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OUTRAGEOUS. A tour around Maison&Objet
07.02.2018, Выставки
Maison&Objet is one of the main interior trade fairs.

There is not a lot of textile exposed at it but what is more important, Maison&Objet demonstrates the latest trends, tendencies and directions in interior. So then you can see the role of textile in it.

You can find experts’ opinion in our other articles, and here we would like to get more into trends details.

Provocative and playful design

Maison&Objet is traditionally a very bright and colorful exhibition, decorators love to surprise and to impress. You can always find a lot of unusual ideas and interesting solutions there.

But even comparing to the previous years, Maison&Objet 2018 was very outrageous.

Perhaps, decorators are bored of minimalism, or, perhaps, it’s crisis precursor as it happened with Art deco in the beginning of 20th century. Or perhaps, it is Instagram’s influence that makes consumers follow the rule: ‘An interior not worth posting is a bad interior’. Anyway, the decorators got rid of modest, neutral, relaxing trends or presented them in extremely extraordinary way.

This year’s exhibition has exposed Art deco, pop-art, kitsch, 70’s, palace style, Chinese interiors imitation, a lot of gold, mirrors and polished surfaces.

Golden abundance
Gold was used everywhere, in every design and every unexpected combination.

Furs and feathers
Gold was followed by other luxury accessorizes: furs and feathers, and even animal scarecrows. It seemed the society stopped caring about environmental protection.

Golden animalism and bugs
Animalistic theme was also influenced by gold. If during the past years we could see natural, raw stump decorations, in 2018 decorators prefer greenery instead. The image has changed as well: there were bugs, monkeys and toucans instead of pineapples and cactuses. We had a feeling that jungle prints are not actual and trendy anymore.

There have been a lot of trends related to collecting presented at the exhibition.

Geometric furniture and Art deco
Opposed to decoration, we noticed a lot of moderate furniture pieces of plain but usually bright fabrics with emphasized geometry or conspicuous modularity. Another direction were luxury, referring to Art deco, velvet chairs and sofas. And of course, the lack of gold was not the case of this trend as well.

Bubbles and groups
One of the very spectacular way of decoration we noticed at Maison&Objet was the grouping of similar pieces of interior: poufs, lamps, mirrors. Round shapes in furniture and decoration were presented very widely as well.

Africa and a bit of Indians
Decorators have focused on ethnic motives: Africa was the highlight in decoration. And especially we should emphasize Indian and traditional Chinese interiors.

Irony, pop-art and kitsch
The theme of the trade fair were playfulness and irony. There were a lot of extremes in designs and many unexpected and joyful solutions. Playful animals, for example, toys instead of scarecrows or funny monkeys holding lamps. The colors and tones were very bright as well: from fuchsia to emerald.

More information about trends you can find in our next articles, there we will tell more about textiles.

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