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Today we review companies that own a warehouse program in Russia. These include domestic Russian factories and suppliers, as well as foreign editors with a representational office in the country.

29.11.2015, Стиль и цвет
Figured Lambrequins (Russia)
The stand of this Russian company, which maintains its own production plant in Tver, has drawn lots of attention from the visitors at the expo, where it has demonstrated a wide range of uses for the laser cutting technique in interior decoration.

The stand has featured:
* Japanese two-sided panels
* interesting solutions for zoning of space
* figured lambrequins with vertical corners for creation of asymmetrical compositions
* lambrequins with applications for creation of two-toned and tridimensional lambrequins
* cornice plates with a 20cm height for simpler projects

The accent of the stand was placed on the cornice plates—an in-house creation of the firm. The stock availability of this product makes it a versatile and economical solution for embellishment of projects.
Company’s contact information
T: +8 (800) 500 10 72
Tver, Russia
artlambreken.ru | williz.info/company/2338/

Decolux (Russia)
The leader of the market. The company has existed since 1997, and each year, has been introducing design and technologic novelties into the field of cornices, sunshade solutions and decorative fabrics.
Decorative fabrics collection.
Medici—Jacquards with baroque designs, whose linen and Lurex matte yarn content create an effect of sculpted, embossed folds with a reduced sheen.
Sevilla—a distinctively Spanish, joyful and warn, natural collection.
Belle—a collection of soft and lightweight etched velvet fabrics.

Glamour—ribbed jacquard fabrics from India;
Zenith—Mélange basket fabrics and tweeds from Italy
Bolla—Italian two-ply, double-sided fabrics with 90% linen content.
Cornices and sunshade solutions.
Among company’s novelties:
* Tablet/smartphone controlled motorized cornices that work through a convenient app.
* A shade that merges voile and vertical blinds, resulting in a product that offers beauty and effective light control. Fits-in beautifully with any style of interior.
* A hybrid of Roman and zebra blinds.
* Flower-shaped pole ends for the Italian cornice collection Cremona.
* A new, budget collection of decorative cornices of 20mm diameter titled Prima, which offers a great balance between practicality, quality and design.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 231 45 74 | +7 (495) 231 45 74
8/A Ryazanskiy Avenue, Moscow
decolux.ru | williz.info/company/717/

SHiK Shades and Cornices (Moscow)
The brand has its own production plant in the city of Tula, and maintains a warehouse and outlet store in Moscow. Very large inventory that offers many effective solutions.

At Heimtextil Russia, the company has simultaneously presented a couple of new collections of cornices:

* Olympia—forged decorative cornices in a classical style, characterized by fluted rails, aged copper appearance, faux ivory and other interesting solutions.
* Leather-clad cornice moldings in a contemporary style that offer distinctly modern and fresh solutions.
* Duna—a collection of 28mm diameter that offers a number of original colors such as white gold, black silver and chocolate. The unusual coating of these cornices reminded us of a sun-lit sand.

Shik has also updated its Kovka (Forged) collection with new colors and pole ends. The fabrics for the company’s roller shades were also updated with a number of textiles in classical, calm pastel colors, embellished with traditional, for the drapery, fabric ornament patterns.
Company’s contact information
Tel: +7 (4872) 25-14-73 (Tula) / +7 (495) 280 17 89 (Moscow)
52 Novomoskovskoye HWY, Tula
25-th km of MKAD, S/C Konstruktor, 2-nd floor, Room 2.21, Moscow
karniz-tula.ru | williz.info/company/1556/

Rainbow of Seasons (Raduga Sezonov), Russia
A Moscow based company, which operates in the field of drapery fabrics and curtain accessories since 2003.
At the Heimtextil Russia, the brand, which participates in the expo annually, has exhibited a cut-length collection with a wide range of styles.

We would like to distinguish the following classical collections of the brand:
* Imperatorskaya (Imperial)—velvet with original embroidery and edge trims that allow for creation of designer panel blinds. The collection is supplemented with companions of solid velvet fabrics in a wide color scheme, as well as with delicate organza with golden crown embroidery.
* Versailles—smooth satin base with a classical embossed Damask pattern, executed in a chenille yarn of exquisite colors such as turquoise, milk and beige. Accompanied by solid chenille and embroidered voile mesh.
* Linen—a memorable collection of solid fabrics that imitate a cotton base in 16 varied colors. Basket cloth (a dense, coarse fabric of a simple weave) forms excellent pleats. The company offers Fine linen fabrics as companions, which come in both, as solids and embroidered. These collections are suitable for modern, European-style interiors.

We also took note of the bright design of velvets, embellished with aged-gold prints, which are a perfect illustration of the Exquisite neo-classics trend.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 778 83 93 | +7 (495) 972 47 33
4/9 Gostinichnaya St, Moscow
rs-tkani.ru | williz.info/company/1980/

Lotus Textile (Russia)
The company has been operating on the market for a little over two years, and acts as a distributor for many fabrics collections in the northwestern region of Russia.
The extensive experience of the company’s founders in the field of textiles, has allowed for the creation of own fabrics collection titled TEЯRACOTTA, which was first unveiled at the Heimtextil Russia expo.

The staple of the brand’s collection became a jacquard fabric of a bright design with feathers in a number of bold color combinations. Real rooster feathers were used for this design, as they were acquired on a local market and painted into vibrant hues.

Among other fabrics that left an impression on our staff, were classical designs in a modern interpretation, as well as many bright, trending colors and a good selection of companion fabrics.
Company’s contact information
T: +8 (812) 490 75 04
83 8th line of V.O, OFC 604, Saint-Petersburg
lotustex.ru | williz.info/company/1676/

FABREEX (Russia)
The leader in the field of raw materials supply for large format digital printing, as well as a dealer in specialized fabrics for stage decorations.

FABERTEX actively develops new directions in materials, such as fire-retardant fabrics, and places an emphasis on constant availability of its key colors and textures in its stocks.

The brand’s collections offer solids of varied densities and wide range of colors, as well as velvet, chenille and blackout/dimout fabrics from a number of European producers.

The company also plans to actively expand its warehouse inventory of non-flammables, which will allow its clients to utilize these fabrics for the decoration of large-scale settings, as well as take part in tender processes.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (499) 648 13 22
18 Lesteva St, Moscow
fabreex.ru | williz.info/company/2958/

A supplier company, which began operating in the 90-ies as a successful design studio in the elite segment. The company’s niche has allowed the brand to gain massive experience in the decoration of interiors in the palace style.

The designs of the collections are custom-created for Dana Panorama, and are produced at the top textile factories of Europe, India and China.

Decorative curtain braids and high-grade drapery fabrics, classical jacquards, as well as solid and printed velvets form the base of the collection. Among other products are a large selection of lace and voiles, as well as soft multi-colored chenille with delicate color gradations.

At Heimtextil Russia, the company has exhibited:
* a collection of decorative braids in an English style, branded as Royal Bells
* a collection of velvets with prints in the Empire style
* classical jacquards produced in Italy
* vintage voiles with embroidery and lace
* vintage velvets with pints in the degrade effect
* a collection of faux-fur solid fabrics
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 221 06 09
28 Volgogradsky AVE, Moscow
dana-panorama.ru | williz.info/company/836/

Pina textile (Turkey)
In Turkey, the company has a reputation of a well-known editor that maintains an own outlet chain.
In Russia, not long ago, the company has developed a roll based and a cut-length warehouse collections, predominantly comprised of upholstery fabrics, classical jacquards and fresh modern designs.

Major news in the current year, became the fact that Pina Tekstil will now function as a key distributor for the Spanish brand Castilla, which is well-known by Russia’s window treatment studios for its colorful prints on blended fabrics and 100% cotton base.

The new collection of the brand has impressed us with its original geometric designs and stylized classical ornaments. However, the highlight of the company’s stand has become its children’s collection, which featured exquisitely soft fabrics with joyful designs for toddlers and teenagers.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 755 76 18
2 2-nd Kabelniy lane, Moscow
pinatekstil.com.tr/index.html | williz.info/company/2341/

Theater of Fabrics (Teatr Tkaniey), Russia
The company specializes on the realization of decorative and furniture fabrics from European manufacturers. The base of the collection is comprised of original, bright jacquards of varied styles, as well as furniture jacquards and velour. The company also offers a strong warehouse collection of solid silks (over 40 colors).

We found the following designs to be of most interest:
* bright jacquard with delicate patterns in oriental style
* jacquards with ethnic motifs
* unusual floristic designs of bold color combinations, accompanied by solid and stripped companions
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 637 90 78
2/2 Petrovsky lane, OFC 315, Maliye Vyazmi VLLG, Odintsovsky district
ttkani.ru | williz.info/company/1481/

Svetlana Trading Company (Russia)
Svetlana maintains the Russia’s largest warehouse collection of curtain lining tapes by BANDEX and BOB, an Austrian and a German brand respectively, as well as an own collection of window treatment accessories—tassels, fringes, cords and etcetera.
The firm’s main warehouse is located in Moscow. In addition, there is a chain of representational offices and lesser storages in the cities of St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and Izhevsk.

At Heimtextil Russia in Moscow, the brand has announced the release of its next catalogue of decorative accessories, which includes all five new collections of the firm.

In the lining tapes field, the company has presented the latest products form the BANDEX brand, which included multi-pocket tapes and lining tapes of varied widths. It has also defined a new trend—“Curtain lining tape as an element of designer solutions in textile decoration of interior spaces”.

The company has also exhibited an unparalleled utility—a Russified online-configurator of curtain lining tapes.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 644 62 31 | +7 (495) 764 65 61
13/15 Baumanskaya St, OFC 2302, 3-rd floor, Moscow
s-of.ru | williz.info/company/1298/

Apolena (Turkey, Russia)
The company offers ready-made interior textile solutions in the Provence, Shabby Chic, Country, Pop art and Mediterranean styles, as well as a wide assortment of warm, knitted plaids and pillows.

The main conception of the brand—an ability to fully furnish an interior within the boundaries of one specific theme (curtains, coverlets, tablecloths, runner rugs, decorative pillows, wall clocks and innumerable other accessories for homes).

We first got acquainted with Apolena at the Heimtextil Russia expo of the previous year, and are now very pleased to note that in a period of one year, the inventory of the company has been completely renewed—all while maintaining its original, distinctive style.

The new collections of the brand are well represented by the currently trending printed colors of violet, mint and lime. They offer bright geometry, a marine and oriental styles, as well as exotic birds and butterflies in the Tropical Heaven trend.
Company’s contact information
Natalia Insarova | info@apolena.ru
T: +7 (499) 705 66 90 | +7 (963) 717 48 83
14/4 Serebryakova lane, Moscow
apolena.ru | williz.info/company/1464/

BINAR (Russia)
A supplier with a warehouse collection of fabrics from the city of Tambov. Besides dealing in decorative textiles, the company owns a personal sewing workshop and a manufacturing facility for sunshade solutions. The brand maintains showrooms in the cities of Podolsk and Lipetsk, and offers fabrics predominantly from French, German, Spanish and Turkish manufacturers.

BINAR’s collections are mainly comprised of classical designs. We felt that the company’s large selection of solids, which include both dense fabrics and voiles, are its strongest side. A very significant portion of products have natural composition and textures.

The novelty of the brand become the textiles in the Provence style: cotton fabrics from Spain with printed, tiny and large, patterns of flowers. The offered companions include solid cottons, stripes, check and lightweight batiste voiles with a tiny embroidered pattern.
T: +7 (4752) 48-23-29 | +7 (953) 728 14 70
6 Stroiteley Blvd, Tambov
binar68.ru | williz.info/company/1436/

Promodi Textile
The company has been operating on the Russian market for over 10 years, and currently maintains a cut-length collection of decorative textiles and window accessories. The fabrics offered by the brand are carefully selected from the produce of many European factories.

Promodi’s collection is universal in its style. It offers a large selection of solids of varied textures, in both drapery and voile fabrics. The strongest point of the collection, however, are undoubtedly its large selection of unique designs in the Provence and country styles.

Among some of the stock-ordered pieces offered are textured fabrics from Yanni that utilize application and laser cutting techniques.

We have already met, previously, the chief designer of the brand, on whom we wrote an article after the Heimtextil Frankfurt expo of 2015.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 926 60 12 | +7 (965) 205 37 08
25 Novogorodskaya St, OFC 117, Moscow
tkani.su/ | williz.info/company/974/

Operates on the textile market since 1998. In that time, the company has created a large network of representative offices in the regions, two warehouse collections and has wandered into the wallcovering field.

Many designers praise Daylight’s collections for their large selection of low-priced solids of varied densities and textures. The novelties of the company’s warehouse collections are—joyous prints, solid companions of different densities and an original embroidered geometry.

Along with warehouse stocked inventory, Daylight’s showrooms feature stock-ordered collections of many world brands from the States, Spain and England.

The expo has features the following novelties of the stock-ordered collections from British factories: traditional floristic prints in natural color schemes bright embroideries and cozy fur check plaids. An exquisite neo-classics and Art Nouveau designs from Versace were also exhibited. They featured bright gold, combinations of various techniques on velvets, fashionable aged textures and original application methods.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 781 78 95 | +7 (495) 778 07 10
23/1 Savvinskaya Emb, 4th floor, Moscow
daylight.ru | williz.info/company/1833/

Textil Express
The company represents the warehouse program of an Italian factory. The collection is mainly comprised of lightweight drapery fabrics in a reserved classical style. All fabrics are organized into catalogues, where they are offered with companion, voile and even coverlet variants in a very comprehensive manner. Color scheme-wise, the collection offers delicate hues with accents of silver and gold. Strong points of the collection, in our opinion, are the large selection of voile fabrics of varied textures, content and density, as well as the delicate designs in the madras technique and jacquard voiles with a light, barely noticeable classical monogram.

At Heimtextil Russia, the company has released a new catalogue—Villa d’Este. The listed classical draperies with embossed 3D patterns, complemented by a great diversity of lightweight fabrics, bring an element of modern into the interiors. Textil Express has also exhibited seven new hangers and solid voiles in pastel palettes, which mimic natural fabrics.

We also took note of bright jacquards with a floral pattern in the Victorian style.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 909 82 83
16/2 3-rd Mitischinskaya St, Moscow
textil-express.ru | williz.info/company/709/

Casablanca Fabrics (Spain)
A piece of sunny Spain in the city of Moscow—Spain’s factories always stand out at world expositions with their joyous, bright designs and radiant colors. During Heimtextil Russia, we have inquired about the process of creation of Casablanca’s designs directly form the company’s staff:

“The textiles for B&C fabrics, our Spanish partner, are created by our designer unit, which is charged with a fiery Spanish temperament. As a result, the produced designs offer a great variety of original patterns and effective companions in classical and avant-garde combinations. To put it simply, we develop fabrics for all decorative tastes and needs!”

At the Heimtextil Russia expo, the company has exhibited contemporary designs from B&C fabrics, the manufacturing process of which has exploited new digital printing techniques, yielding an unparalleled color spectrum as a result. All designs offered in the collection are executed on 100% cotton base and measure 280 cm in width.

A large selection of Belgian and Spanish solids with original textures and natural composition is perhaps the strongest side of the current collection. We have also taken note of the delicate, watercolor-esque floristic and abstract prints, as well as designs with a tridimensional, child-like colored embroidery.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 649 65 21 | +7 (499) 235-78-70
67/2 Dubininskaya St, Moscow
casablanca.ru | williz.info/company/805/

Elitis (Altamarca)
Back in the 90-ies, Elitis was among the first companies to bring into Russia such renowned European brands as Dedar and Pierre Frey, as well as many other top-end names from the elite segment of decorative fabrics. Today, the company continues to represent many world-level brands (predominantly through custom orders), but has also furnished its own collection of Chinese-made fabrics, which the firms has exhibited at the Heimtextil Russia expo.

Elitis’ fabrics are produced on European equipment, and offer classical and modern designs in trending colors and textures. Their low prices and yet, superb quality, were a pleasant surprise to our staff. The company has also been dealing in furniture of its own make.

The following designs have left a lasting impression on us:
* bright embroideries; classical designs with birds, and distinctively Chinese motifs with carps
* exquisite neoclassical designs with an aged gold effect
* contemporary textures with sheen in a Discovery trend
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 777 87 66
15/8 Rochdelskaya St, Moscow
altamarca.ru/ | williz.info/company/3266/

Gold Textile
Gold Textile operates on the Russian market for about 10 years and maintains a vast warehouse collection of fabrics of varied styles. The largest part of the collection, however, is comprised of neoclassic fabrics in trending colors and textures.

At Heimtextile Russia, the better part of the novelties, exhibited by the company, were of the high-end Turkish brand Vanelli, whose collection has really impressed us earlier this year, at the Evteks expo in Istanbul. There, we were lucky enough to meet the chief designer of the brand, who has shared with us a little bit of his inspiration.

A large part of the collection focuses on natural linens as well as linens with embossed textures in a stonewash technique that provides an aged effect. Patina, another direction of the collection, places an accent on original textures, innovative methods of fabrics processing, gold leaf and silver leaf techniques, as well as modern interpretations of historical designs. The Dreamy mark focusses on romantic, delicate designs in pastel colors and watercolor techniques (mostly prints on natural bases and embroidery). Neutrum—on Mediterranean motifs, washed out color schemes with an accent on the blue palette, linen with aged textures and blurred geometric ornaments. And finally, Odalisque and Themes focus on bronze and gold, aged gold, metallic sheen effects (mainly on classical damasks) and luxurious classical designs with modern processing techniques.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 380 13 01
12/1 Hachaturyana St, Moscow
goldtextile.ru | williz.info/company/3245/

The company Oulabitex was established in Moscow, in 1992, and was among the first firms to enter the Russian market with a large assortment of draperies and decorative fabrics. The company maintains both, roll based and cut-length programs. Its collections are very diverse in style, and include nearly every type of fabric. They offer an interesting design at very affordable prices.

At the expo, we took note of the most unusual and bright designs: Embroidery on velvet, vibrantly colored patterns with delicate attention to detail; vast range of floristic prints, silhouettes of leafs and plants on a linen base, accompanied by solid companions and striped voiles.

In addition to decorative fabrics, Oulabitex also deals in ready-made products such as bedding, tablecloths and various textiles for children. Thermal printing services are also offered.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 315 33 33 | +7 495 314 22 22
3/7 Podolskih Kursantov St, Moscow
oulabitex.ru | williz.info/company/3255/

Textile Republic
The company offers a varied collection of fabrics from many Turkish and Chinese manufacturers, as well as a wide range of ready-made products for home, among which are curtains, sewn to company’s own designs. Textile Republic has representational offices in 21 cities across Russia.

We found the following designs of Textile Republic’s collection to be quite interesting:
* jacquards with classical relief patterns
* oriental ornaments in prints and jacquards
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 781 17 43 | +7 (495) 781 17 44
1 Entuziastov Hgwy., Balashiha
texrepublic.ru | williz.info/company/3252/

The company has created a very original display for its TURANDOT collection at the expo, for which a special stand was designed with the use of such intriguing materials as ebonized woods, steel wire and chromed metal parts. The collection itself was designed for the popular, loft style interiors, and features rough linen, viscose and polyester fabrics with large abstract patterns, geometric ornaments and of course, a floral theme. The diffused contours and uneven dying of the fabrics imitate hand-staining techniques. The color palette of the collection contains original combinations of trending colors such as orange, blue, yellow, cyan, violet, and emerald.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 255 25 97 | +7 (926) 015 95 13
10/9 Nizhnyaya Siromyatnicheskaya St, entrance B, 2nd floor, OFC 210, Moscow
tendences.ru | williz.info/company/1693/

The company operates in a number of different directions: maintains a production facility for creation of curtain cornices and sunshade solutions under the DDA brand, as well as realization of ready-made curtains and fabrics from the ARCO’DORO brand.

The production of cornices, of course, remains the chief direction of the company, and offers products in a wide range of styles—from classical to high-tech.

The decorative textiles are represented by a large collection of voiles, printed and embroidered designs as well as linen imitating surfaces.

The brand’s catalogues offer classical and floristic prints.

Among the novelties of the current collection, are dense, light-blocking blackout fabrics that imitate linen and cotton surface.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 502 96 76 | +7 (495) 795 39 30
10/4 Nizhnyaya Siromyatnicheskaya St, Moscow
dda.ru | williz.info/company/2747/

The company has the following structural subdivisions: design studio, sublimation-printing studio, sewing department, logistics infrastructure facilities, wholesale and retail showrooms and an online store (Helga.ru).

The Helga trademark maintains a diverse inventory of products:
* drapery and voile fabrics (jacquards, taffetas, blackouts, nets, embroideries etc.)
* ready-made curtains and voiles for living rooms of classical and modern design
* pillows, coverlets, bedding sets
* photo-textiles—the drawcard of the trademark

Helga’s photoproduct line has occupied the central spot at the company’s Heimtextil Russia exposition: photo-curtains with vivid landscapes, roman and Japanese blinds with amazing images of animals, plants and various still-life compositions, as well as photo-paintings with stylish urban imagery.

We also took note of the company’s Kids collection of fabrics, which featured curtains, pillows and coverlets with the images of cartoon and fairy tale characters, magical castles, cars, space rockets and much more.

In addition, the firm has also launched seven new collections of fabrics (Powder, Gzhel, Botanica and Jamaica to name a few), 270 exclusive original designer prints, various novel fabric bases and the development of a new warehouse program.
Ivan Korobuschenko | info@helgatextil.ru
T: +7 (495) 787 40 48 | +7 (495) 741 27 31
4/1 3-rd Avtozavodskiy lane, Moscow 115280
helgatextil.ru | williz.info/company/3230/

Kunjut Textile&Design
The company maintains design and textile printing studio offices in both, Moscow and St. Petersburg. An own production facility that manufactures printed fabrics is also present in both of these Russian cities. Kunjut Textile&Design specializes on all types of printed fabrics, and gives its clients an option of printing their own designs, as well as selecting a pre-made solution from the firms numerous catalogues. The assortment of the firm includes a large selection of drapery and other printable interior fabrics.

At Heimtextil Russia, Kunjut Textile&Design has demonstrated virtually unlimited capabilities of the fabric printing techniques; the absence of any restrictions in color, patterns, shapes and style allows for creation of truly exclusive interiors.

The decoration of the company’s stand was among the best at the expo.
Company’s contact information
T: +8 (800) 500 72 43
11 Galernaya St, St. Petersburg
12 Borovaya St, Мoscow
kunjut.com | williz.info/company/1307/

This trademark specializes on realization of warehouse roll-based collections in Moscow. The firm also develops its own designs and produces them in India.

At the expo, Naturel has displayed ready-made curtains and decorative pillows in the romantic styles of Provence and country. The base of the collection is comprised of natural cotton and linen fabrics with prints, as well as with delicate patterns over backgrounds of natural linen colors.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 739 74 49
27 Bolshaya Kosinskaya St, Moscow
http://дом-натурель.рф |

A supplier of fabrics from Rostov-on-Don.
Caravan offers a diverse collection of drapery and decorative fabrics, draperies, nets, embroideries and window-treatment accessories.
Exquisite classical jacquards and embroideries, including natural silk and velvet; original, high-grade voiles with classical patterns.
Among our favorites were vintage designs of jacquards as well as prints on velvet.
Company’s contact information
T: +8 (863) 282 23 68 | +8(863) 282 18 58
48 Pushkinskaya St, Rostov-on-Don
stilissimo-tekstil.ru | williz.info/company/3257/

The company offers a very large and unique collection of fabrics, wallcoverings, photo-wallcoverings and decorative plasterwork from famous European producers. This allows the firm to furnish interiors of any level and stylistic direction.

The showroom of the company exhibits over 5000 pieces of drapery, furniture and contract fabrics from well-known manufacturers of Italy, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, England and Scotland. The collection also offers a wide range of styles, from laconic minimalism to exquisite luxury.

A large selection of cornices and curtain accessories is also available.

At the Heimtextil Russia 2015, the brand has introduced a new warehouse collection of European fabrics as well as custom order luxury segment fabrics of such world brands as Etro, Jab and others. Trending color and textures in the Eco style; exquisite neoclassic and bright ethnic motifs.

The company also offers services in custom sewing of curtains, coverlets and pillows.
Company’s contact information
T: +7 (495) 645 8005 | +7 (495) 645 80 06
7/3 Maliy Levshinksiy lane, 2nd floor, Moscow
ledimore.ru | williz.info/company/3258/

Helgi Home
A producer of home textiles with embroidery of natural materials.

At Heimtextil Russia, Helgi Home has exhibited two fabric directions—small eco houses for children with wooden frames and textile coverings and custom production of home textiles with client-requested embroidery.
Company’s contact information
T: +8 (800) 775 80 19
7 Tverskaya St, Moscow
helgihome.com | williz.info/company/3256/

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