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Lifestyle 2019 from Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles
Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles introduced the interpretation of trends 2019.
19.07.2018, Выставки
All textile shows always talk about trends and introduce trend-zones. It is important to know not only what is being sold now, but also what will be in demand any time soon, how to update our collections and what to offer to demanding clients.

Trends at Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles are again the responsibility of Nelly Rodi Agency.

Nelly Rodi

The Board of Experts was created in order to reveal the trends of the year; its ideas were combined with the analysis of sociological data. As the result Experts have formed the outline of directions in which textile design is going to move in 2019.

The main direction is the look into the future.
Future. Spirit of the season
Experts named three design trends: Caring Future, Crazy Future and Emo Future.

Caring Future
Natural/ Recycle/ Sharing/ Responsibility/ Back to basics

Crazy Future
Natural/ Recycle/ Sharing/ Responsibility/ Back to basics

Emo Future
Humanism/ Universe/ Spirituality/ Existence/ Transcend

All three trends tell about the future, about the new interpretation of design. Their description sounds like a hymn to all designers: “Rebuilt the world. Innovation and optimism are the tools we need to master a positive future: selling new ideas short to take refuge in the past is not the answer. We must bounce back to our best assets, and dare to dream with a touch of madness and the energy of caring”.

Caring Future
Natural/ Recycle/ Sharing/ Responsibility/ Back to basics

Harmony with regard to human-beings and the nature steps forward in this trend. New interpretation is possible due to unusual and bright colors and shades selection.

“Nature reinvented in a color card that looks like plants of the future, a decontaminating, aesthetic range”.


“Natural materials are preferred to artificial materials. The irregularities and singularity of recycled or reused materials in particular are preserved and showcased.

Wood, bamboo and clay are paramount. The symbol of nature’s rebirth is observed in the choice of materials. They are organic, plant-based and occasionally edible. A second-skin aspect is appreciated; as is the gentleness they exude”.

Print & Embroideries

“Motifs emerge from grooved or blistered surfaces, woven, caned or plaited effects. Focus on the aesthetic of the beehive and its honeycombed cells. Speckled compacted or agglomerated materials are appreciated for their grain. Motifs inspired by botanicals, stabilized plants silhouettes and mushrooms are explored. Line drawings of stems, flowers and foliage in two-tone or tone-on-tone colorways. In grass green and beige tones. Mini spots, dotted effects, subtle, striated blurries”.

Crazy Future
Freedom/ Art/ Curation/ Hero/ Paradox/ Repetition

This trend develops the idea of game and provocation that are extremely personalized in this case. Designs reflect the owner’s personality, the way they look at the world.

“Paradoxes, mixes, playful twists and a quirky state of mind blow a spirit of freedom through ideas and demand the right to re-creative impertinence”.

Print & Embroideries

“Curious, surprising flowers (orchids, irises, anthuriums, amaryllis, etc.) add a strange, exotic touch to decoration. Maxi flowers with petals resembling exotic, multicolored bird feathers. Dots, half-circles and squares that are hand-drawn and hand painted. Collages representing imaginary wildlife: fantastic animals and extraordinary, hybrid creatures. Curves and sinewy scrolling in marbleized colors blended like bookbinding paper”.


Textiles are generous with deep colors, and textiles such as satin, jacquards or elegant velvets that catch the light. Very dense colors and highly decorative objects. Focus on passementerie with a spotlight on the omnipresent fringe for furniture.

Textiles include damasks and brocades, beading, raw silks (satin, velvet, chintz, gazar).

Devorés and cutouts/ Iridescent and pearly/ Moirés and shot effects/ Silky and hairy/ Silk, viscose, cotton/ Embroideries, exaggerated, stylized historic effects/ Lurex and chenille yarns”.

Dandy baroque (color)

A fanciful mood of dark, inky colors but also rich shades awakened by shimmery, silky, precious half-tones.

Emo Future
Humanism/ Universe/ Spirituality/ Existence/ Transcend

Designs in this trend appeal to traditions, to origins, to the sacral mysteries and energies. It helps to return magic in the world that becomes more and more understandable and predictable. This magic is created not only by hand work but also by technological materials that interact with a man and environment.

“Reenchanting the world is the quest of a tormented, meditative society seeking calm and new meaning. Neo-mysticism consecrates the elements and celebrates spiritual, benevolent nature. It inspires the perpetuation of traditions and rituals our ancestors practiced, in all their wisdom and humanism, to glorify nature”.

Old masters (colors)

As winter sets, the wardrobe darkens. A range of enigmatic shadows borrows its mystery from the dense atmosphere of Flemish painting. Northern light seems to sculpt the dark tones of faux blacks as if they were living material. And the powerful elegance of minimalism renews the codes of chic.


Seeking spare, artisanal authenticity. Showcasing the original beauty of materials and surfaces. Fantasy is discreet, almost minimalist, and primarily tone-on-tone.

Slubbed denim/ Soft canvaces and twills/ Washed and brushed finishes/ Mini weaves and yarn-dyes/ Silk + wool and cotton+ silk blends/ Irregular, dynamic textures/ Granity, discreetly wavy surfaces/ “Brushstroke” strips/ Geometric jacquards/ Maxi ribs/ Felted and blistered/ Maxi textured yarns/ Gridded effects.

Print & Embroideries

“Here the textile is architecture, and design reduced to its most essential expression. Subtracting to better spotlight the primordial. Maxi, inky lines. Brushstrokes or India ink traces inspired by the work of Soulages and Hartung. A maxi construction associating graphic bands and brushed lines. Games of delicate dotted lines. Watercolored stripes and dots”.

We will tell more about the trend-zone and the way trends were reflected in companies’ collections in our reviews from the show.

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