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LIFESAVER SELECTION. Fabrics for summer terrace
At the “Lifesaver” section, we assemble offers from textile suppliers that we think can be useful when dealing with unusual or challenging projects—when the budget is tight and there is a need for very low-cost fabrics, or conversely, very pricy ones; when overly tight deadlines are set or when extremely large quantities of a particular material are requested.

Today at the Lifesaver, we review fabrics for a summer terrace project.

01.07.2015, Библиотека тканей
“LIFESAVER”: Fabrics for a summer terrace
Collection of ideas
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blog.homeontherangeinteriors.com | laurau.com | oharainteriors.com | denisemcgaha.com | simplicity-interiors.com | timothy-corrigan.com |
jenniferbrouwerdesign.com | accdecor.com | elementsofstyle.com.au

If you own an outdoor summer terrace, Teflon-coated fabrics will fail you in neither sunny nor rainy weather. The fabrics are impregnated with an acrylic agent that repels moisture and dirt, while the patented Teflon coating protects the agent from being washed-out from the fibers! Teflon fabrics from the LOUVRE collection are a great choice for the fabrication of toppers and aprons, water-repellent tablecloths and curtains, as well as for decoration of high-moisture spaces such as bathrooms, saunas or swimming pool areas.
Click image to enlarge

Collection: LOUVRE collection
Composition: 50%Pol-50%Сott + Teflon | Fabric type: Teflon-coated| Density: 240 gr/м2 |
Width: 140-160 cm, 280 cm
Availability: Roll based and cut-length service available
Contact informtion: 7 (495) 640 40 28 | info@alinfo.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/2083/ | Company’s website: alinfo.ru/

PROTOS Textile
For creation of a perfect lounge area, at Protos Textile we offer our customers a chic outdoor fabric—AMOS.
Curtains manufactured from the AMOS fabric will become an embellishment to any pavilion or summer terrace, turning your zone for relaxation into a cozy and unique space of seclusion and comfort. The AMOS collection of fabrics places an accent on supreme quality: superb lightfastness, UV protection and high air permeability!
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Fabric: Summer terraces AMOS | Width: 295 см. | Composition: 100% polypropylene with Teflon coating
Availability: Custom orders from 1 meter, term of delivery from 2 to 3 weeks!
Contact information: +7 495 921 38 33 | info@protos-textile.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/1653/ | Company’s website: protos-textile.ru

Gorgeous fabrics for terraces from natural yarn. All models in stock at our warehouse. Affordable prices paired with superb quality. We offer both, colorful fabrics and companion fabrics without pattern.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: Fabrics for terraces | Width: from 1.4 to 2.8 cм. | Composition: linen, cotton, acrylic
Availability: Warehouse stock available
Contact information: +8 (929) 520 99 99 | interiotex@mail.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/866/ | Company’s website: interiotex.ru/

House of CARO is an exclusive distributor of the technologically sophisticated Sunbrella fabrics in Russia.
Sunbrella has been creating outdoor and interior fabrics for over 50 years, and is widely recognized as a world leader in the segment. The offered fabrics possess all the necessary traits to become a perfect choice for the decoration of terraces.
Main advantages of the Sunbrella fabrics (not including design):
- Superb lightfastness and resistance to fading (5-year warranty)
- Water and dirt-repelling coating
- Air permeability
- Resistant to fungus
- Easy maintenance
- UV protection
We would like to stress that considering the list of qualities above, the prices for the fabric are quite affordable!
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: Sunbrella collection | Width: 140-300 cm. | Composition: 100% Sunbrella Acrylic
Availability: Warehouse stock available / custom orders from 1 meter
Contact information: +7 495 638 56 37 | info@domcaro.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/708/ | Company’s website: domcaro.ru

Outdoor fabrics from the EVO Interior Fabrics’ In&Out collection (Portugal) are made from Teflon-coated, acrylic fibers, and stand out among competing brands with their relatively low pricing, very large collection of solid colors (42 colors) and a respectable selection of companion fabrics in 8 primary colors. Key designs constitute solids with varied textures, stripe, pattern, floristic design, ornament and mesh. Due to the versatile technical characteristics of the materials used, all fabrics of the collection have a very large spectrum of uses, ranging from furniture to tents, and are guaranteed to last 5 years at the very least.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: In&Out collection| Width: 160 cm. | Composition: 100% Acrylic fiber | Durability –over 28 000 cycles, Lightfastness 7/8. Machine-wash and iron at 30 degrees. High water and oil repellency. Possibility of further fireproofing.
Availability: Stocked in Portugal
Contact information: +7 495 280 01 97 | Sergei A. Tsypin | office2@vitasfera.pro
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/1960/| Company’s website: v-sfera.ru

Fabrics of the Spanish factory CERDALON are manufactured in Spain and possess a large variety of uses—decoration of outdoor and interior spaces and upholstery, as well as the manufacture of curtains, coverlets, tablecloths, table napkins, slipcovers, umbrellas, mattresses, outdoor folding screens etc.
Superb water repelling qualities and unusually natural appearance of the surface (which makes it undistinguishable from linen or cotton), all make this product irreplaceable in the manufacturing of furniture and accessories for terraces, swimming pool areas, gyms, offices and hotel spaces. The collection offers a large assortment of colors, textures and patterns.
The prices depend on the width and the price of roll, and range from 17 to 25 euros per meter.
Click image to enlarge

Fabric: CERDALON | Width: 160 - 320 cm. | Composition: Manufactured from certified DRALON yarn, UV protection 40 - 80 (depending on color and texture of fabric), water and dirt-repellent, oil stain resistant | Durability – 22 000 cycles | Composition: acrylic, Teflon-coated acrylic
Availability: Moscow warehouse stock available (up to 30 m). Orders over 30 m ordered from Spain (delivery term of around 2 weeks)
Contact information: +7 (916) 500 19 41 | Lyubov Ignatyeva | Lub-i@yandex.ru
Section at WilliZ: williz.info/company/2833/ | Company’s website: fernandocerda.com

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