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HEIMTEXTIL 2016. Part IV. Europe: happy & cheap
Today is the final part of the review of novelties from Frankfurt.
14.03.2016, Стиль и цвет
In the fourth detailed review introduce you new products from European manufacturers, which emphasize the cheerful colors and affordable prices.

Stof (France)

Stof is a French, family-owned company from the region of Loire. The business began in the early 20th century with the resale of lace. It later developed rapidly under the guidance of Claude Pelardy, who by 1987 has rebranded the company as the STOF Forezienne Textile. In 1989, the firm has released its first collection of printed fabrics, and since then has achieved great success. Today, Stof exports to 55 countries around the world, and produces over 3 million meters of fabric per year.

The company offers a wide range of interior fabrics and ready-made textile solutions, as well as specializes on the production of impregnated tablecloth materials.

The Stof’s collections are always bright, cheerful and unusual in design. In that regard, the company’s 2016 collection is not an exception.

At the exhibition, we took note of the following designs:

– bright prints in a tropical theme, parrots, hummingbirds with geometric and monochromatic companions;

– many successful designs in the style of Chalet, executed in a natural color pallet;

– a collection of tablecloth fabrics with a Paisley ornament;

– novel designs in a maritime theme.

Company’s contact information
Company name: STOF SA | Location: France
Contact person: Kondurina Irina
E-mail: kofatex.office@gmail.com | Tel: +7 499 391 89 63, +7 926 468 60 90
stof.fr | williz.info/company/2061/

Linder (France)

A French factory with a rich history. We have already familiarized our readers with the Linder brand in our interview with the company’s chief representative in Russia, Arno Fass [williz.ru/info/657/].

Célestin Linder, a weaver from Lyon, has founded the Linder factory nearly two centuries ago, and is widely remembered today, as the inventor of the machine for the production of 3-meter fabrics. His son, René, created the company’s first collection under the Linder brand. The firm is currently managed by the fifth generation of the family.

All fabrics by Linder are still produced on its original factory in Lyon. Linder has won international recognition as a producer of lightweight fabrics.

At the Heimtextil exhibition, the company presented a fresh and original collection:

– lightweight fabrics with a silver and gold sheen; a design, reminiscent of golden fish scales; play of light in semi-translucent fabrics;

– devore with large geometric patterns in pastel colors;

– delicate designs with feathers in 3D effect;

– jacquard velvet with abstract and geometric patterns in bright color combinations;

– bright floral prints.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Linder S.A. | Location: France
Contact person: Кondurina Irina
E-mail: kofatex.office@gmail.com | Tel: +7 499 391 89 63, +7 926 468 60 90
linder.fr | williz.info/company/2061/

Neutex (Germany)

We have already covered this German producer in a number of reviews from major exhibitions. Neutex Home Decoration was established in 1869, and today is one of the largest textile manufacturers in Germany. The company’s full-cycle production, which ranges from development of designs and thread dyeing to special fabric conditioning and finishing techniques, is carried out exclusively in the city of Münchberg (Bavaria).

The factory releases new collections twice per year, and to date, the brand’s full repertoire amounts to over 500 diverse designs.

The collections by Neutex are characterized by pure colors and a modern European style.

At the Heimtextil 2016, we were able to speak with Irina, the company’s export manager, about the features of the new collection.

Quite traditionally, the main themes of the collection in 2016 became simple geometry and elegant classics in a modern interpretation. We also took note of jacquard fabrics in achromatic color pallets, accented with metal sheen.

Among the trending color schemes was the turquoise color paired with bright lemon and coral hues or mild natural background tones.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Neutex Home Deco GmbH | Location: Germany
Contact person: Irina Kisnerew
E-mail: irina.kisnerew@neutex.com | Tel: +49 9251 871 136, +49 171 674 39 01
neutex.com | williz.info/company/1831/

Company’s contact information for Russia
Company name: Neutex Home Deco GmbH | Location: Moscow, 14, 1-st Silikatniy Ln, OFC 208
Contact person: Nazarova Natalia
E-mail: info@neutex.ru | Tel: +7 499 259 24 02, +7 916 608 07 50
neutex.ru | williz.info/company/1831/

Comersan (Spain)

Comersan is the Spanish factory, which was founded in 1969 and initially specialized in the production of upholstery and decorative fabrics. Today it concentrates on the textile for home, fabrics for HoReCa and technical cloth.

At the exhibition we paid attention to:

- collection of street fabrics, characterized by delicate colors;
- geometric designs for upholstery;
- light decorative fabrics with traditional Spanish colorful flower pattern.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Comersan S.A. Políg. Ind. Els | Location: Spain
Contact person: Arman Simonyan
E-mail: arman@comersan.com | Tel: + 34 96 554 58 11
comersan.com | williz.info/company/3806/

Visatex (Spain)

Initially, the factory concentrated solely on the local Spanish market, but with time obtained an international status. Low prices and attractive design helped the company achieve rapid success, and gain solid positioning in the international textile field. The designers of the brand constantly study trends, styles and aesthetic directions prominent on the local markets of their partner countries, where Vistaex’s products are well represented. Through proficient optimization of resources and due to a relatively small margin, the company manages to maintain the lowest prices in its segment, for many years in a row.

The company creates many designs specifically for the demands of the Russian market.
A large part of the firm’s collection is comprised of prints on blended and jacquard fabrics.

In the current, 2016 collection, we took note of the designs with a travel theme, stylized oriental ornaments, an impressive black and white design with feathers, and of course, the modern classics in bright color combinations.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Visatex | Location: Spain
Contact person: Jakovlev Petr
E-mail: petr@visatex.com | Tel: +7 926 903 10 70; +34 96 559 21 30
visatex.com | williz.info/company/1778/

Castilla Textile (Spain)

This Spanish manufacturer has long won the love of the Russian market. It began its production in the 70-ies, and is currently a well-respected, successful factory, which exports its products around the globe. In addition to working with digital and sublimation printing, Castilla Textil also manufactures bases. Its collections include interior and upholstery fabrics. The brand’s collection of fabrics for kids always draws a lot of attention from clients.

At Heimtextil expo, the factory’s stand was among the brightest and most original.
The company has placed an emphasis on its new collection of upholstery fabrics, among which we particularly liked an abstract design in a pointillism technique.

In the collection of drapery fabrics, we found the color combination of mustard and grey to be quite memorable. It also featured:

– delicate watercolor floristic designs with companion fabrics;

– large leafs with aesthetic color gradation;

– bright geometry.

Company’s contact information
Company name: CASTILLA TEXTIL | Location: Spain
Contact person: David Villalobos
E-mail: ctextil@castillatextil.com | Tel: +34 925 14 52 76
castillatextil.com | williz.info/company/3807/

Company’s contact information for Russia
Company name: ООО "PINA TEXTILE" | Location: Мoscow
Contact person: Leila
E-mail: pina-13@mail.ru | Tel: +7 495 755 76 18
pinatekstil.com.tr | williz.info/company/2341/

Viuda di Rafael Gandia (Spain)

This family business, located in Alcoy - Spain, exists since 1949. The products of this factory are sold in 43 countries around the world, including Russia (distributed thorough "Casablanca" company).

Factory specializes in tapestries with the fine drawing and custom designs: bright floral patterns, tropical birds, cute ladybugs and giraffes.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Viuda de Rafael Gandia S.A. | Location: Spain
Contact person: David Baldo
E-mail: export@vda-rafaelgandia.es | Tel: +34 96 554 17 34
vda-rafaelgandia.es | williz.info/company/2539/

Aqua Clean (Spain)

Spanish group AQUA CLEAN from Alicante is a company with 50 years of experience. Established in 1962 by Rafael Pascual, factory became the leader in the production of flock upholstery just in 5 years. Initially, it specialized in the production of corduroy, and then added leatherette.
Ten years later, rose demand for kurtizan (teflon flock), which they sell today in more than 80 countries around the world. In 1999 the company opened its first sales office in the USA.

Today factory’s range consists of upholstery, textile for automotive industry and even footwear. In the last 10 years, the group successfully promotes the Aquaclean technology - a simple method of cleansing upholstery fabrics from any difficult stains and dirt with a wet napkin or water. This innovation is quite popular in more than 30 countries.

Their stand focused on the Aquaclean technology and fabrics using it:

– wide selection of single-colored corduroy;

– classic designs in European style;

– geometry;

– floral designs.

Company’s contact information
Company name: AQUA CLEAN | Location: Spain
Contact person: Javier Miro
E-mail: j.miro@aquacleangroup.com | Tel: + 34 607 410 556, + 34 96 654 40 00
aquacleangroup.com | williz.info/company/3805/


This is a Spanish factory with 25 years’ experience. We met with its owner and founder, who told us that he built this business from scratch and is proud of the fact that "Casa Moda" fabrics are sold in 35 countries.

The factory develops designs on its own and produces jacquards and prints on blended basis of cotton and polyester.

The collection is full of bright floral prints, abstract "Desigual" style and safari motifs.

This year at Heimtextil, we especially remember:

– the black and white design with geometric ornament,

– unique quilted fabrics for bedspreads and

– faux fur.

Company’s contact information
Company name: TEXTIL CASA MODA, S.L. | Location: Spain
Contact person: Danny Loos
E-mail: danny@casamoda.es; 1937612@mail.ru | Tel: +34 96 290 85 05
casamoda.es | williz.info/company/2555/

Allen Eood (Bulgaria)

The Allen Eood brand is the official distributor of the Turkish factory Atiker Tekstil. The company offers a wide range of products for private interiors and the contract market—solid, velvet and knitted fabrics.

As for the novelties of the current year, we would like to make note of the following:

– jacquard designs with 3D effects and a large rapport;

– water-repellent and easy to clean solid fabrics;

– fire-retardant textiles;

– fabrics with color gradations;

– solids of varied fabric types—from satin to velvet.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Allen Eood | Location: Bulgaria
Contact person: Mahmut Atik
E-mail: info@allen-bg.eu | Tel: +90 533 639 60 54
allen-bg.eu, atikertekstil.com | williz.info/company/3643/

Saint Clair/Vamvax (Greece)

Vamvax was founded in 1979 and in 1988 Ouralidis brothers assumed full management of the company. On the market, the firm is known as a manufacturer of home textiles, as well as the official licensor of such internationally acclaimed brands as Guy Laroche, Saint Clair, Pierre Cardin and Blumarine. The company maintains modern, full-cycle production facilities as well as a dedicated warehouse complex.

At the Heimtextil exhibition, the factory came forward with original textile solutions for children's rooms, marketed under the brand of Saint Clair.

Gentle fairies, puppies, balloons, crocodiles and frogs executed in pastel colors and an original design. Ready-made curtains, carpets, matching bed linen sets and natural fabrics.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Vamvax S.A.| Location: Greece
Contact person: Tina Betsakou
E-mail: tina.betsakou@vamvax.gr | Tel: +30 210 931 35 11 (x203)
vamvax.gr | williz.info/company/3692/


A family business from Greece with a long history of textile production. The company began as a simple retail store back in 1937. Today, however, Milonas has grown into a large textile manufacturer that exports its products all around the world.

In 2016, Milonas plans to enter the Russian market with it new, diverse collection of fabrics:

– fabrics with natural textures, delicate embroideries, as well as companions in the Mediterranean style

– contemporary designs with geometry and three-dimensional textures

– a large selection of net fabrics of a modern design

– hessian and upholstery fabrics, as well as solids in a wide range of colors.

Company’s contact information
Company name: TEXTILES MILONAS S.A. | Location: Greece
Contact person: Nikas Milonas
E-mail: info@milonas.gr | Tel: +30 210 283 40 24, +30 210 283 40 25
milonas.gr | williz.info/company/3649/

Canete (Spain)

A Spanish manufacturer that began its business in 1982. The company was founded by Antonio Cañete Sancho, who to this day, personally sets the styles of the current collections. The brand maintains a large collection of pre-made textiles for home, as well as an impressive assortments of jacquards, interior fabrics, colorful prints, solid and upholstery materials.

The company is fairly known on the Russian market, but not as widely, as desired.

At Heimtextil 2016, Canete has presented a traditional, for the Spanish factories, collection of bright and joyful prints, mostly of floristic design.
Among some of the other exhibited fabrics were textiles with blurred geometry and jacquards in a natural color scheme.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Canete | Location: Spain
Contact person: Sergejs Karasevs
E-mail: sergejs.karasevs@canetesa.es | Tel: + 37 12 847 13 80, + 34 962 911 338
canetesa.es | williz.info/company/3813/

Yutes (Spain)

Yutes is a Spanish factory, which has entered the market in the early 60-ies. An eco style, exceptional quality of the products’ finishing, innovative techniques in the production of natural fabrics — all are characteristic of the Yutes’ product line.

The current collection maintains an exceptional line of linen textiles of varied densities — from rough upholsteries to lightweight fabrics. Among other products are prints, jacquards, fabrics with high content of wool and silk and even non-flammable fabrics designed for the contract market—a total of 1500 textile articles.

We found a number of stunning lightweight fabrics that reminded us of the famous Sati Group Textil collections.

Yutes is well-known in Europe, Australia and Japan. In Russia, the company is relatively unknown, as it currently lacks representation. However, it is interested in exploring the market and finding potential wholesale clients.

Company’s contact information
Company name: YUTES | Location: Spain
Contact person: Ana Jaso
E-mail: ana@yutes.com | Tel: +34 934 732 626
yutes.com | williz.info/company/3632/

Vallila (Finland)

VALLILA Interior is a very distinct and successful Finnish company that exists on the market since 1935. The main production facility of the firm is located in the central district of Helsinki known as Vallila — a name that has stuck with the brand to this day. The original, beautiful redbrick building still functions as the company’s showroom and central office.

The company has displayed a large number of colorful fantasy-themed floristic prints, urban and Nordic designs. Fresh, modern style and cheerful colors are the staple of the brand’s current collection.

The company has representational offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Company’s contact information
Company name: ООО «Vallila Interior International» (Moscow); ZAO “Fabric Deco” (Saint Petersburg)
Location: Moscow, Nizhny Susalny lane, 5, bld. 15, BC Аrma, metro station Kurskaya; Saint Petersburg, Voskresenskaya Naberezhnaya, 4
Contact person: Ludmila Mamonova
E-mail: ludmila.mamonova@vallilainterior.ru | Tel: +7 495 645 79 83; +7 812 702 13 60, +7 812 702 13 61
vallilainterior.fi/ru | williz.info/company/3667/

Angelo&Carillo (Italy)

Angelo & Carillo is a family-owned factory, which began its business with the production of linen fabrics. Today, the company consolidates a diverse portfolio of brand names of different styles and price tiers.

Bright prints on linen, classic paisley (teardrop-shaped) ornaments in the style of the Etro fashion house, as well as modern designs. The company gives the impression of a large, structuralized textile business with a very diverse product range.

The company's stand was, perhaps, the most interesting at the fair, as it drew lots of attention from the crowd with its striking eco-design.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Angelo&Carillo | Location: Italy
Contact person: Alfonso Cernelli
E-mail: info@gruppocarillo.it | Tel: + 39 335 608 16 79, + 39 081 014 60 02
gruppocarillo.it | williz.info/company/3808/

Vasilas (Greece)

A Greek family-owned factory, founded in 1983.

The company has always specialized on the production of carpets, but over the past couple of years, they have greatly expanded their product range, in large due to their contracts with Disney, Marvel and Cartoon Network—the factory has developed a line of curtains and carpets for kids with their favorite cartoon characters.

The vast possibilities of digital printing allow for the creation of colorful masterpieces for children's rooms. In addition to pre-made products, the factory also offers curtain fabrics.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Vasilas | Location: Greece
Contact person: Larisa
E-mail: info@vasilashome.com | Tel: +24 210 836 27, +24 210 621 87
vasilashome.com | williz.info/company/3694/


The company was founded in 1976 and specializes in digital prints on fabric. Texathenea maintains a full-cycle production, which manufactures jacquards and various fabric bases. It also possesses the essential equipment for the finishing of the fabrics.

The factory’s collection consists of curtain fabrics, pre-made products and fabrics designated for the contract market.

At Heimtextil expo, Texathenea presented a large collection of colorful digital prints produced on curtain fabrics, and available in a wide variety of styles and hues, ranging from floral prints to golden ornaments on solid bases in trending golden colors.

Company’s contact information
Company name: TEXATHENEA S.L. | Location: Spain
Contact person: Antonio Sanchez
E-mail: a.sanchez@texathenea.es | Tel: + 34 96 581 50 03
texathenea.es | williz.info/company/3810/

Mercis (Slovenia)

Editors from Slovenia, who started in 1994, and in a short period of time evolved into a leading brand of the region that deals in interior fabrics.

At Heimtextil exhibition, the company presented a diverse collection, oriented on the mid-price segment.

Among the company’s designs were fabrics with geometry, colorful jacquards with ethnic designs and a large variety of solids of varied textures. One of the strongest aspects of Mercis is their traditional selections of lightweight fabrics in varied styles.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Mercis | Location: Slovenia
Contact person: Igor Ferbežar
E-mail: igor@mercis.si | Tel: +386 1 4700 732
mercis.si | williz.info/company/3860/

LAGUNA textil (Hungary)

Laguna is a Hungarian editor with over 20 years of experience in interior decoration. The company is a family business currently managed by the second generation. It maintains 1000 dealers in more than 50 countries around the world.

Four fabrics from the Laguna collection (Art, Chitta, Gaston and Monaco) have been selected for the decoration of the Heimtextil 2016 trend zone.

We have seen washed-out, weathered fabrics in natural color schemes, jacquards with geometric ornaments and lightweight fabrics with intriguing stripes. Fabrics with an accent of weathered gold on a natural base have also left an impression on us.
Overall, Laguna’s collections are characterized by a strong accent on textures, contemporary European design and a natural color pallet.

Company’s contact information
Company name: Laguna Lacastextil Kft. | Location: Hungary
Contact person: Komaromi Zsuzsanna
E-mail: komaromi.zsuzsi@lagunatextil.com | Tel: +36 94 508 710, +36 30 683 2544
lagunatextil.com | williz.info/company/3811/

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