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EUROPEAN CHINA. Our impressions about Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles 2018
20.09.2018, Выставки
Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles 2018 is closed, and we want to share our impressions about the show and the Chinese manufactories.

The main conclusion we came to is that the Chinese producers have definitely moved to the worldwide principles of work.

They offer European-style collections of high quality, with original designs. Prices are low, but not super low.

Do the Chinese specific features still exist? What is interesting about the Chinese producers? Let’s figure out.

There were many collections presented at the show.

As we already have mentioned, many manufactories are oriented towards Europe both in terms of designs and colors.

We have found out that some editors distinctly divide their collections into ones for domestic and foreign market. Due to this division one can choose interesting fabrics much easier.

More impressions – fresh designs that would look quite peculiarly on the Russian market.

The quality of fabrics has improved, we can point out higher percentage of natural yarns in compositions and higher softness of drapery once again.

We have not seen any dramatic changes of prices. Prices for the fabrics with interesting designs for a design studio (both for a cut and a roll up to 100 meters) start from 6-10 USD at a manufactory.

We were afraid that prices were going to grow because of the increasing eco-specifications for textile industry in China, and that, as a consequence, results in increasing taxation for exporters. Fortunately, that did not happen.

Tip: if you have found interesting fabric, but you are not okay with its MOQ, you should look for analogs, it is always possible to find the most suitable conditions for orders placement for you.

We were really happy to see there was no abundance of gold, silver and lurex. Instead we saw re-designed classical patterns, modern classics, great reserved designs.

There was a lot of geometry both with big and small rapport. A lot of good Art Deco designs.

There are much less replicas of the designs from renowned worldwide editors at the show. One can see that manufactories work out the fabrics’ designs by themselves, and their level is constantly increasing.
Color card
Color solutions of the fabrics absolutely work as well: up-to-date shades and correspondence to this years’ trends.

Among the most actively introduced colors are: mustard and yellow, sky-blue, grey and orange-red. There is surprising abundance of brown and chocolate colors in collections which doesn’t really match with the main color card.
This year we saw plenty of quilted fabrics both in upholstery bedspreads fabrics.

We also would like to emphasize the combination of different technologies, for example, jacquard composition + relief velvet pattern, print and embroidery.

Chinese manufactories traditionally pay much attention to finishing. High diversity of decorative boarders, laces and trimmings was introduced at the show. We also want to pay special attention to amazing designs of tiebacks.
Booths’ appearance has been delighting us in terms of details for many years. Full-scale interior compositions, combination of many different fabrics while decorating one window, the art of fabrics’ combination in one drape.

And special thanks
In conclusion of the article we would like to thank the organizers for the great support at the show. We came with the group of decorators and design studios’ managers. Organizers were very attentive, they were providing us with quick feedback, concerning any question, were helping us to solve any issues timely. This helped us to gain maximum benefits from attending the show.

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