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Trend zone Heimtextil 2019: shapes, textures, color palettes
12.02.2019, Выставки
The new trend line is «Utopia». Whether it's the beautiful world of your fantasies and plans or the memory of the «Golden age» of avant-garde artists, in any case you work with images.

Let's see what are the main areas and how they were presented at the Heimtextil exhibition this year.
Pursue Play – «The Game»
Literally can be translated as «Follow the game», «Playing».

You can easily solve any difficult questions. All you need is ironic attitude towards the process. Such approach suits for us, decorators. What is better way to solve the problems, if not to explore? Have courage to combine! Bright colors of the Mediterranean, such as ocher, intense green, sky blue, brick red, magenta will be your inspiration for doing this. These tints are so organic in the postmodern artists` paintings and art in the 80th.

Interiors of this type will suit energetic and cheerful people. If you prefer bright colors, you can make yourself at home! Passion for art is welcome!

Seek Sanctuary - «To Seek Asylum»
Sanctuary is one of the interpretations of the word shrine. The main slogan of the recent years was “A man`s home is his castle". "A man`s home is his sanctuary" is more suitable for nowadays moods.

Your “place of power” is your home. You need to have a rest and to recover after a rough day. Calm tints, silent tones, a soft carpet under your feet, a large free space will make you feel comfortable. There are no undesired details. It will help you to concentrate more on your own thoughts and emotions.
You will fall into a meditation and relax faster, if the house is decorated with the neutral and pleasant fibre interior decorations.

You are going to get a SPA salon at home!
Is not it the dream of an office worker, who is always in hurry and commotion? If you want to hear only silence at home, you can have a rest in your sanctuary.

Go Off-Grid – «Autonomy»
Grid means net.
Get yourself out of the net and beyond! Enjoy and live in harmony with nature. Breathe in the world`s fresh air and feel comfortable!

Nowadays, it is not so important where you live. The autonomous systems allow you to live and work anywhere in the world. The outdoor life teaches us to preserve natural resources and to take a responsible attitude towards recycling.

Long-lasting and functional materials will last you for years. It will reduce the resources for the recycling.
The recycled material is a reasonable use of waste. Saving for the sake of freedom. The color palette requires mimicry with the environment. Such tints as all shades of green, khaki combined with orange, and graphite black are comfy.
Energy- saving, reflective and biodegradable innovative materials with comfortable and light texture are also used in this area.

Are you active and full of vitality? Are you cramped in the city walls?
Or, are you timid and do not like the hustle and bustle? Do you prefer to spend more time outside? Choose to surround yourself with natural materials and try wrapped in a warm bedspread, enjoy the beautiful view from your home.

Escape Reality – «Escape from reality»
Escape from reality is one of the possibilities to create your own world. Thanks to the digital technologies the fantasy world is possible.

It is not surprising, while sitting at home you can visit a museum or travel thanks to virtual reality glasses. There is a department in Hermitage, where you can take on virtual reality glasses and make a tour. The tour is no less interesting than a live walk. Do you know where you can climb to the roof of the building and see the museum architecture from a bird's eye view?

Now it`s possible to break the boundaries of the real world and to live in the digital world, like in the movie “Matrix”". It is not scary, but fascinating.
The abundance of magenta shades magically turns our ordinary life into illusion.
Turquoise color tells about the infinity of the new world. It is the color of the sea.
Pink color makes us a little bit childish. Maybe, we may have few lives.

Iridescent colors, holographic figures amplify the effect of frameworks refraction. Reality flows and changes its form. Fabrics like plastic, glass or mercury help to create a portal into a new dimension. This kind of interiors is close to people, who live in a digital environment. Are you uncomfortable without your smartphone? Do you panic when you cannot be online? You will definitely enjoy the digital world around.

Embrace Indulgence – «Nostalgia»
Self-indulgence means to allow yourself to enjoy the luxury of the surrounding color, to sink into nice silky velvet, to feel the delicate spicy aroma.

Cognac colors and pleasant textures, elements of gold and a hint of elegant style are fancy, aren`t they? Sensual and elegant shapes of chairs and sofas, glossy surface tables and drawers represent luxury life. They are accompanied by a silky texture of velvet, velour and cashmere.
The Art Deco style has established itself as a trend. Year by year it becomes simpler and more graceful.

Massive parts yield to a slight golden inclusion. Geometric patterns are often decorated with black lines or waves. The color palette is represented by warm ochre tones, a combination of muted khaki with shades of terracotta. The presence of gray and black graphite shades refreshes the composition.
It is very important for every city dweller or a residence owner to have an intellectual component in the interior. If you are a person, who likes comfort and surrounds himself with pleasant objects, you must have this.
It can be either a rare book or a family history in old photos.
We wish you a wonderful trip to the world of make-believe. It is a pity, but our tour around the Heimtextil trend zone has come to the end.
Pay attention to our reviews of Design Week in Paris! We are going to tell you even more!

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