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Review of Home&Tex expo: upholstery fabrics
The Home&Tex expo took place from the 28th to 31st of October in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite the fact, that the expo is generally considered to be oriented towards the Turkish interior market, we have encountered many factories there, that actively export to Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and United States. Many of these manufacturers have warehouses and representational offices in Russia.
24.12.2015, Стиль и цвет
In this review, we will explore the suppliers of upholstery fabrics present at the expo.


Aşanteks is one of the largest manufacturers of upholstery fabrics in Turkey. The company has been working in the industry for over 40 years, and exports its products to over 50 countries across the globe.

At the Home&Tex expo, the factory has introduced the following new collections:
- bright geometric ornaments and Ikats (which are very popular this year) that come on a soft textile base
- a high grade solid velour in a wide range of colors
- a water-resistant solid upholstery fabric with an unusual texture

The drawcard of the display, however, became a scented upholstery material with a lavender and chamomile aroma, which the company has designated as the centerpiece of this year’s collection and a future best-seller of the season. This product is unique to Aşanteks, and has no analogues in the world.
Company’s contact information
Musa Mısırlıoğlu| | export@asanteks.com.tr
+ 90 212 437 30 30 | + 90 533 429 73 81
williz.info/company/2528 | asanteks.com.tr
Nida Tekstil
The factory is located in Istanbul, and maintains collections that include both, upholstery and drapery fabrics.

At the expo, Nida Tekstil has presented upholstery fabrics with delicate floristic prints, as well as a large selection of solid companions.

The Flower garden became the main theme of the drapery fabrics collection, and featured designs with birds, lavish vegetation and delicate lilacs, all of which are quite popular in the current season. We also enjoyed the very successful designs in the shabby chic style.
Company’s contact information
Serhat Gümüşdüme | serhat@nidaevtekstili.com
+90 212 527 94 31 | +90 212 528 79 99
Davutpaşa Çiftehavuzlaryolu Sk. Sema Sit. Kat.1 No. 41-42-43 Terazidere-Bayrampaşa/İstanbul
williz.info/company/3381/ | nidaevtekstili.com
The Kotaş factory exports its products to many countries around the world, and has already received wide recognition within the Russian market. The base of the collection is comprised of upholstery fabrics, which feature both, classical solutions and bold trending designs and textures.

At Home&Tex, the company has displayed the following designs:
- classical jacquards with embossed patterns
- replicas of historical designs
- delicate, stylized floristic prints
- a large selection of solid velour in the form of companions.
Company’s contact information
Ayvaz Halil | kotastekstil_sales@mail.ru
+90 224 376 00 60 | +90 555 409 44 91
williz.info/company/3413/ | kotastekstil.com
Melih Aker
Another factory with worldwide sales in textiles that concentrates predominantly on the production of drapery and upholstery jacquard fabrics.

At the expo, the company introduced new drapery and upholstery jacquards, modern classics, trending geometric ornaments and blurred abstract designs.

A separate display stand was set up for the D.O.R.E collection, which was developed solely for the market of Horeca. Fabrics from the Mediterranean-style collection, as well as the bright decorative pillows, which made their debut here at the expo, have all left a lasting impression on our staff.
Company’s contact information
Metin Alan | mmalan76@gmail.com
+90 224 243 11 73 | +90 532 220 61 00
Organize Sanayı Bölgesi Sarı Cad. 5 Sk. No.2 Bursa/Türkiye
williz.info/company/3417/ | melihakertekstil.com.tr
Art&İnteriors maintains exclusive rights, conferred by Versace 19:69 Abbigliamento Sportivo home textiles, for the manufacture of branded fabrics and their subsequent realization across the globe.

The factory specializes on hand-made jacquards, printed fabrics and prints with manual application techniques. The company has featured many exclusive designs at the Home&Tex expo, all of which are well known around the world.

Every fabric displayed by Art&İnteriors is unique, as it incorporates up to five different techniques; printed velvet with added application of faux leather, digital print and embroidery makes a perfect example. Fabrics like these captivate—one wants to study them as art objects, submerge into detail...
Company’s contact information
Burcu Çakırsoy | burcu@artinteriors.com.tr
+90 224 261 22 88
Dosab Sardunya 2 Sk. No. 13 Bursa/Turkey
williz.info/company/2309/ | artinteriors.com.tr
Pina Tekstil
Within the brand’s domestic market, the company has a reputation of a successful editor that maintains a large and developed outlet chain.

In 2015, the company has announced a close collaboration with a well-known Spanish brand Castilla.

At the expo, we were once again enchanted by the charming designs of the company’s kids collection, as well as by the lively floristic patterns offered by Pina’s partner Castilla. We also took note of the bright collection for kitchens that featured juicy lemons and cozy teakettles, but perhaps we were most impressed by the company’s new technological innovation—a very practical upholstery fabric with a textile base, which allows for removal of marker, ink, and other tough stains with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.
Company’s contact information
Eren Kılıç | pina-13@mail.ru | eren@pinatekstil.com.tr
Moscow: +7 (495) 755 76 18
Москва, 2-Кабельный проезд, д.2
İstanbul: + 90 (216) 364 44 44
williz.info/company/2341/ | pinatekstil.com.tr
Hera is a manufacturer of upholstery and drapery fabrics.

The style of the brand’s collections is brave and modern, which is rarely seen among established upholstery producers in Turkey. It features many bright geometric and abstract designs, flower-themed prints and high-grade solid velvets.

The following designs have left the greatest impression:
- upholstery fabric with embossed geometric ornament
- designs with bright and unusual circle patterns
- watercolor designs in the eco style (silhouettes of leafs and plants)

It stands to mention that Hera’s products are very popular in the Middle Eastern countries.
Company’s contact information
Yaren Özcan | heratekstil@hotmail.com
+90 224 367 66 54 | +90 541 521 46 84
Ortabağlar Mah. 2 Uzun Sk. No.40/A Yıldırım/Bursa
williz.info/company/2888/ | heratekstil.com
Festino was established in the city of Bursa, Turkey, with the aim of producing upholstery and other fabrics for interior decoration. Today the brand also manufactures fire-retardant textiles from Trevira fibers.

At Home&Tex expo, the company has displayed its new collection, which featured:
- jacquard upholstery fabrics with embossed patterns and saturated colors
- replicas of historical designs
- reserved floristic designs
- exquisite oriental ornaments accentuated with bright gold.
Company’s contact information
Selçuk Türkoğlu | export@festivaltekstil.com
+90 224 244 77 44 | +90 533 058 81 08
williz.info/company/3394/ | festivaltekstil.com
Aydin has been involved in the textile industry for over 50 years, and today is the largest upholstery manufacturer in both, Europe and Turkey. The company maintains a staff of over 1200 employees.

At the expo, we found Aydin’s products to be inclusive of all the major trends of the season. In addition, the company has done an excellent job of singling out the collections designated specifically for the Russian market.

We took note of the following designs:
- solids with embossed textures and metallic sheen
- large-scale abstract and geometric ornaments in the style of Art Nouveau
- African motifs on jacquards of a rough weave
- original jacquards in the patchwork style
- jacquard fabrics with silhouettes of leafs and plants.
Company’s contact information
İlya | ilya@aydintekstil.com.tr
+ 90 212 549 20 60 | + 90 533 381 31 50
williz.info/company/2217/ | aydintekstil.com.tr
Calvino is a firm that specializes solely on upholstery fabrics.

Among the company’s novel designs, displayed at the Home&Tex expo, we took note of the following:
- bright tropical prints with three-dimensional effects executed on a jacquard base
- a large selection of collage-like floristic prints
- bright designs in an oriental style.
Company’s contact information
Hakan Dişçi | calvino.hakan@gmail.com
+90 224 216 08 05
Buttim iş Merkezi C-1 Blok No.157 Osmangazı/Bursa
The factory manufactures upholstery and drapery fabrics.

At the expo, the company has displayed:
- jacquard upholstery fabrics in bright color schemes
- floristic designs
- classics with a modern interpretation
- dense solid drapery fabrics
- upholstery fabrics in bright colors and original stitching.
Company’s contact information
Lale Danışman | info@esentepetekstil.com.tr
+90 224 384 14 84 | +90 312 353 27 27
Fabrika: Ankara yolu 22. Km Kestel /Bursa
williz.info/company/3427/ | anmen.com.tr

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