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''TRUE'' IS A PHILOSOPHY OF OUR NEW COLLECTION. The interview with Sahco’s creative director
21.03.2018, Про бизнес
Sybille Ruge Sahco’s creative director, told us about their new collection.

– Hello! Can you please introduce yourself?

– My name is Sybille and I started at Sahco last year, I used to work for Zimmer&Rohde, and all the competitors worldwide as a supplier for embroidery, trimmings, and even Sahco was a client of mine. The last year we created 5 collections with my team: carpets, wall coverings, textiles…

– Is it the first year for you with Sahco?

– Yes.

– Do you like this brand?

– Of course! It’s has a quality on a high level and I always adored the style.

– Was it your dream to work with Sahco?

– I used to work with them for 20 years but only as a supplier. But it was very interesting to have all these textiles, carpets and accessories so it was really great!

– Please, tell us what inspired you to invent your new collection? Maybe it was traveling, or your own experience, maybe some emotional experience? We know that Sahco’s collections always become a philosophy.

– That’s true and especially because personally I love philosophy. The name of the collection is “True” and it’s the best attitude a person can have: being true. And there is a little part what defines aesthetics by Plato 2000 years ago: art or aesthetic has to be true, beautiful and good.

– I know that the name of the new collection is “True”.

– Its “True”. And true for me and for myself is something timeless, maybe minimum, modest. It’s like Russian churches – inside there is a lot of good material and gold, and outside they are very simple. So it’s like the soul.

– So, fabrics are the same?

– It’s the same. It’s like a good soul, - it has nice fibers, very good material like linen, wool…

– But it looks very simple.

– They come in a kind of basic way but, of course, elegant basics. So it’s a simple elegance.

– What do you think about structure? As I understood, it’s very important part of your work. Maybe it can be semi-plain but inside it has a very complex structure.

– Yes, exactly.

– Maybe you invented something new in textile technologies this year?

– This year I would say there is a wonderful jacquard with aquarelle effect called "Sphere".

– Yes, we liked it very much!

– This is my favorite as well, it’s like a jewel. And the new invention was in carpets. For example, using a lot of different yarns to give a nice structure in Chanel style. And we made a black carpet, in black and white with a gold tape.

– Gold, some metal?

– Yes, exactly! This is pretty new for our collections.

– Was it hand-made?

– Yes. I adore things like this.

– So many items were handcraft in this collection.

– Even the lotus, a wall covering was hand-made. I have a real deep respect for people who do all these things by handwork. I adore these crafts people.

– I think it’s a global trend in design, people gave their soul, warmth, love and if a product was made by hand, it is very precious and very luxury.

– Exactly. And they have an aura. Another philosopher, Benjamin, wrote in his artwork in the technical age that if you go industrial ways, the aura is lost. And I personally like very much to give the textiles soul or aura. Of course, it’s not always hand-made but it has to look like it is!

– Even if it’s polyester, it should look like linen.

– Yes, exactly.

– What about light fabrics? Do you think there is a tendency to use only one curtain instead of two layers?

– This is a big change! Because for me this collection is lighter than the last one, the last collections were weighty. And I think this is something what we see outside. People don’t stay their whole life in one city. They move. So you have to be very flexible or fluid, or hybrid personality. And in our apartments we need it as well. I think a nice sheer makes space, it opens rooms, it doesn’t close the room. You see your neighbors but they can’t see you. I think it’s enough.

– Only silhouettes.

– Yes.

– But you also can admire the view from your window and people prefer to have beautiful view from their apartments.

– Exactly. But you need a little bit of elegant protection.

– What about textile design in Germany? We visited Heimtextil this year, and I think Germans prefer opening windows to curtains, just blinds maybe, very poor design. So how is it possible to sell luxury fabrics?

– Yes, it’s true. They kind of afraid of the word “cozy”. I don’t know where it comes from but they are pretty disciplined, right? “Pure” is a good word. There are things they like very much: upholstery, and I think even the wall covering and carpets are going very well. And, of course, the Trevira CS washable fabrics. But heavier drapery is more of a use in other countries. And this is a big difficulty in making a new collection. You can’t satisfy all markets; you can’t do that.

– So, what do you think, which market is the best for Sahco style?

– Right now?

– Yes, for this collection.

– I have to admit, Germans liked our new collection very much this time. It’s funny but they liked it. I think it’s the color. Americans were crazy about it and I hope Russians will like it as well.

– I am sure, they will. And the last question, I ask everyone the same: what is your favorite color in new collection?

– This is very difficult. I love powder tones, nudes. Green and pink are like a jewel, this is maybe my favorite. There are more colors but these are my favorite.

– What do you think about the color of the year from the Pantone institute?

– Chocolate from Switzerland with a cow on top, have a look. There is Milka cow, that’s exactly that color. Okay, it’s fancy but not so much…

– We call it Milka ultraviolet.

– Maybe it’s more usable in fashion. In a dress or in a coat even. But not in interior…

– Maybe some tones, maybe a bit softer but not much… It is very strong to make it a lot.

– But if I was Alice in Wonderland, I would like it!

– Thank you so much, it was a great pleasure to talk to you, to know you so I wish you good luck and I hope that your collection will be bestseller in Russian market and also in other countries.

– And greetings to Russia! I love the Russian literature.

– And we love Sahco!

– Bolshoe spasibo!

Collections 2018
The inspiration of this collection was Mies van der Rohe's quote. He is a designer who decorated the pavilion for the World’s Fair in Barcelona. He said: “Less doesn’t mean worse”.

The core of the new collection is in proportions harmony, a contrast of monochrome fabrics and abstract designs. These fabrics are very flexible in interior decoration; they complement each other but don’t dominate. The base is of natural yarns and wool.

TRUE collection completely expresses the style and elegancy of Sahco brand. The beauty is inside, in complex structure, natural composition and bright details in finishing.
This collection presents upholstery fabrics created with epingle technique (making pile fabrics without cutting loops). Very modern geometric patterns, modest and elegant, it defines the style of the collection. The color range consists of both natural and classic colors as well as bright ones.

Another outstanding upholstery fabric in the collection, it represents modern classic style. Editors aimed to achieve the hand-made effect and used rough wool yarns. The feature of this fabric is in contrast black yarn base.

This fabric is a jewel of the collection. Editors used a complex technique “sherli”. The base of the fabric is linen accompanied with the finest wool yarns. The yarns are kept loose on purpose and then are being cut, so it creates unusual stripes with a shiny linen base background.

It is a complex jacquard with abstract aquarelle design imitating sunset patterns or fantasy landscape. The composition is based on silk. There are 3 color variations presented in the collection: nude powder, bright midnight blue and magenta-emerald, inspired by the colors of Amazon.

Prominent decorative fabric. Created by using nylon tape with metallic shine which forms large creases, incredible glitter and volume. The fabric seeks for flexibility in drapery and it will definitely become a highlight of any interior.

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