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Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen (Hometex): 6 great collections for a big house
What did the organizers prepare for coming season? Who is it for?
12.02.2019, Выставки
7th -10th of March 2019, Shenzhen, China
We are keep telling you about exhibitions of this year..
The interest towards Chinese exhibition is raising. The most famous international platform for foreign buyers in China is Intertextile Home Textiles Shanghai, which is, actually, the Asian branch of Heimtextil.

Some experts usually ask us to tell more about other exhibitions in China that could interest them as well.

Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen (hereinafter Hometex) is considered to be a local exhibition in Chinese fair, and oriented towards internal market. The exhibition is popular among designers, design studios distributors, and Chinese manufactures. Besides the presentation of great number of exhibits, like manufactures of furniture, accessories, furnishing fabric, home textile, in the same time, there is a Design Week in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Design Week.
This year, the organizers plan to make it more international. They want to draw foreign visitors` and buyers` attention to the exhibition.

The organizer is Shenzhen Bao Exhibition Co. Tarsus Group Plc is its branch in London. Shenzhen Bao Exhibition Co leads in the decor and textile expo management in China.
Hometex was founded in 1997. Nowadays, it is a meeting spot for manufacturers, wholesale companies, interior designers in China.

Facts and figures about Hometex for 2019:
- the exhibition is supported by Textile & Garment Chamber of Commerce, All-China Federation of industry & Commerce and
China Guangdong Home Textile Association;
- 21 years of experience;
- 2 issuances per year: spring and autumn season;
- 230 000 sq. m.;
- 160 000 + visitors and buyers from 29 countries;
- 1000 + exhibitors.

The exhibition presents manufactures from China, which produce all kinds of goods in the "big home furnishing" concept. They propose comprehensive solutions for the home. That includes home textiles, sun protection systems, curtain design accessories, wallcoverings, custom furniture. Shenzhen Design Week focuses professionals` attention on exhibition with fashion and relevant to the market trends.
The Design Week sets the tone for the exhibition. Organizers have already announced more than 60 events dedicated to design and trends.

What concept does the exhibition offer in the new season?
"Big Home": SIX Home Furnishing Collections / The concept of a big house: 6 collections for home decoration:

Home Textiles
Custom Furniture
Window Fashion
Overall Home Design
Home Décor

Who is it for?
This exhibition is for buyers of textile companies and companies specializing in overall home design.
Why to visit?
The main reason for visiting is to find manufacturers and suppliers.
How to organize a trip with a max effectiveness?
Ask us and get detailed information about travel conditions – runof@williz.ru or tel. +7 916 715 80 02

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