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INVITATIONS TO EVTEKS. Who comes, what to see
On the 19th of May one of the most popular Turkish exhibitions EVTEKS opens its doors to visitors.
14.05.2015, Платные уроки


VERONA (Turkey)
We are supporting our customer collaborations, which had been predicated on reliance, with exclusive collections and quality.
Verona Home has been established in Sakarya by Mustafa KÖSEMUSUL in 1988 and started to textile production. Verona Home is proceeding on textile sector constantly from past to today.
Hall - 6, Stand - I02

Contacts: Mustafa Ay Abdullah Ekici | veronatekstil@gmail.com | veronacurtain.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/1655/

Viuda de Rafael Gandia (Spain)
Since 1949 the company is giving quality and perfect service to its clients. The factory is based in Alcoy, is been growing and adapting its collections to the necessities of the markets. Brands are Viuda de Rafael Gandia and Elika.
Learn about the new creations of the company: tablecloth, cushions, allovers, curtain fabrics, upholstery qualities.
Hall - 4, stand - B19

Contacts: David Baldó | export@vda-rafaelgandia.es | vda-rafaelgandia.es
Other publication about the company: HEIMTEXTIL 2015. HEIMTEXTIL 2015 Spain, Greece williz.ru/info/181/

M.Emin Textiles (Turkey)
We believe our fabrics are special. The company has the exclusive rights for Versace 19:69 Abbigliamento Sportivo home textiles. The factory has been producing the fabrics and distributing them around the world. Fabrics are of the highest quality, the latest designs with an exclusive brand: jacquards are woven to the highest specification; prints are of the utmost quality, lines are woven, printed or hand pressed.
Hall - 8, stand - A05

Contacts: Selcuk Turkoglu | selcuk@artinteriors.com.tr | artinteriors.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2309/ | Other publication about the company: williz.ru/info/142/

Yanni (Turkey)
Where delight and ideas unite. Unique, fancy and hand-made designs. You can find different variety of embroideries on sheers and draperies.
The factory, located in Bursa, has different types of embroidery machines and is able to produce avant-garde fabrics appliques and using with different fancy yarns with its own technique. Haute couture by Yanni will affect you deeply!
Hall - 5, stand - C 02

Contacts: Hande BAYTIMUR | handebaytimur@yannitextile.com | yannitextile.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2542/ | Other publication about the company: williz.ru/info/193/

GM Syntex (India)
Growth happens with constant innovation, learning and expanding of manufacturing. The company invests in 200-250 international pieces of art every year in order to continue to set the precedence in the future of colour, design and art.
From a small manufacturing unit in Tarapur that started with 12 Italian Somet machines and Staubli jacquards, today, there are 160 machines including 20 air jet machines which weave double the quantity of fabric. A total of 90 Tajima and ZSK embroidery machines operate in the unit to give the innovative designs and patterns its form. The high end machinery helps in delivering flawless fabrics that range from woven cotton, linen and polyester jacquards.
Hall - 3, Stand - 3-E07

Сontacts: Dalbir Singh | dalbir@gmsyntex.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2538/

Tanriverdi (Turkey)
The touches that gives life to curtain.
The company consisting of 10 integrated factories is located in Istanbul & Corlu respectively, in Turkey. Its specialization is the manufacture of decorative fabrics of different quality and various designs. The most popular products are embroideries, weaven products, macrames ,Burnouts, printed fabrics, jacquards & upholsteries.
Hall - 6, stand - G02

Contacts: Sevki Aydin | saydin@tanriverdi.com | tanriverdi.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2537/

Pina Tekstil (Turkey)
The newcomer who brings fresh ideas.
Pina Tekstil AS is one of the leading companies in Turkish Upholstery & Drapery market, with hundreds of collections. The company owns 3 different showroom in different cities in Turkey. And also one new showroom is in Moscow now.
Hall - 4, stand - C14 and hall - 8, stand - A01

Contacts: EREN KILIC | EREN@PINATEKSTIL.COM.TR | pinatekstil.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2341/ | Other publication about the company: williz.ru/info/326/

With over 60 years of experience at your service! It is one of leading manufacturer in Spain.
The company presents its latest articles for the new season: decoration fabrics, flame retardant fabrics for contract business, bed linen, upholstery fabrics.
Hall - 2, stand - A07

Contacts: Salvador Penadés | spenades.export@reig-marti.com | reig-marti.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2540/

Armonia di interni (Italy)
Discover the magic of precious collection from Italian manufacturer.
The factory is situated in Ottaviano Naples , Italy. We are specialised in embroidery for home textile , such as curtains , upholstery in classical style with precious designs and fabrics.
Hall - 4, Stand - E 28

Contacts: Tatiana Butirlina | sales@armoniadiinterni.it | armoniadiinterni.it
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2541/

Supertextile (Turkey)
The newest collection by the biggest printed manufacturer.
The mill is located in Corlu, Turkey. The company produces tulle and deco qualities in various designs in rotation print and digital print. For the season most popular designs are geometric and floral designs to be presented in new collection.
Hall - 5, Stand - C06

Contacts: Mehmet YASUBUGA | myasubuga@supertekstil.com | supertekstil.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/815
BANDEX (Austria)
BANDEX is located in the picturesque Austrian town of Koblach, on the border of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. For more than 60 years, it is a leading manufacturer of curtain tapes premium level. More than looms produce more than 500 articles assortment, in order to meet the different customer requests from 64 countries of the world. The company presents new collection of multipockets tapes.
Hall - 5 , stand - B11

Contacts: Tatyana Chernykh | t_chernykh@hotmail.com | bandex.com

We present very impressive collections of jacquards and decorative fabrics. We believe our collection would inspire you to create. It is a fairy tale, that a day by day. Every home needs to have us… we would say.
Hall - 6, stand - G02

Contact: Kamil Musa | kamil@perden.co | perden.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2034/ | Other publication about the company: williz.ru/info/182/

Creaciones Euromoda (Spain)
Digital printing and unlimited possibilities.
Creaciones Euromoda is a printer and manufacturer company from Spain. The capacity of printing machines can guarantee unlimited printing possibilities on the highest definition. Customers are free not only in choose between variety of designs&collections but they also can order printing of own designs. One of the biggest advantages that digital print offers makes the client free to small orders and getting its quick delivery.
Hall - 2, Stand - G06

Contacts: Juan Calabuig | juan@creaciones-euromoda.com | creaciones-euromoda.com

APOLENA (Turkey)
Fashionable decoration.
The factory produces decorative and upholstery fabrics, production of home textile and accessories Pillowcases, Ready Curtains, Bed Covers, Baby bed sheets, Pouffes,Table Clothes, Table runners, Chair pads, and production of tapestry fabrics and items. Such as woman bags, Pillowcases. New collections of home textile group shows the most fashionable styles of the season: Marine, Floristic, Geometric and Baby themes.
Hall - 1, stand - A08

Contacts: Elena Shishman | info@apolena.ru | apolena.ru
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/1464/

SARLAS (Greece)
SARLAS is well known worlds brand exported to 60 countries all over the word and to all continents. In Russia SARLAS SA has its exclusive distributor PROTOS TEXTILE company. It is exclusive editor company of home textile and corporate textile as well. Wide experience in textile market and strong relationships with outsourcing manufacturers helps us to follow up words tendencies and to create fashionable and gorgeous fabrics at comfortable sales prices.
Hall - 8, stand - A04

Contacts: Pogodina Ekaterina | info@protos-textile.ru | protos-textile.ru
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/1653/

Dilhan (Turkey)
Dilhan Textile is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of mainly polyester tulle curtains, drapery fabrics. The product range is vast and is growing according the market needs; like printed, laser-cut, crushed, embossed and embroidered articles on both voile and organza qualities beside sheer jacquard with fancy designs, as well as luxury window treatments. Giving the major importance to the Research and Development activities with 12 specialized personnel in design and weave technics, Dilhan has received Innovation Awards from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bursa in recent years.
Hall - 5, stand - C02

Contacts: Funda TEKMEN | tekmen@dilhan.com.tr | dilhan.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2543/ | williz.info/company/1433/ | Еще публикации о компании: williz.ru/info/142/

Asanteks (Turkey)
Asanteks is one of the biggest manufacturer of Upholstery Artificial Leather in Istanbul Turkey. The Company exports more than 50 countries.
The products which has easy-clean and environment-friendly features are the most important features that are useful for human health.
Hall - 4, Stand - Е06

Сontacts: Musa Misirlioglu | export@asanteks.com.tr | asanteks.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2528/

Eysa (Spain)
The latest collection of fabrics for decoration, curtains, bedding, stretch and outdoor to be presented by Eysa.
The company is located in Albaida (Valencia), Spain.
We will be able to offer you a wide range of different fabrics among them you will find our collections for decoration, curtains, bedding, sofa covers and outdoor fabrics. Although we are a young company, we are proud of 25 years’ experience exporting fabrics all over the world.
Hall - 4, stand - A18

Contacts: Fernando Aparicio | fernando@eysa.com

Hohmann (Germany)
Hohmann company presents new collection and best-sellers items of main collection.
It is family business based on 105 years of tradition and experience. The production is located in the North Bavaria. The company, with its 340 items of machinery, is one of the biggest manufacturer in Europe.
Hall - 6, stand - F 09

Contacts: Vladislav Nazarov | v.nazarov@hohmann.ru | hohmann-weberei.de
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/1641/

N.T.F. textile (Turkey)
New collection of the company is made with focus on roll base and production base curtain and decorative fabric collection.
Production is located in Bursa,Turkey.We have the ability to weave dobby and jacquard fabrics in different weft and warp which means that you can find many different qualities in our collection.Also you can see high-end raschel,embroidery and digital printed designs in our collection.
Hall - 10, stand - B12

Contacts: Nesib Huseyinoglu | notify@notify.com.tr | notify.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/1575/

EVDEKOR (Turkey)
Editor company EVDEKOR invites you to presentation of new collection. The Stoke consists 400 000 sq m, range of goods is over 5000 items in collections. Cut length is accepted also.
Export of the company includes Italy, Belgium, India, and China. We take care of our services quality and our clients providing them the most comfortable price conditions.
Hall - 8, stand - A07

Contacts: Murat Uzun | muratuzun@evdekor.com.tr | evdekor.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2534/
TRIMLAND Oz-Is Tekstil (Turkey)
50 years of business traditions.
The company was established in Turkey, Istanbul in 1954 and it is manufacturing & exporting Trimmings (Upholstery, Tassels, Tiebacks, Fringes, Cords, String Curtain, Jacquard, etc.) for medium and high end.
Our new collection Gallant will be available at our updated website very soon.
Hall - 6, stand - G06

Contacts: Dilshad Cubukcuoglu Arslan | export@trimland.com | trimland.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2532/

Gerster (Germany)
Use your unique chance to learn the most popular trends of European home textile.
Gerster company is a family business with 150 year history. Gerster team is specializing in woven production, embroidery and mechanic technic of weaving. This season we present new fabric collection, curtain tapes, and accessories.
Hall - 5, Stand - D04

Contscts: Diana Becker | export@gerster.com | gerster.com

The safest and the most fashionable coverage on your window.
Drapery, organza, linen, taffeta, embroidery, viola, printed fabrics are in wide of range in the company’s production. Main production is tulle fabrics in wide assortment. New collection includes drapery in modern and classic designs.
Hall - 5, stand - D15

Contacts: Kemran Seyfullah | sales@tuzementekstil.com | tuzementekstil.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2533/

We promise to be a leader in our field. Our vision are worldwide export and indelible impression.
With its growing sales network, KOSEOGLU is supplying to 45 different countries with its ELIZABETH brand name and exporting 85% of the production.
The company presents its most popular production: variety of drapery, zebra curtain and accessories.
Hall - 5, Stand - D 09

Contacts: Selchuk Utku | koseoglu.export@koseoglu.com.tr | koseoglu.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2531/

Gürkan Brode (Turkey)
Enhancing the quality The company successfully increases its export to Europe and the other world’s regions.
The factory is located in Gursu - BURSA- TURKIYE. Its specialization is manufacturing of Embroidered Curtain Fabric on different quality bases and various designs.
Hall - 5, stand - D 16

Contacts: Rüstem Asil | rustem@gurkanbrode.com.tr | rustemasil@gmail.com | gurkanbrode.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2535/

Aras Tekstil (Turkey)
We are growing up together with our clients.
Drapery, embroidery, tulles by «Kadif Life», «Arfa Bella», «Arzenen» brands is presented by Aras Tekstil.
21 year of successful cooperation experience helps the company to upgrade its quality of client service and its production.
Aras textile presents new collection that combines extraordinary appliances, embroidery, bright colours and modern designs.
Hall - 5, stand - B14

Сontacts: İsmail Halidov | export@arastekstil.com | arastekstil.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2529/

Family business: High quality and 20 years’ experience of worldwide sales including Russia, CIS countries, America, Europe, Middle East.
The factory capacity, located in Turkey, Chorlu city, includes BRODE, DOKUMA, RACHEL ORME machinery.
KISMET TEKSTIL presents new collection: Jacquard Knitting Curtain Fabrics, Embroidery Curtain Fabrics, Weaving Fabrics and Caffe Curtains.
Hall - 5, Stand - B10

Сontacts: Nadir OZBAY | export@kismettekstil.com | kismettekstil.com
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2530/

Ines Teks (Turkey)
Your satisfaction is our success. The company is one of the leading companies on textile with their woven, ready-made clothes and packing units.
Inesteks giving life to many places in Turkey and many other European cities.
If you want renovation combined with quality and low prices we invite you to try Ines Teks Textile.
Ines Teks Textile with their European standards, issues the collections of fibre, woven, pattern and with rich variety from table cover to napkin.
Hall - 2, stand - C-05

Сontacts: Elyo Anahmias | elyo@inesteks.com | inesteks.com

Novateks (Turkey)
The company presents wide range of collections.
30% of total company sales goes to foreign markets. And at EVTEKS we prefer to know you closely. The company has storage and show-room in Russia.
Hall - 5, stand - С09

Сontacts: Salim ALTAY | salim@novatex.com.tr | novatex.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2060/

ANY Tekstil (Turkey)
The company presents new collections of tulles and drapery. Also new collections of jacquard, prints and embroidery to be presented as well.
Hall - 5, stand - A14

Contacts: Anna Cevik | anna@any.com.tr | any.com.tr
Profile on Williz.ru: williz.info/company/2423

Textiles Visatex S.L.
Visatex company presents new collection 2015. The collection was successfully accepted at Heimtextil 2015!
Modern designs, colors, tendencies at low prices with perfect service of Visatex guaranteed success of the collection 2015 by Visatex.
Hall - 4, stand - 19А

Contacts: Petr Yakovlev | petrtex@visatex.com | visatex.com/

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