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As promised, we publish a detailed description of trends, announced at the exhibition. In this review, we present Sensory and Discovery trends.
12.02.2015, Стиль и цвет
About trends and their creators
Each year Heimtextil attracts experts to define the four most relevant decorating trends. Experts define trends according to the cultural tendencies and it allows to look at the textile industry from the other side. The presentation of trends was full of examples of modern art installations. Still trends help to identify interesting ideas inside of a huge assortment of fabrics that we have.
Unfortunately, it was forbidden to take pictures in the trend section. Therefore, we are going to restore the key ideas that we saw and heard.
Four trends
This year, four key directions were announced:
The emphasis on the tactile sensations
Preservation of the cultural heritage and technologies in the design, the feeling of authenticity and nostalgia
The mixture of different cultures, experiments and game
The development of new fabrics, "space", technological textures

Each trend has its own colors and textures. In this review, we will focus on the most "advanced” trends from the texture point of view. There are Sensory and Discovery trends.
SENSORY. Feelings are at the heart of everything
This direction implies the emotional perception of a fabric design by stimulating all the senses.

First of all the preference is given to a tactile perception. The fabric designers find inspiration in the beauty and health industry and bring new amazing effects in the base colors and weaves. There are creamy textures, fluffy and light fabrics, fabrics with three-dimensional effects, and even fabrics with a sponge effect. In contrast, you can see fabrics that have hard, rough texture or fabric with glossy surfaces.

Light plays has a key role! There are many translucent fabrics or fabrics reflecting light, also fabrics with a metallic surface or mesh.

The play of light increases the effect of textures and changes color perception. The task of the designer is to use the maximum of all the senses by combining color, shape, texture and even smell.

Here are some examples of fabrics in the Sensory trend: translucent fabrics and mesh, playing in the light fabric with a velvet or shaggy surface, wool, velour, velvet, fur, plush; the laser cutting fabrics and fabrics with three-dimensional textures like a gaufre. There were also materials that can hardly be called fabrics, they were similar to a sponge or linoleum.

Sensory colors
Sensory style fabrics that we saw at the exhibition
Sensory style interiors
curtainscolors.com | furniture.trendzona.com | toniascurtains.com.au | jbalisinteriors.com | peggyoberlininteriors.com | seagreendesignsllc.com | jenniferbrouwerdesign.com | altheadecorcurtains.com.au

DISCOVERY. Researches of the future
This trend is the most controversial of all the trends and inspired by space exploration. The trend is cold, gloomy and it focuses onthe effects of light. This type of a textile is only nascent, although in the loft and large public areas such fabrics can make a very bright accent
Discovery colors
Discovery style fabrics that we saw at the exhibition
Discovery style interiors
furniture.trendzona.com | furniture.trendzona.com | nfinteriors.com | bridgetbearidesigns.com

To be continued in our next articles.

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