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Walking the Paris. How was the WilliZ design – tour in this season
15.02.2019, Выставки
The WilliZ company representatives and the WilliZ design-tour group attend the Design Week in Paris for several years.
It is very important for us to attend two exhibitions, such as Deco off and Maison & Objet during the January Design Week in Paris. At this time Paris becomes “a mecca” for decorators, fashion houses of decorative textile industry.

Our experience showed that it is very difficult to welcome more than 8 people in the showrooms. Frankly speaking, this place is so atmospheric, and you would like to feel privacy and a peaceful atmosphere. Besides, some decorators come to Paris buy themselves and can orient in the expo well. If you decide to go there along, you have to remember that the schedule of presentation is tight and, sometimes, it is difficult to hit all.

That is why, we decided to arrange some spots for experienced decorators in our group this year. It helped them to attend the presentation in particular day together with us, or to devote a day, for example, to Maison & Objet.

We share with you the impressions of our main group and our colleagues.

Olga Lukashevich, textile decoration studio Elit Décor, Moscow.
The idea to write the feedback about the trip appeared from the beginning.
To tell you that it was great would be an understatement.

Firstly, the communication on a distance with the organizers made us interested in the exhibition. Then, the meeting with our group provided the understanding that they are cool and we are lucky to gather together. Every day, we visited showrooms of fashion houses, talked with decorators, who have created the new collections. We could do it only due to WilliZ` well-thought-out program.

I would like to say thank you to Natalia Zorina for her interesting presentation of a large amount of information. She used to explain some things through the history of art. I even wanted to develop myself in this way.
Thank you to Anna Runof for your positive thinking, energy, and experience in communication with different types of people.

In fact, this is very serious and important occasion. It cannot go smoothly, if you do not have a well-thought-out program as we had with you, Anna and Natasha! I strongly recommend to benefit from expertise of professionals. Thank you for your good communication with us and your experience, which has been shared.

Ekaterina Tsydenova, Lotus Textile company, St. Petersburg
I should like to express my gratitude to WilliZ company for this amazing trip to Paris and good company. I was so excited after the presentation and everything I have seen. It was cool! If you have a doubt to go or not to go, I want to advise you to go there! Leave your worries at home and take only good mood with you! WilliZ will organize everything! Enjoy and draw inspiration from nature for the whole year.

Larisa Kozlova, La Deco studio, Izhevsk
I want to share my impression of a trip to France.

It is very important for me, as a leader, to know more about the novelties in the decorative fashion, modern trends and designs. This year, I attended the Design Week in France with WilliZ twice.

The main advantages to go with WilliZ are:
- The individual program of meetings and presentations.
- Assistance in translation.
- Meeting with the owners of textile companies. Opportunity to share experience with our colleagues.
- Personal attitude towards your requests and recommendations about cooperation with foreign suppliers.
- The excursion around the trend zone.
- I feel professional service and goodwill of WilliZ for several years (have been with them in Germany, China, and France).
I really evaluated the chance to join WilliZ group for one or several days during the tour. Actually, we did the same this time with my colleagues. It is great that you can plunge into the world of beauty, fashion, and design in such romantic city as Paris!

I wish success and prosperity to WilliZ!

My colleague, Alexander Sindeev, and I have joined the Williz group for half a day, but it turned out to be a wonderful few hours eventful.

We met the organizers of the exhibition and got some nuances. Unfortunately, we didn`t pay attention to them, when we were just visitors las time.

Wonderful Natalia Zorina held a brief, but very inspiring excursion around the trend-zone. It was enough to find our own way of seeking new trends on the exhibition.

Thank you so much, Anna, for your great organization job and support. In fact, she could find time to deal with our questions.
In my particular case, Anna was reachable at all times to help us with join the group. She helped to resolve the problem with my badge and provided great information support in exhibition attendance.

Thank you, WilliZ, for the great idea to provide such tours. It becomes not only useful, but exciting trip.

Irina Pashina, designer, Moscow
Thank you so much, Anna and Natasha, for your creative approach to show up at the exhibition. Thanks to them, I have opened so much new for myself, oriented at the exhibition, found out the places, which were really useful for my work.

The pavilions were large, but we had only 4 days. This is not much. Great company, lots of useful information, and very interesting excursions. Thank you!

Elena Kokora, designer, Moscow.
It was not my first time to attend the January Paris exhibition together with WilliZ. It is seemed like the program is usually the same, but every time I find something new for myself. At this exhibition, due to our nice guides, I was interested in Maison & Objet. We were welcomed as honorable guests, told about the exhibition and the philosophy of trends. Thank you so much for your professional attitude and organization. If you want to choose the guide for January exhibitions, I recommend WilliZ!

We thanks to dear ladies for their feedbacks and wish all of you love, inspiration and fancy flying. Only with these fillings, we always come back from Paris.

We would like to share some plans with those who are going to go to Paris in coming season. There is going to be held a new attractive exhibition for Russian designers. We certainly will share the news first hand.

And now, by popular demand, we are going to open the registration on the design-tour to Paris in 2020:
You can find the detailed review soon on our website WilliZ. Info, and in our webinar “The most important things about the crucial exhibitions in this year: trends, new technologies, interesting companies, the brightest collections” February,19 2019 at 11:00 Moscow time.

Join us! It is going to be interesting!

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