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3 reasons to go to IntertextileShanghaiHome Textiles’19
19.06.2019, Выставки
The biggest textile Asian exhibition IntertextileShanghaiHome Textiles will be held this August, 28-31. This grant event can be compared with Heimtextil Frankfurt. Both of them are organized by Messe Frankfurt. You will see more than 1000 participants from 30 countries and 40000 visitors from 99 countries there.

Focus on export and international cooperation
Export of home textile from China continues to increase. In 2017 it was about 40 billion dollars. A key market is the American one. But at the same time, factories are focused on continuing further expansion and entering new markets..

The companies presented at Intertextile are well experienced in export deals. Tried and tasted modes of cooperation, logistics chains, and export-oriented managers facilitate collaboration with factories.

For whom:
This exhibition will be interesting for curtain salon`s with warehouse managers, who want to expand the range of made-to-order collections, find profitable offers with minimum orders, and select vendors of average priced high-quality textile for China.

Why to go:
It is an excellent opportunity to find new vendors with minimum orders of Chinese textile, which has European quality with its relevant design and price range about 5 to 15 USD.

3 reasons to go to this exhibition:
1. Unlike other Chinese exhibitions, IntertextileShanghaiHome Textiles is an international one and foreign customers oriented.
2. Cutting European style high-quality collections with original design are at accessible prices. You will have a chance to find factories-producers, to choose catalogs, and book custom-made minimum orders from the factory`s warehouse.
3. Meet new collections. Chinese manufacturers try to show new collections particular to the autumn exhibition, as opposed to the spring one.

What`s newly prepared by organizers this year?
Product clusters: focus on finished goods and contracting business.

These topics will be discussed on seminars and tours with famous architects and designers. MonikaLepel (Lepel&Lepel), ChristinaBiasi-vonBerg (BIQUADRA) and PeterIppolito (IppolitoFleitzGroup) are going to tell you about their experience. The topic will focus on the issue of office textile, hotel textile decoration, and «textile for life».

Of course, there are going to be discussed such relevant topics as textile and technologies, e-commerce, business in China, issues of international licensing.

How to prepare for the trip to the exhibition and organize your visit effectively?
If you are a designer, the best way for you is to join a design-tour group. Professional guides will organize a visit plan and cultural program.

Such tours are often organized by other textile companies.

If you are a wholesale textile company buyer, it is better to take advantage of a VIP buyer package offer from organizers. It includes a guide at the exhibition, a shuttle bus from a hotel to the exhibition, sometimes, transfer from an airport to a hotel and exhibition, partial hotel reimbursement, access to VIP lounges, and other amenities, which make your visit more comfortable.

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Получайте полезные рассылки от WilliZ
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