibition.

Today, we are going to tell you more about the exphibition trend zone and to a look at the exposition.
The idea of Winter Exposition Excuse my French! is devoted to the French originality.
Vincent Grégoire, a creative director of the Paris-based forecasting agency NellyRodi, during the meeting with exhibition visitors said: “In a world where things are becoming standardized, people are looking for something distinctive. And the French have exactly that.”
“When I’m abroad, I always tell that we have a certain je ne sais quoi, an effortless chic, something you don’t find anywhere else”, he continues. At the same time, French people are not confident in their identity, but they are proud of their way to amaze and intrigue.

Small Company
In recent years the anti-globalization is highly developed. The unstable economic situation in the world makes less influence on small companies, so they can try to experiment. The new wave of small companies gave a chance to develop the textile industrial sector in France within 10 years. The traditional mastery was mixed with know-how. It helps to present the exclusive high quality products.

For example, Invisible Ete., a French brand, has presented the unique prints on fabric and paper. It is inspired by flora and absolutely handmade.
The collotype and the use of indigo color give the individuality to the goods and make them relevant.

How the interior is going to be look like?

The traditional materials are getting the modern shapes. Minimalism in details is compensated by the warmth of handwork, the quality of finishing and the usage of new ideas in manufacturing technology. Simplified drawings and ornaments in the "Naive" style act as a composite focus on the simple shades` background.

The proposed color combination includes the tricolor of the French flag (excuse my French) and contrasts with the neutral palette from the gypsum shade to warm terracotta shades. Black color is very delicate here as a graphic addition.

Classic with Twist
The modern method of French design is a mix of chick and elegant styles and periods. The new aesthetic of baroque demonstrates eccentricity in union with art. You can admire the careful combination of historical classic and avant-garde art in the trendy Marais district outside the Place des vosges. There are art-studios of modern art in the pavilions of 16-17 centuries on the second floor.

The objects of modern design were exhibited in black-and- white decorations of the pavilion, like collections in the windows.
Here you can see the porcelain plates with geometric patterns. These are the goods of Maison Fragile company. They play with atypical vision of street`s architecture, such as patterns mix of 30s and 70s in Rue de paradis collection.

Real aesthetes can prove themselves here.
The collection of sculptural decorative patterns is combined with the fancy style of furniture. You can also pay your attention to the abundance of glossy lacquered surfaces and a play of reflections. Velvet and luxurious classic ornament add to the interior a sense of celebration with an element of madness. The excess in the textures is compensated by the relative rigor of the forms.

Tart and rich tints contrast with dark background. Such gemstones, as citrine, lapis lazuli, emerald, and quartz shared their luxury colors and
complemented by shades of coral and brass.

In this case, the riot of rich colors is complemented by gray color. It is presented by shades from light to graphite.

French Tech
French technologies were not so successful before, as they are now. The conquest of new markets is happening with the revolutionary renewal of our interiors with intellectual objects.
Constant improvement of the “Smart Home” system is carried out using digital technologies, developed taking into consideration our well-being and comfort. Look at this mysterious sphere on a tripod. It looks like a satellite, but it is a speaker of UB+ company.

The Libero series is designed for mobile devices and is characterized by great sound quality. Easy connectivity relieves you for doing more important things. There are no cables in your house. That makes more free space in your house.

There is a MyLifi lamp with red wire from the EliumStudio in the next window. Here is used an innovation technology LiFi for information transfer and internet connection. It was created in 2005.
Due to the receptor, any device in the beam of light can be connected to the Internet, providing quick connection and the absence of any dangerous electromagnetic rays.

What do you think about a smart sofa with a remote control integrated into the armrest? This remote control operates not only with the television audio system, but also with the light.
You can recharge the phone, putting it on the induction platform. Here are wall covers Ugepa, which can make a sound.

We are delighted with the new inventions! If you are interested, we will write a separate article. Let`s come back to the interior style. So, where will the alien tripod look organic?
Modern technology is a dream in which forms are reinvented. The new trend setters see the interior design as laconic or almost Spartan.
There is nothing redundant, everything is maximum simplified. Curved lines dominate in the interior. They are characterized by rounded volumes, twisting details and arched structures. Metal patterns and brass elements give an elegance to stringent furniture

Thin and elegant pastel shades fill the room with light and air. The water colors, from North Sea`s shades to tropical turquoise, are combined with blue sky shades. Here you can find light purple, white, and silver colors. Black and delicate yellow colors are used as light accents.

New Wave
A new generation has come, a generation of cosmopolitan creatives, who are proud of their mixed culture. They made Paris the creative capital of the world. This new wave reinvents French chic, considering it in terms of cultures and hybridization fusion.

The bright fuchsia cushion from ArtPilo draws attention to its design. The company specializes in creative of decorative pillows. You can choose the background color, size and design. They provide different series from simple casual works to limited editions, made according to the sketches of artists.

There is an improvised café in the central part of the pavilion. A small round table and bent rattan chairs are the know-how of the Drucker furniture manufacture, which has been passed down from generation to generation from the 19th century.
The creative potential of the company is still strong. For example, these chairs are popular in Parisian bistros.

The durable, but lightweight carcass of the chairs withstands temperature and humidity variations, and the seats are woven from Rislan-polyamide, which is based on natural oils. You need from six to thirty hours to make one chair.

This symbol of easy and carefree pastime brings the mood of a sunny summer holiday. One of the leitmotifs of the trends in this year is involvement in the magical journey. Emotional and a little naive décor resembles the shops of the Oriental Bazaar

Almost optical geometric forms are returning back. Cotton and wool carpets on the floor are used to create contrast of coarse weaving and bright color, opposite bright colors, thick or nominal motives. The same graphic design and ornaments are used in textile. They can be tribal drawings, which come from Africa or ornaments, which come from Pacific archipelagoes.

The color palette corresponds to a sunny day on the coast. Here you can see pure colors of the southern blue sea, rich green color of the wave, and crimson-purple color, which are shaded by sunny orange and golden colors. Light coolness will be given in shades of flax and dark color of cuttlefish ink.

After completing the trend-zone expolring, I would like to share with you some photos of Maison & Objet pavilions. The way how the main trends of 2019 are embodied and interpreted can be seen directly on the exhibitors stands.
Enjoy the photos!
You can find the detailed review soon on our website WilliZ. Info, and in our webinar “The most important things about the key exhibitions in this year: trends, new technologies, interesting companies, the brightest collections” February,19 2019 at 11:00 Moscow time.

We welcome you to join for our next trips. It is going to be interesting!

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