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30.01.2018, Навигатор

Original novelties from producers of accessorizes and complimentary home textile products, presented at Heimtextil 2018.

Besides the trends and novelties, here you can also find their contacts and basic conditions for orders.


Curtain tape and accessorizes.

About company:
BANDEX is an exclusive brand of a broad variety of curtain tapes and decorative window accessorizes. The company’s assortment includes FR processed tapes, dyed into the fabric’s color; tapes with non-standard spaces between pleats, the quantity of pleats.

In Russia BANDEX is presented by SVETLANA trade company that has 8 stocks: the main one is in Moscow, and smaller stocks in Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Samara, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ekaterinburg and Izhevsk.
To enlarge click on photo
MOQ: 1 roll/1 r.m.
Dealing with Russia: via partner offices in Russia, trade company SVETLANA.
Business interests: design studios, wholesale companies.
Where to see: Heimtextil.
«SVETLANA» на WilliZ >>

Feiler (Germany)

Exclusive bathroom textiles, soft and fluffy items for babies and a line of fashionable bags and accessories.

About company:
Feiler is a traditional family business, founded in 1928, and leading German manufacturer of genuine multi-colored chenille and top-quality terry products. 

Their special weaving technique allows to produce fabrics with double-sided patterns. Variety of colors and nice fleecy nap are unique features of this type of textile. Terry products, woven from threads of many shades, make an impression of exquisite embroidery or tapestry.

New collection:
This year Feiler presented 2 collections: PASSION and Feiler Pure.
The PASSION collections are hallmarked by their sumptuous wealth of color – often incorporated into floral designs. While Feiler PURE collections symbolize timeless class. This makes them perfect for pared-down bathrooms with a purest feel.
To enlarge click on photo
MOQ: from 1000 euro from stock in Moscow, from 3000 euro from stock in Germany.
Dealing with Russia: direct supplies from their stocks in Moscow and Germany.
Business interests: wholesale companies, retail home textile stores of medium and premium segments.
«FEILER» на WilliZ >>

Textilia (Spain)

Designs, production and distribution of a wide variety of high quality fabrics for home textile such as jacquard, pique, voile, burn-outs, otoman, chenille, bedspreads.

About company:
Textilia is a home textile company with more than 40 years of experience in the market, that opted for originality in design, technological innovation and the quality of all its products, while remaining attentive to the aesthetic trends, fashion and avant-garde. 

New collection:
The highlight of the latest collection were bright and gorgeous bedspread fabrics with interesting avant-garde patterns.
To enlarge click on photo
MOQ: 1 roll (about 30m) or 1 bedspread.
Price level: 5.50-13 euro, sample price: 12.00 euro.
Russian market orders: direct orders.
Business interests: design studios, wholesale companies.
Where to see: Heimtextil, Home Textil Preminum (Madrid, Spain).
«Textilia S.A.» на WilliZ >>

Lyontex (Italy)

Jacquard fabrics, bed linens and premium home textile sets.

About company:
Lyontex has been creating and producing high quality jacquard cloth for three generations. The manufactory is in Bergamo province, the region of Italy traditionally famous for its textile production. Lyontex cooperates with many well-known home textile brands in jacquards and finished complementary goods supplying.

Twice a year the company releases a new collection of 100 designs.

New collection:
The new Lyontex collection is inspired by soft and chic colors, in particular cream, silver, aquamarine and powder. There is also an addition of pewter and curry to complement the offer. The combinations are created so that the final result is always clean and chic at the same time.

Starting from this year Lyontex will introduce a complete new line of finished product, completely made in Italy (Fatto con cura in Italia). The name of this new collections inspired by the loom set up used to develop this new line.
To enlarge click on photo
MOQ: 100-300m, for stock items – from 1 roll.
Price level: 7-12 euro/r.m.
Dealing with Russia: direct orders.
Business interests: decorators, wholesale companies.
«Lyontex s.r.l.» на WilliZ >>

FLANDERS' TRIMMINGS /Deltracon (Belgium)

Trimmings on the natural basis.

About company:
The company produces exclusive accessorizes of natural materials: linen, bird feathers, ponytail; bucleat threads, chenille, raffia, and linen/wool mixed threads are widely used in their production as well.

The company cooperates with exclusive fabrics producers. Linen threads, used in their production are made in Europe and certified by the Club Masters of Linen.
To enlarge click on photo
MOQ: 30 r.m. for tapes, 30 pieces for trimmings.
Price level: 15-100 euro, depends on the item.
Dealing with Russia: direct orders.
Business interests: wholesale companies.
Where to see: Heimtextil, Proposte.
«Deltracon» на WilliZ >>

Passamaneria Italiana (Italy)


About company:
Passamaneria Italiana is a family business of 3 generations today, was founded in 1925 as an interior accessorizes producer and nowadays is developing in 2 directions: accessorizes and textile decoration.

The company controls all stages of production on its own manufactory which allows to quickly react on market’s requirements.
To enlarge click on photo
MOQ: from 250m, 36 pieces for trimmings.
Price level: from 0,5 euro for tapes, 15-30 euro for trimmings.
Dealing with Russia: direct orders.
Business interests: dealers network expansion.
Where to see: all European exhibitions, the company’s representative’s visits in Russia.
«Passamaneria Italiana s.r.l.» на WilliZ >>

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