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Trevira CS. FR fabrics’ secret of success.
30.05.2018, Про бизнес
Trademark Trevira CS has become a brand since a long time ago. FR fabrics producers are very proud to inform about using these yarns in their production.
Fabreex has interviewed Trevira’s Marketing & Business Development Director, Anke Vollenbröker. We publish this interview on WilliZ.
Anke Vollenbröker

– Please, tell us about the company’s foundation history: how it was founded and about its developing on first stages.

– The Trevira brand started life as a linguistic error and in truth this happened long before 1956, the year it was first used as a brand of polyester fiber. “Trevira” had already made its entry into the trademark register in 1932. Ultimately, it provided the name for the new polyester fiber from the big German chemical company Hoechst AG in 1956.

At the end of 1954 Werk Bobingen, which had belonged to Hoechst since 1952, started production of staple fibers in polyester, then the latest innovation in the still young man-made fibers market. The start of 1956 saw the addition of continuous thread (filament yarns), initially under the Trevira name.

In 1998, the fiber business of Hoechst was established at Trevira GmbH & Co KG. After the hiving-off from Hoechst Ag, Trevira had several owners and investors. Since 2017, Trevira GmbH is a 100% Indorama Ventures Company.

– How was the idea of the business created?

– Following the fiber crisis at the end of the seventies, the business gradually changed from commodities to increasingly specialized functional fibers and yarns.
From the outset, there was also a large role for home textiles. The product range extended from drapes, decorative and upholstery fabrics to carpet fibers.

Yet here, the portfolio began to change towards clients’ requests. One of such requests was a growing demand on Trevira CS, a fire retardant fiber, which from its launch in 1980 recorded ever-rising growth rates and is still today the star product of the company.

–Tell us about the production range and variety of yarns you make.

– Trevira GmbH produces a wide range of permanently fire retardant modified filament yarns from 25 to 4000 dtex such as Chenille, KDK, and bouclé yarns. They are produced based on our raw material. We offer our customers a wide variety of spun yarns from very fine to coarse yarn as well as decorative yarns.

– Who are your main consumers?

– The principal customers of fire retardant Trevira CS fibers and filaments are manufacturers in Europe, especially in Italy and Germany.

– Do you think Russian market has a potential? Are you interested in dealing with Russian producers?

– Yes, the Russian market has a lot of potential, that’s why it is very interesting for us and our customers. There are a lot of public spaces, a big hotel industry and many other buildings where fire retardant Trevira fibres and filaments are important.

– Do you have any novelties? How often do you renew your products range?

– We try to create new collections every year.

– What makes Trevira different from its analogues?

– Our permanently fire retardant fabrics are branded and trademark tested. This ensures a high security level and a perfect quality of the product.

– How do you test your production?

– We have strict internal quality controls. Our company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 standards. Besides that, our company has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate for textile Trevira products.
Тo enlarge click on photo
– Is there any difference in Trevira CS yarns now and 10 years ago?

– Today our Trevira CS yarns and fabrics are far more diversified. There are a lot of designs available. And there is also the possibility to add new functions to our fabrics. For example, with Trevira CS Bioactive the fire retardant property is supplemented by the added antimicrobial property, so such textiles meet the requirements of preventative fire safety and enhanced cleanliness in equal measure.

– Do you involve fabrics manufacturers in new yarns development process?

– Yes, fabrics producers help us in developing new fancy and solid yarns with our raw material.

– Which natural fibers can FR yarns imitate and how did you achieve this effect?

– Our Trevira CS yarns can imitate cotton, silk, wool, linen. This effect can be achieved through our texturizing process or with the modern technologies of our decorative yarn producers.

– Thank you!

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