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NOVELTIES FROM EUROPE. Review of Heimtextil Russia (+ video)
We present to the readers our first detailed review of the collections from the expo. Still ahead are reviews of the products from Turkish manufacturers and companies that maintain a warehouse collection in Russia.

25.11.2015, Стиль и цвет

European companies at Heimtextil Russia
We have decided to start out our series of Heimtextil reviews with European fabrics.

Typically, European manufacturers maintain an easily recognized and clearly defined style. Yet, even within these frames, they never fail to surprise their clients with novel ideas and a traditionally high standard for craftsmanship.
Empire Design (European countries)
In Russia, Empire Design represents high-profile editors and factories from England, France, Austria and Portugal. Their collections are upgraded yearly with new brands and designer names of a world level. One such designer is Antoine d’Albiousse, an editor from France, whose unusual philosophy and collection we have reviewed after the DecoRus 2015 expo.

At Heimtextil Russia the company was represented by the following brands:
Leitner—an Austrian manufacturer of linen jacquards with a 160 year old history of tradition. Classics in a contemporary interpretation, original textures, exceptionally soft and surprisingly tall three-meter long fabrics. The current year’s collection features a new powder-pink color, as well as a new fabric composition that combines linen and viscose.
Iksel—a talented staff of designers from England that has been transfering paintings of famous artist as well as iconic archival designs into digital form for over 25 years.
Iksel’s catalogue of wallcoverings is remeniscent of an art history album, and every image avaliable can be printed in high resolution and of virtually any size. Decorative panels are printed on paper, canvas and polyester film. Another new-generation material used by the brand is arlon—a self-adhesive film which, through lamination or varnishing techniques, can be used for decoration of furniture or any other flat surfaces requsted by the client.

At Heimtextil Expo, Iksel’s astounding decorative panels in a Chinoiserie style, have become our absolute favorite.

Sirgaria Castro—a manufacturer from Portugal that specialises on trims, tassels and other accessories. The company produces hold-backs from natural, linen and cotton yarns, as well as designer tassels from a nonwoven thread. Besides maintaining an impressive selection of colors, the company offers high customizability of its products, allowing its clients to order tassels of their own design and size.
Company’s contact information
empire-design@hotmail.com | Olga Farshatova
+7 495 916-20-18 | +7 965 267-22-44
21/1 Podsosensky lane, RU-105062 Moscow
empire-design.ru | williz.info/company/1386/
leitnerleinen.com | iksel.com | sirgariacastro.eu

Hefel Textil (Austria), Hefel and Johann Hefel brands
Hefel Textil is an Austrian, family-owned business with a rich history. The company’s manufacture of bedding accessories has been established in 1907, and to this day 100% of the brand’s products are produced in Austrian cities of Schwarzach and Kefermarkt. The company strives to preserve the secrets and traditions of its manufacturing processes.

The company offers a wide assortment of linens and bedding accessories; eiderdown comforters which possess temperature-regulating and anti-allergenic qualities, pillows of all types, mattress toppers.

Another drawcard of the company are bed linens made of 100% Lyocell (Tencel)—a regenerated cellulose fiber, which merges excellent physical qualities of cotton and attractive appearance of silk.

The brand’s designs are dominated by delicate, watercolour flower-themed prints and elegant classics.
Company’s contact information
tatjana.boesch@hefel.com | Tatiana Boesch, Export department manager
T: +43 5572 503 273 | M: +43 664 85 33 039 | F: +43 5572 503 48
HEFEL Textil GmbH | Schwarzach-Tobelstraße 17, P.O. Box 99 6858 Schwarzach, Austria
hefel.com | williz.info/company/3078

Ernst Feiler (Germany)
A traditional, family-owned company, established in 1928 Germany, which has a reputation of a world renowned leader in the manufacture of genuine color-woven chenille and first-grade terry-loop goods.

A special weaving technique allows for production of fabric with a pattern on both sides. The unique qualities of such fabric—diveristy of color, pleasant and soft pile, great variety of yarn shades—give of an impression of a masterfully-executed embroidery or a gobelin.

At Heimtextil Russia, the factory has displayed finely-executed, trendy bright tropical designs: Colourful butterflies fitted on dark backgrounds, bright gold and large tropical leafs.
Company’s contact information
t-kohlmeier@ici-consult.de | Timur Kohlmeier
Tel.: +49 170 58 98 371
feiler.de | williz.info/company/3076/
Frottier- und Chenille-Weberei | Postfach 28 - Greimweg 4 | D-95691 Hohenberg a. d. Eger
ICI-Consult / АйСиАй-Консалт Russland Frottier - und Chenille

Protos Textile. SARLAS brand (Greece)
Protos Textile is an exclusive distributer of the SARLAS brand on the Russian market.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the company employs a strong staff of designers, and today exports its fabrics to over 60 countries across the globe.

Fresh, contemporary design, interesting textures and mid-range price segment.

At the expo, we have noted that many of the editor’s fabrics are particularly illustrative of the current year’s trends: Sensory, Discovery, Mineral moment, Mixology.

The brand offers fabrics that imitate various textures and surfaces: reptile skin, fractured tree bark, marble patterns, combinations of a coarse weave and impregnation of fabric with gold and copper particles.

The 2015 collection, introduced at Heimtextil Russia, is predominately composed of textured linen, natural color schemes and color indigo, as well as large selections of geometry, blurred ornaments and embossed textures.

Bright, joyful and colorful prints on velour as well as the trademark print with lips ala pop art, have become the highlights of the Protos Textile’s current collection.
Company’s contact information
info@protos-textile.ru | Pogodina Ekaterina
+7 495 921-38-33
protos-textile.ru | williz.info/company/1653/

Nivasan (Belarus)
Nivasan is a producer of readymade curtain sets, decorative pillows, coverlets, and tablecloths from Belorus.

At the expo, the company has presented a lively and exuberant collection called Nadejka, which was mainly composed of natural Spanish printed fabrics, linen-immitating textiles and a large selection of voiles with printed designs.

The company’s producat are characterised by fresh design and affordable prices.
Company’s contact information
E-mail: nivasan@mail.ru
+375 152 93 53 03 | +375 152 68 00 15 | Mob: +375 295 866 383
nivasan.by | williz.info/company/3278/
Address: PUE «NIVASAN» SLAVINSKOGO, 8/1 GRODNO, BELARUS | Post Code: 230026

Neutex Home Decoration was established in 1869, and today is one of the largest textile manufacturers in Germany. The company’s full-cycle production, which ranges from development of designs and thread dyeing

to special fabric conditioning and finishing techniques, is carried out exclusively in the city of Münchberg (Bavaria).

The factory releases new collections twice per year, and to date, the brand’s full repertoire amounts to over 500 diverse designs.

At Heimtextil Russia, an international exposition for home textiles, the company has exhibited a new collection of fabrics—fall/winter 2015. The two distinctive traits of the collection became pure colors and a poised European style, characterized by reserved classics, moderate contemporary geometry and joyful, colorful prints.

The collection is represented by virtually every type of fabric: fire-retardant fabrics, jacquards with captivating textures, Devore, digital prints.

Shipments from factory warehouse: from 1 roll (30 meters)
+7 499 259-24-02 | +7 916 6080750 | Head of representative office: Natalia Nazarova
14 1-st Silikatny lane, OFC 208, Moscow

Castiglioni (Italy)
An Italian factory with rich traditions. Established in 1919.

The collection of the brand draws attention with its diversity:
* embroidery on mesh and lace of the highest grade
* exquisite classical designs, including classical jacquards
* romantic flower-themed designs in the Provence style
* bright colorful prints on a cotton base as well as fire-retardant fabrics
Company’s contact information
dcolombo@castiglioni.it | Dario Colombo
+39 033 146 3200
castiglioni.it | williz.info/company/3287

FUGGERHAUS is a brand that belongs to one of the oldest concerns in Germany—IndesFuggerhausTextil, whose history can be traced back to the middle ages.

Interesting designer solutions within an elegant, classical and dignified style, as well as contemporary blurred geometry in fresh trending colors.

Modern textures, majority of offered fabrics are blended, with high linen, viscose, cotton and silk content.

At Heimtextil Russia, Bartex has pleased us with the novelties of its 2105 collection, which included bright trending colors, ikats in a modern interpretation, abstraction and geometry in light voiles, tranquil classical designs and velvet with traditional embossed ornament.
Company’s contact information
fuggerhaus@bk.ru | Alexander, Rimma
+7 499 641-05-80
fuggerhaus.ru | williz.info/company/846

Deco Design Fürus (Germany)
In 1987, Ulrich Fürus, who had enormous experience in textile industry work, decided to materialize his passion for textiles and design through creation of his own fabrics collection. As a result, he formed the Deco Design Fuerus enterprise.

The collections of the Fuerus brand incorporate contemporary trending colors and textures, fresh designs and a large selection of solids with interesting textures. The style of the brand can be in short described as Art Nouveau with a certain note of nostalgia.

The current, 2015 collection offers a large volume of original designs with embroidery on blended fabrics with beautiful color gradations.

The selection of devore fabrics with contemporary geometric patterns are one of the strong points of the collection.

Great attention is given to textures and play of light; we have found many vivid examples of the Discovery and Mineral moment trends.
Company’s contact information
j.heinzel@deco-design-fuerus.de | Johannes Heinzel | +4 921 51493626
fedorov@gmx.com | Anatoliy Fedorov | +49 177 374 44 93 mob, office +49 215 149350
deco-design-fuerus.de | deco-design-fuerus.com | williz.info/company/2990

Magam is the largest manufacturer of curtain borders on the Polish market.

The assortment of the company is comprised of over 100 different types of borders of varied pleating methods, as well as white, translucent and semi-translucent borders made of polyester yarn. Among other products are borders on Velcro and such accessories as hooks, pins, Velcro stripes and curtain weight tapes.

At the expo, the company has exhibited borders with original methods of pleating, as well as many interesting technical solutions, which can make a designer’s life easier.
Company’s contact information
Russia: Eugene Semechev | april7754@yandex.ru | +7 923 111 78 90
Poland: Andrzej Cwietajew | export@magam.pl | +48 695 552 592
magam.pl | williz.info/company/3288

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