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38 companies and 500 new fabrics that will enter the Russian market
We present to your attention a vast survey of the upcoming novelties in the textile world, in accordance with the Evteks fair.
15.07.2015, Стиль и цвет

EVTEKS means key novelties of companies that are oriented on Turkey, Near East and Russia.
This range of products will soon be available (or already is available) through the local distributors, and will be setting the tone on the Russian market.

Miranda is part of the Harput Holding corporate group. The company’s modern technological manufacturing capabilities allow for creation of stunningly varied designer collections. The Miranda brand is realized in many countries around the world, including Russia, where the company maintains a Miranda exclusive cut length warehouse collection for over two years.

At the Evteks fair, the Miranda textile factory presented:

* modern European designs, three-dimensional textures, curious effects of gradual color blends of the dégradé, stylized classics
* a large number of interesting striped designs in gentle pastel color combinations, as both, solids and voiles
* fabrics with interesting three-dimensional textures and bright color schemes; turquoise, indigo, grey, lime, coral
* jacquards and devore with large geometric and abstract patterns
* delicate flower and plant themed prints on lightweight textile bases
* a large collection of fabrics for roller shades, including Night & Day fabrics with classic and modern designs

Company’s contact information
miranda-russia.ru | mirandasun.ru | williz.info/company/706/
7450142@mail.ru | Борис, Акан
+7 (499) 745 01 42

Hohmann (Germany)
The company is situated in Bavaria, and is over 100 years old. The manufacturing capacity of the firm is comprised of 340 machines, which makes it the largest producer of decorative textiles within the European Union. The brand has been present on the Russian market for over 20 years.

Among the designs that impressed us the most were:

* jacquards with aged textures that resemble faded plaster or worn denim
* voile fabrics in delicate pastel schemes; turquoise, coral, lime, mild pink, and mild blue
* fabrics with indistinct geometrical ornaments
Company’s contact information
v.nazarov@hohmann.ru | Назаров Владислав
+7 (495) 752 14 58 | +7 916 690 63 29

Textil Casa Moda, S.L. (Spain)
Casa Moda is a Spanish textile manufacturer with 25 years of experience in the industry. We had an opportunity to meet with the owner of the firm at the fair, who has shared with us that his business was built from scratch, with his own hands, and that he is quite proud of the fact, that today, Casa Moda sells in over 35 countries of the world.

The factory creates its own designs, and produces jacquards and prints on blended fabrics bases (cotton and polyester).

Among Casa Moda’s products, there are many designs in the style of the Spanish youth-oriented brand Desigual. According to the owner of the enterprise, it has been a steady trend in Europe for the past couple of years, as the designs of both, clothing and decorative textiles have become quite a bit more colorful, buoyant and optimistic.

Among the company’s fabrics at the fair, we would like to highlight the following designs:
* tropical motifs with leaves, birds, and butterflies (an absolute hit in Eastern Europe for the past couple of years years)
* original abstract and geometric designs

We also found Casa Moda’s decorative pillows with animalistic prints to be quite interesting. Their design has left a lasting impression.

Company’s contact information
casamoda.es | williz.info/company/2555/
danny@casamoda.es | DANNY LOOS
i.volkova@excellence-group.com | Инесса Волкова
+ 34 699 9991 42 | +7 (916) 193 76 12 | +7 495 225 4179

M.Emin Textiles (Turkey)
This company sustains exclusive rights, conferred by Versace 19:69 Abbigliamento Sportivo home textiles, for the manufacture of branded fabrics and their realization across the globe. The

factory specializes on designer hand-made jacquards as well as on machine and hand printed fabrics. Their exclusive designs are well known around the world.

The collection presented by the company at the Evteks is brand new; it was produced over a period of two and a half years. Every single fabric is unique, as it incorporates up to five different techniques; printed velvet with added application of faux leather, digital print and embroidery makes a perfect example. Fabrics like these captivate—one wants to study them as art objects, submerge into detail…
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2309/ |artinteriors.com.tr
selcuk@artinteriors.com.tr | Selçuk Türkoğlu

Castilla & Pina textile (Spain)
A Spanish textile manufacturer, which has recently celebrated its 30th birthday.
The Castilla brand is long known by Russia’s window treatment studios for its colorful prints on blended fabrics and 100% cotton base.

The company’s new collection has left us enchanted with its delicate flower-themed prints, as well as its original geometrical designs and stylized classical ornaments.

The true eye-catcher of the company’s stand, however, has become its children’s collection, which featured exquisitely soft fabrics with joyful designs for little kids and teenagers.

Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2341/ |pinatekstil.com.tr
+90 216 364 44 44 | +7 (495) 755 76 18

ANY Tekstil (Turkey)
Established in 1947, Any Tekstil is one of the oldest textile manufactures in Turkey, with commercial interests lying mainly in European and North American markets. The company employs an international crew of designers, with Italian designers among a few.

A distinctly feminine touch of the company’s owner [insert name] is clearly sensed in the company’s overall style and designs, as well as the design of the very stand itself.

The following elements, as we see it, have become the hallmarks of Any Tekstil’s new collection:
• contemporary designs with macro-mesh patterns and exquisite embroideries
• devore and voile prints in trending color pallets (orchid plus lemon, shades of blue, lavender, lime and grey)
• strikingly aged textures
• a large line of natural-fabric-mimicking designs which put an emphasis on tactile sensations
• unique geometric ornaments with embossed effects

Company’s contact information
any.com.tr | williz.info/company/2423/
anna@any.com.tr | Anna Çevik
+90 224 261 09 06

GM Syntex (India)
A modern and innovative producer of textiles that began manufacturing fabrics with only 12 machines. Today, however, the business owns more than 200 units of textile making equipment.

The color schemes presented at the fair were primarily comprised of the color indigo and other shades of blue, as well as lemon and mustard yellows. We have seen a number of excellent classical jacquards complemented with large medallions, as well as a few other notable designs that we list below:

• ethnic designs with 3D effects
• original geometric patterns in both, brightly colored and achromatic schemes
• striking fabrics with perforations and embroidery
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2538/ | thepureconcept.co.in
europesales@gmsyntex.com | Nishant Sing
+91 226 155 98 17

TRIMLAND Öz-Iş Tekstil
With over half a century of business traditions, TRIMLAND Öz-Iş Tekstil maintains firm ground in international window accessories market—the type of goods which the company produces and exports since 1954.
The company’s impressive, creatively designed stand, along with the large selection of unorthodox color schemes displayed, without a doubt, speaks of a very strong designer team employed by Trimland.

The company has demonstrated the following goods at the fair:
• an outstanding collection of trims, tassels and other window accessories
• a large selection of drapery cords, fringes and unique tiebacks
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2532/ | trimland.com
export@trimland.com | Dilşad Çubukçuoğlu Arslan
+90 212 886 57 81

Gürkan Brode (Turkey)
A Turkish factory and a family business with over 20 years of experience in the textile industry. The company functions as an independent manufacturer for more than 12 years, and constantly looks to acquire new equipment in order to expand its technological capabilities.
This business specializes, primarily, on embroidery.

Since many of the company’s textiles were custom-designed for French, Italian and German clients, the collection features many captivating fabrics:
• classical French, densely woven designs with delicate, detailed ornament
• feather motifs, which are quite popular in the current year (mesh embroidery)
• bold geometric designs in a black and white color scheme
• unique and trendy colors: silver, blue-grey, black, powder-pink

Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2535/ | gurkanbrode.com.tr
rustemasil@gmail.com | Rustem Asil
+90 539 509 09 79

Carmen Rose, a Kismet Textil corporate group (Turkey)
A Turkish textile factory, which has been in business since 1991. Its collection at the fair presented a large selection of jacquards with classical ornament and mesh embroidery, which is typical of a Turkish manufacturer.

We have taken note of the following trends representative of this producer:
• a large variety of solid dyed fabrics with wide color scheme and diverse structures
• bold geometric designs, paired with jacquard and voile

Please note: the company has a warehouse in Russia, which offers roll based and cut-length services.

Company’s contact information
kismetekstil.com | carmenrose.ru
carmenrose@mail.ru | Nikoletta
+7 903 771 68 83

Aşanteks (Turkey)
Aşanteks is one of Turkey’s largest manufacturers of faux-leather upholstery fabrics, which exports its produce to over 50 countries worldwide.

At Evteks, the company has presented an upholstery collection for both, the private and commercial facilities:
• a large variety of textile structures, including aged and weathered samples, which are quite popular in the current year
• interesting and colorful abstract geometric designs
• popular Ikkat techniques and other ethnic motifs
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2528/ | asanteks.com.tr
export@asanteks.com.tr | Musa Mısırlıoğlu
+90 212 437 30 30

Elizabeth, Köseoğlu (Turkey)
A Turkish manufacturer since 2011. The company maintains multiple warehouses in Russia.

The main trademark of the company is Elizabeth. Under that brand, the company exports over 85% of its produce to more than 45 countries around the world.

At Evteks, Elizabeth has presented a large and diverse collection, the most notable elements of which were:
• jacquards with traditional flower ornaments ranging from tranquil classic designs with slight gloss or rhinestone accents, to bright and bold designs with high-contrast color schemes (many of these designs were complemented with companion fabrics that feature a stripe or geometric patterns)
• original prints on blended backing in the following popular styles; Shabby chic, Provence and Patchwork, along with a selection of companions in polka dot, stripe, and butterfly patterns
• children-oriented designs (voile prints and imitations of natural linen fabrics) of the following motifs: cars, bears, pirates and little princesses
Company’s contact information
koseoglu.com.tr | williz.info/company/2531/
koseoglu.export@koseoglu.com.tr | Suleyman Köseoğlu
+ 90 212 655 52 52 | +7 (405) 641-5361 | +7 (915) 287-3552

Majestik (Turkey)
A family-owned Turkish manufacturer of curtain accessories, directed by three brothers. The company has been active on the Russian market for more than 20 years, and the most complete, selection-wise, distributor of the company’s goods is a brand named Verona.

The company’s new collection includes:
• tassels with elements of lace, curious tiebacks with rhinestone-covered beads, and trimmings with ribbons
• a large selection of fringes and drapery cords
• a variety of shades of blue, pink and gold paired with back

Company’s contact information
majestik.com.tr | williz.info/company/2605/
dima@majestik.com.tr | Demir Djafarov
+90 216 307 46 98

Viuda da Rafael Gandia (Spain)
A large family-owned textile enterprise founded in 1949, and located in Alcoy, Spain.

The company sells in over 43 countries around the world, including Russia (distributor Casablanca), and specializes on the manufacture of gobelins with intricate patterns and unusual designs:
• flowers, animalistic themes, tropical birds motifs
• geometric patterns
• beautiful gobelins inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt which deserve special mention

Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2539/ |vda-rafaelgandia.es
export@vda-rafaelgandia.es | David Baldo
+34 96 554 17 34

Eysa (Spain)
The manufacturing facilities of Eysa are located in Albaida, Valencia, and despite the fact that the company itself is fairly young, its business is firmly built on more than 25 years of worldwide textile export experience.

Among the fabrics that we found particularly interesting were:
• a large selection of solid colors supported with striped companion fabrics
• vibrant prints and jacquards
• bird-themed designs (bright prints with tropical birds became one of the underlying trends at the Evteks 2015 fair)

Company’s contact information
eysa.com | williz.info/company/2886/
fernando@eysa.com | Fernando Aparicio
+34 962 90 13 25

Notify (Turkey)
A Turkish factory with extensive experience and superb equipment, located in the city of Bursa. Notify’s 2015 collection stood out with its buoyant color combinations.

Among them, we were especially impressed by:
• jacquards with geometric, embossed ornaments that utilize delicate pastel color schemes
• solid colored fabrics, which became, perhaps, the main trend at the Evteks fair this year
• contemporary classics and unique lace designs

Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/1575/ | notify.com.tr
nesib@notify.com.tr | Nesib Huseyinoglu
+90 224 212 00 34

Armonia di interni (Italy)
Armonia’s manufacturing facilities are located in Ottaviano, Naples, Italy.
The company specializes on exclusive, refined embroidery in the classical style. All of its fabrics are manufactured on the Italian soil, and the company employs an experienced team of designers.

Extensive technological capabilities of this brand allow for the colors, patterns and other elements to be changed at first request of the client. If the client needs embroidery to be placed along the edge or at specific lengths on the piece, for instance, the company redily alters their designs. This holds true for backing as well; embroidery can be implemented not only on mesh, but also velvet and any other material for that matter.

Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2541/ | armoniadiinterni.it
sales@armoniadiinterni.it |Татьяна Бутырлина
+39 081 528 88 27

Supertextile (Turkey)
The new collection Garden Inova has been created by Supertekstils own Ar-De department. This collection has variated qualities and designs which is very fashion style and fresh colors
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/815 |supertekstil.com
myasubuga@supertekstil.com | Mehmet YASUBUGA
+7 (495) 617 00 95

Lilium (Turkey)
A Turkish manufacturer, which presented and intriguing, fresh, and remarkably modern collection at the fair.

The company’s 2015 collection was created with a specific goal in mind of entering the North American market. This fact, of course, reflected in its current designs at the fair:
• a large number linen immitations, as well as blended fabrics that utilize true linen in natural color schemes
• a large selection of designs with skeletal lace patterns along the lower edges of fabrics
• contemporary geometric designs, abstractions, and of course, the trademark quatrefoil ornaments
• trending color combinations, such as orchid plus lime
Company’s contact information
ustaoglutekstil.com | williz.info/company/2892/
nazan@ustaoglutekstil.com | Nazan Tahir
+90 224 38412 90

Safaş - Fioretta (Turkey)
Another Turkish manufacturer with a Europe and North America oriented collection.

The company presented many unorthodox embroidery designs and color schemes at the fair, of which the following have left the biggest impression:

• contemporary embroideries in the following themes: geometric, stylized flowers, organic ornaments
• an emphasized use of natural colors schemes

Company’s contact information
fioretta.com | williz.info/company/2894/
safas@safasfioretta.com | Ali Faidelibaş
+90 224 261 2838

Dilhan (Turkey)
The Dilhan brand is known for the diversity of its textures, as well as for its use of advanced manufacturing technologies, such as laser cutting, application, digital printing, and various combination of these techniques on a single fabric. In 2014, the company has received an award for “Innovation” established by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce.

At the Evteks, we made note of the following designs:

* bright abstract designs and intriguing textures of dim-out fabrics

* a traditionally large line of solids of varied density and textures
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/1433/ | dilhan.com.tr
tekmen@dilhan.com.tr | +90 224 267 04 25
dilhan.russia@mail.com | Nazgul Zhaparbaeva | +7 (916) 980 95 94

Aras Textile (Turkey)
A Turkish manufacturer. Has worked successfully with local and international market clients for over 20 years.

At the fair, the company presented the following bright and novel designs:
• drapery fabrics, voile and embroideries under Kadif Life, Arfa Bella and Arzenen trademarks
Specifically from the 2015 collection:
• jacquards with classic two-color medallions
• large selection of voiles with contemporary geometric-patterned abstract embroideries, as well as bright, sunny colors, and European-style designs

Company’s contact information
arastekstil.com | williz.info/company/2529/
export@arastekstil.com | İsmail Halidov
+90 (224) 331 57 00

The company is a family-owned firm, which has been in business since 1998. We have previously reviewed Perden at Heimtextil Frankfurt, where it stood out with its designs in a trending Sensory color scheme, and its multilayered fabrics with embossed patterns.

Among the company’s newer designs, however, we would like to mention the following:

* fabrics with aged textures (in trend this season)
* a large selection of companion fabrics in check and varied geometric patterns
* solids with varied textures
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2034/ | perden.com
kamil@perden.com | Kamil Musa
+90 224 384 12 10

Adoksan (Turkey)
A Turkish textile factory with enormous experience in the manufacture of drapery fabrics for international and domestic markets. The company exists since 1997, and is mostly oriented on European clients.

Within the collection presented at the fair, we found many fabrics of superb quality, including but not limited to:
• superior classic jacquards and gobelins
• flower ornamentation, geometric designs, and modern classics

Company’s contact information
adoksan.com.tr | williz.info/company/2890/
sales2@adoksan.com.tr | export@adoksan.com.tr | Caner Balto
+ 90 224 241 42 42

Broderinarin (Turkey)
A Turkish manufacturer with a rich history. The company was established in 1923 by Hamdi Narin, and became the first factory from Turkey to win a gold medal at an international exhibition in Paris (1928). Since 2002, the Narin textile holding has incorporated a large number of textile factories.

The collection of the brand includes virtually all types of jacquards, voiles, organza and laces… both, traditional for Turkey classical designs and ultramodern European styled fabrics.

We could not overlook the design of the Broderinarin’s stand; ts fascinating, colorful, textile roof and beautifully placed fabrics, that trembled in the breeze.
Company’s contact information
broderi-narin.com | williz.info/company/2895/
marketing@broderi-narin.com | Gülşah Narin
+90 212 446 37 93

Bünyem tekstil (Turkey)
Another Turkish manufacturer, which has presented a very diverse collection at Evteks. The company’s lead designer has introduced us to their newest products, among which we found the following to be interesting:

* a lot of jacquards with flower ornaments and companion fabrics with geometry

* youth-oriented, light prints on voile, complemented with white stripe
Company’s contact information
bunyemtekstil.com | williz.info/company/2885/
cemsid@bunyemtekstil.com | Skype: cemsid.kemal | Google+: cemsid.kemal | Cemşid Kemal
+90 224 267 26 00 | +90 537 844 73 33

Demorhome (Turkey)
A manufacturer form Turkey with a strong designer team.

This year’s collection places an accent on contemporary textures, play of light and three-dimensional effects:

* chunky net fabrics complemented with application in delicate pinks and blues, which could easily become the main accent in modern interiors
* a large selection of striking light fabrics with relief textures or embroidery in a natural color schemes
* joyful, buoyant prints
Company’s contact information
burkay.com.tr | williz.info/company/2288
hasan.tulum@burkay.com.tr | Hasan Tulum
+90 224 384 12 55

Dersiyon (Turkey)
A Turkish manufacturer, founded in 1997.

Dersiyon is present on the Russian market, where it maintains a warehouse.

The following is characteristic of this factory:

* emphasis on natural surfaces and mild color schemes of grey, beige, and blue tones

* interesting geometric patterns, and a dignified European style
Company’s contact information
dersiyon.com.tr | williz.info/company/2893/
sanli@dersiyon.com.tr | +90 224 243 75 80 | Sanli Arpaçay
parmel2009@mail.ru | +7 910 300 90 14 | Парвиз Азертурк

Creaciones Euromoda (Spain)
Manufacturer from Spain, with 27 years of experience.

The company puts an emphasis on diversity in styles and designs. A digital printing technique allows its designers to materialize, without any limitations, the most complex and wild patterns imaginable.

In addition to the company’s large selection of flower-themed prints, we also liked their original designs in Shabby chic, and Pop art styles.
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2527/ | creaciones-euromoda.com
juan@creaciones-euromoda.com | Juan Calabuig
+34 96 235 07 87

InEs Teks (Turkey)
At the Evteks, the company has presented a collection of ready-made products; a large selection of models from tablecloths to napkins made of fiber and printed fabrics.

As of late, table clothing is starting to play a significant role in our project’s work, so we are pleased to share the ideas with you. InEs has had a number of very stylish designer compositions at their stand.
Company’s contact information
inesteks.com | williz.info/company/2887/
hicran@inesteks.com | Hicran Alibaşoğlu
+90 212 655 35 18

SARLAS (Greece)
A Greek textile brand that exports fabrics to over 60 countries around the world. In Russia, SARLAS is represented by PROTOS TEXTILE—an exclusive distributor of the company.

Fresh and modern design, intriguing textures and an affordable mid-range price segment are all characteristic of this producer.

In its current collection, the company has concentrated primarily on linen fabrics with embossed textures and natural color schemes.
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/1653/ |protos-textile.ru
info@protos-textile.ru | Pogodina Ekaterina
+7 (495) 921 38 33

Turkish factory situated in Bursa. Specialises mostly on upholstery fabrics.
Stand of Hera Exclusive on Evteks was decorated with bright installations. Modern geometric, embossed ornaments in bright, true colors.
Different printed designs, jacquards and plains in broad color range.
Company’s contact information
heratekstil.com | williz.info/company/2888/
sengulozcan@heratekstil.com | Şengül Özcan
+90 224 367 78 72

Teksko (Turkey)
The Teksko brand has begun its manufacture from home textiles and weaved velvet in the year 1980. The assortment of the company is primarily comprised of natural fibers—cotton, viscose, silk and cashmere. Up to 80% of the produced fabrics are exported to Europe, United States and 52 other countries outside of Near East region.

The Teksko collection contains both, ultramodern designs (geometry, abstraction, aged textures, washed-out patterns) and the more conventional, stylized classical ornamentation.

One of the current innovations of the brand is a printing technique on alba velvet, which allows to combine relief ornamentation with colorful color combinations.
Company’s contact information
tekskotekstil.com | williz.info/company/2889/
ozgurkaya@tekskotekstil.com | +90 212 886 56 60 | D. Özgür Kaya
+ 7 926 128 46 39 | Анатолий

Novateks (Turkey)
A Turkish manufacturer with an in-stock program in Russia, which has now moved to Moscow.

At the Evteks, the company has displayed:

* luxury classical jacquards with relief ornament

* an original collection of trims, tassels, and diverse fringe designs of pleasing color combinations
Company’s contact information
novatex.com.tr | williz.info/company/2060/
salim@novatex.com.tr | +90 212 512 24 41 | Salim Altay
+7 968 715 03 18 | Ali

Vanelli (Turkey)
The company is part of the TURKUN holding, and is a family-owned business established in 1929. It is one of the most technologically advanced Turkish brands, and is very well known around the world. We have met with the daughter of the company’s owner, who is the lead designer of the firm, and she has introduced us to the main trends of the 2015-2016 collection. A large part of the collection focuses on natural linens as well as linens with embossed textures in a stonewash technique that provides an aged effect.
Patina, another direction of the collection, places an accent on original textures, innovative methods of fabrics processing, gold leaf and silver leaf techniques, as well as modern interpretations of historical designs.
The Dreamy mark focusses on romantic, delicate designs in pastel colors and watercolor techniques (mostly prints on natural bases and embroidery).
Neutrum—on Mediterranean motifs, washed out color schemes with an accent on the blue palette, linen with aged textures and blurred geometric ornaments.
And finally, Odalisque and Themes, which focus on bronze and gold, aged gold, metallic sheen effects (mainly on classical damasks), luxurious classical designs with modern processing techniques.
Company’s contact information
vanelli.com.tr | williz.info/company/2891/
asli@turkunholding.com | +90 224 242 70 70 | Aslı Türkün Karaçor

Vanelli Concept
A young subdivision of the company, established in 1996. The brand produces ready-made products such as tablecloths, bed covers, curtains and pillows. Approximately 70% of the goods are marked for export.
Company’s contact information
vanelli.com.tr | williz.info/company/2891/
export@dina-vanelli.com | Beyza Aksoy
+90 224 242 70 70

YANNI (Turkey)
“Where delight and ideas unite…” Unique, imaginative, handmade designs; lace, embroidery and drapery fabrics.

The YANNI brand is identified with unconventional techniques of application, embroidery and laser cutting. Three-dimensional flowers, birds, and the use of fascinating materials, such as peacock feathers, have become the hallmarks of this brand.

At the Evteks, this designer has exhibited original lace with a large weave.
Company’s contact information
williz.info/company/2542/ | yannitextile.com
handebaytimur@yannitextile.com | Hande BAYTIMUR
+90 224 261 12 00 | +7 (916) 980 95 94

D'ETOFFE (Italy)
Editors from Italy founded in Florence. Company specialisation is premium segment upholstery fabrics. Luxury velure fabrics, neoclassic designs, top quality and 100% made in Italy.
alexandraossokina@detoffe.it | Alexandra Ossokina
+39 0573 95 721

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