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Review of Home&Tex expo: readymade products, cornices, tassels and other accessories
The Home&Tex expo took place from the 28th to 31st of October in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite the fact, that the expo is generally considered to be oriented towards the Turkish interior market, we have encountered many factories there, that actively export to Europe, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and United States. Many of these manufacturers have warehouses and representational offices in Russia.
24.12.2015, Стиль и цвет
The current article explores readymade products presented at the show, as well as introduces our readers to various suppliers of cornices and windows accessories.


Şall Collection has been active since the 1980ies, and is a large editor of world-level brands of the premium segment, including the likes of Christian Fishbacher.

The company produces curtains, net curtains, voile, upholstery fabrics, accessories, silks, wall coverings and textiles for hotel decoration.

At the Home&Tex, the brand has displayed exquisite silks and a diverse collection of trims, tassels and other window treatment accessories.

Company’s contact information
Tenay Aydın | tenay@sal.com.tr
+90 216 466 04 73 | +90216 466 04 74
Karacakaya Cad.No 75/5 Siteler/Ankara
williz.info/company/3416/ | sal.com.tr
Maya Tekstil
The factory has started out with the production of pillows, coverlets and mattress topers in the year 1993.

Its facilities occupy over 25 thousand square meters, and are located in the city of Sakarya, Turkey.
The produce of the brand contains a wide range of fillers such as goose down, silicon fiber, batting, viscose, wool and latex, which assure satisfaction of the most varied client demands.

At the expo, the company has introduced to new brands—PENELOPE and OTHELLO.

PENELOPE—fabrics of a premium segment that are realized only through specially accredited outlets. Include over 65 articles.

OTHELLO— high quality fabrics of a medium price range, designated predominantly for large, roll-based orders. The collection includes fillers (feathers, down), orthopedic products, coverlets and plaids.
Company’s contact information
Saltanat Bukenova | saltanat.bukenova@mayatekstil.com
+90 216 561 20 02
Merve Mah. Necip Fazlı Cad. No.12 Sacaktepe/İSTANBUL
williz.info/company/3379/ | mayatekstil.com
InEs Tektil
The owner of the brand designs many of the InEs products herself. The company offers bundled solutions in textiles. The design of the company’s stand is always vibrant and superbly styled.

At the expo, the company has displayed many novelties in the classical designs, natural fabrics and African theme.

On the photo: Best-seller dining set in a pink-grey color scheme (composed of linen and delicate Lurex yarn).
The company plans to introduce its new Christmas collection in the Marsala color scheme at the HomeTextil Frankfurt 2016.
Company’s contact information
Hicran Acar | hicran@inesteks.com
+90 212 655 35 18
Hürriyet mah. Malazgirt Cad.No. 29/A Güneşli/Bağcılar /İSTANBUL
williz.info/company/2887/ | inesteks.com
Erteks Kadife Textile is one of the largest manufacturers of home textiles in the industrial city of Denizli, Turkey. The brand has been active on the textile market for over 40 years.

At the expo, the company has displayed a new collection of bathroom supplies, bed sheets in vibrant color schemes, terry loop bathrobes and towels, as well as bathrobes and towels in velour.
Company’s contact information
Aziz Sultan | aziz.sultan@ertekstekstil.com
+90 258 269 16 23
Organize Sanayi 2.Bolge No:2 Denizli/Türkiye
williz.info/company/3384/ | ertekstekstil.com
A high-class manufacturer of coverlet fabrics. The firm is very active on the European textile market.

We took note of the following designs:
- delicate printed fabrics on a natural base (would be loved by the admirers of the French classics);
- a very stylish New Year theme comprised of double-sided fabrics of natural composition;
- teenager-oriented designs: basketballs for the young gentlemen and delicate elves for the young ladies;
- grandmother-inspired pillows in the style of handmade lace, as well as blankets with a faux-crocheting effect;
- bright animalistic designs in an African theme;
- bicycles—a trend of readymade products among Turkish manufacturers;
- a light drapery in mustard-yellow hues.
Company’s contact information
Nuran Çahantimur Aytun | nurancahan@cahan.com.tr
+90 224 261 03 48
Demirtaş Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Mustafa Karaer Cad. No. 47 Bursa
williz.info/company/3422/ | cahan.com.tr
MUTEKS MUTLUBAŞLAR (Sydney + Sydney Baby brands)
The company Muteks was established in 1995.

At the expo, the firm has presented a collection of bedding for children, general bed linens and linens for babies, marketed under the Sydney Baby brand. The company’s other brand, the Sydney, represents a collection of home textiles.

Muteks’ collection for children represents the tenderness trend, and is characterized by the soft and floating qualities of its pastel-colored, joyous, natural fabrics. We also took note of the warm collection of bed linens, which depicts the imagery of owls, leafs and keys.

All Muteks collections are developed in-house, by the company’s designers.
All of the offered products are created in accordance to and with the knowledge of the ECO-TEX standards.
Company’s contact information
Gülcan Mutlubaş | gulcan@muteks.com.tr
+90 258 274 65 65
williz.info/company/3385/ | muteks.com.tr
Farbe Dekor has been operating on the textile market since 1987, and producing cornices for over 20 years.

At Home&Tex expo, the company has displayed various models of decorative and profiled cornices, as well as different models of pole ends, made of wood, glass and metal.
Company’s contact information
Niyazi Güçyigit | info@farbedekor.com
+90 224 441 37 83
Küçük Sanayi Sitesi 80 Blok No. 668 Nilüfer/Bursa
williz.info/company/3378/ | farbedekor.com
Plicell tekstil
The Plicell factory is a producer of sunshade solutions, patented pleated shade systems and Night & Day roller blinds.

At the expo, the company has presented a new collection of varied color schemes that offers solutions for non-standard uses and unusual window shapes.
Company’s contact information
Mine Öztürk | mine.ozturk@plicell.com.tr
+90 224 261 05 44/45
Dosab Gül Sk. No 14 Bursa
williz.info/company/3387/ | plicell.com.tr
This Turkish company, founded as recently as 2007, deals predominantly with digital and sublimation printing on textiles.

It owns advanced equipment that allows for creation of 180cm wide prints, and maintains a machine with cylinders and large-scale panels of 70X100 cm. Another priced possession of the firm is a press-machine of superb production quality.

At the expo, Cipcici has displayed collections of unique designs, developed within the company. Among the most notable ones, were recreations of famous paintings on fabrics, as well as an original collection in a New Year’s theme.
Company’s contact information
Emre Kutluata | rekutluata@hotmail.com
+90 212 505 11 17
Fatih Ave. Alaybey. St. 9/7-8 Merter, Güngören/ İstanbul
williz.info/company/3426/ | partu.com.tr

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