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EVTEKS trend zone. Interview with the lead ideologist + LARGE VIDEO REVIEW
A large trend zone was set up at the EVTEKS, which was curated by a French trend-forecasting agency NellyRodi.
18.06.2015, Стиль и цвет
We have decided to find out about the key ideas of the trend zone directly from NellyRodi’s main ideologist—Vincent Grigorie, who is the agency’s lifestyle director.
Vincent Grigorie

As told by Vincent “the consumers are looking for something which is neutral and reassuring, but at the same they want a twist. Therefore, if the product is too basic—it is boring, and if it is too bold and avant-garde—it is often found perturbing and over the top. In other words, the consumer wants a safe choice with a twist”.
With that in mind, the key term of 2016 is Surprise.

A detailed interview in our video-review.
Main stylistic directions of the trade zone
All trends were presented in the form of collections within the context of the Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter season sections. For our review, we have maintained the order in which the trends were organized at the zone.
Spring/Summer 2016

Antique motifs, wide stripes and maxi spots, Harlequin theme as well as labyrinth and chessboard optical effects.
Blending of classical and ultramodern materials, such as foam, linoleum and mirrored surfaces.
The main pattern—vibrant blues and shades of red with gold as a finishing touch.


Jungle and tropics. Exotic birds, animals, insects, as well as photographs of nature in a huge scale.
Fabrics with sheen, pearl gloss and rainbow-like color transitions. Semiprecious stones and appliques from faux leather and wooden plates.
Plant and wood colors as the base with perky and saturated colors as accents, as well as bright gold as finish.


Traditional geometric ornaments, blurred and veiled patterns and marbled textures.
Natural fibers: silk, linen, cotton and viscose. Rough textures, such as burlap, basket cloth, tussore, fries and tweed.
Voile fabrics: muslin, bridal net, gauze of natural composition. Sea shells, stones and glass beads as a finish. Natural color scheme of whites, accompanied by milk and shades of grey. Isinglass and gold as means of accent and emphasized play of light.

Fall/Winter 2016

Neoclassic. Baroque ornament and modern interpretation of patterns. Panoramic etchings, inspiration by visual arts, sculpture and architecture.
Jacquards, damask, tinsel cloth, as well as prints on bases with sheen, silk and sateen. A finish with Swarovski crystals. Velour and velvet of all possible kinds. Embroidery.
Historical colors with gold as base. Bright screaming colors: pink, turquoise and plum as an accent color.



Minimalism and eco-style, luxury and futurism. Silhouettes of leafs and flowers. Craquelure effect, wrinkled textures, patina, aged surface. Effect of Dégradé and watercolor motifs.
Textured linen and mouton, wool with lurex, tweed. Lurex and brilliant yarn, laminated surfaces.
Natural color palette with delicate shades of blue and green. Metallic and silver sheen.


Flower and animal-themed prints, flower patterns and ornaments. Roses, peonies, tulips, monochromatic bouquets and artichokes. Owls, butterflies and beetles, as well as deer, foxes and hedgehogs.
Companion fabrics in micro geometry, polka dot and check.
Prints on natural bases of linen and cotton. Embroidery and lace. Natural fibers: wool and viscose, tweed and basket cloth.
Suede as well as cracked and aged leather.
Deep blue shades of a night sky as a base with shades of pink and orange as accents, which is quite characteristic of decorative cosmetics.
In our future articles, we will write about the key novelties of companies and the main trends of the current assortment of fabrics. Or to put it shortly, about all the textiles that will soon be available in Russia. Do not miss!
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