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Heimtextil 2018 TREND ZONE: textures, colors, details
31.01.2018, Выставки
Recently we already presented actual Heimtextil 2018 trends in the article

And this review is about how announced trends in design were presented in the trend zone and experts’ opinion about the best fabrics according to this year’s trends.

Each direction had its own section.

Trend: Perfect Imperfection. Space philosophy: Maker space
This trend represents the importance of authenticity and originality in manual labor and traditional production technologies with imperfection in details and simple design.

Main colors are indigo, burnt clay color as well as neutral colors.

This trend is represented by natural fabrics, rough yarns of irregular thickness, loose weaving, homespun rugs imitation.

Hand-labor, free painting and hand -made embroidery are praised.
Dying in Japanese technique “shibory” and knotting technique is especially actual.

All ornaments and drawings look like they appeared accidentally, like splashes, inflows, blots, silhouettes.

Trends: Urban Oasis. Space philosophy: Biophilia
Every year we see the trend of connection with the nature. In 2018 ecological theme with herbarium and nettle fibers from the last year has evolved into eco luxury.
This year urban oasis is represented by expensive natural fabrics, velvet, silk, marble-texture fabrics and shine of gold.

There are tropic leaves and night jungles, embroidery, printed velvet, combination of different finishing techniques.

As for the color palette, it’s a combination of deep blue-green with coral-pink.

Trends: Adapt and Assemble. Space philosophy: Re-Made Space
People are aspired of rethinking and want to learn, use new materials created by manual labor. So technological materials, recycling and modular elements are coming from this tendency.

In this year’s trend zone we saw technological fabrics, digital printing application and laser cutting, volume appliqués, nets and foam materials.

Ornaments can be classified as mid-century style. are for textures. As for the colors, its pure basic colors and combination of additional colors.

Trend: Relax and Recharge. Space philosophy: healthy space
The idea of this zone is in the value of the space in our life: space should recharge, recover, and the color should provide positive emotions.

Playing of fabric textures, contrast of smooth and matted surfaces, semi-shades nuances and degrade effect are in focus here.

The trend is about total look in the interior. The main colors in this trend are red, blue and all red-blue shades as well.

Trends: Soft Minimal. Space philosophy: Flexible space
This trend helps people live in limited space.
Basically, it’s about plain fabrics or fabrics with subtle raised pattern.

Emphasis is put on “fabric hand”, when the sense of touch is given to us by soft pile fabrics, wool, mohair. Herewith artificial fur as contrast to perfectly smooth, shiny, pearl effects in fabrics may be implemented in interiors.

Also we meet crinkled and pleated light fabrics, origami effect. There are quilted panels with convex ornament.
The main color is powder pink and soft pastel colors as well.

Here our Heimtextil trend zones tour runs out and our new review on Maison&Objet trends is coming soon, don’t miss it!

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