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Invitations to Heimtextil 2018
On the 9th of January 2018 the most important and the biggest trade fair the Heimtextil to open its doors to visitors.
27.12.2017, Выставки

Trevira CS | Hall 4.2 H71

Joint booth with 16 top clients – Trevira implements a new approach at Heimtextil 2018.

The core of this joint booth will be a Trevira exhibition. Participating clients will present their latest Trevira CS collections for home textiles and commercially used textiles at individual stands around this core exhibit. The joint stand is located in close proximity to the new exhibition “Interior. Architecture. Hospitality. EXPO” of Messe Frankfurt.

The following clients will be represented at the joint booth in January: Baumann Dekor Ges.m.b.H., Engelbert E. Stieger AG, FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A., Georg + Otto Friedrich, Jenny Fabrics AG, Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek B.V., Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG, Pugi R.G. S.R.L., Spandauer Velours GmbH & Co. KG, SR Webatex GmbH / Getzner Textil AG, Swisstulle AG, Tessitura Mario Ghioldi & C. srl, Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche S.p.A., Torcitura Lei Tsu S.r.l., Vlnap a.s. / Wagenfelder Spinning Group, Wintex S.r.l.

Trevira GmbH, Communications, Philipp-Reis-Str. 4, D - 65795 Hattersheim
Tel.: +49 8234-9688-2502 | Fax: +49 8234-9688-5342 | trevira.press@trevira.com

KOBE (Netherlands) | Hall 3.1 B81
Specialization: decorative fabrics

A worldwide brand of Kobefab International BV offers a broad collection of curtain and upholstery fabrics in different styles, but they consider modern classics style as their signature. In addition, Kobe is known for its range of velvets woven with different techniques: plains, jacquards, prints (digital, metallic), quilting and mix of the techniques. A range includes a selection of flame retardant fabrics (Trevira CS).

In Russia, Kobe brand is exclusively represented by Galleria Arben.

MOQ: cutlength.
Price level: from 35-250 euro/r.m.
Business interests: design studios.
«Galleria Arben » на WilliZ >>

Sarlas (Greece) | Hall 3.0 B74,75
Specialization: decorative fabrics

Sarlas SA is an exclusive textile editor, creating qualities and designs, both for residential and contract use. The company's vast knowledge of the market, strengthened by the strong relations with its outsourcing mills, enable the company to closely monitor the international trends and create rich, fashionable but yet affordable fabrics. The company is exporting worldwide and its products can be found in all continents and more than 60 countries all over. Depending on the nature of each market, Sarlas SA adapts accordingly and distributes its products either via an exclusive distributor or an agent.

In Russia, Sarlas brand is exclusively represented by Protos Textile.

MOQ: cutlength. 
Price level: from 30-150 euro/r.m.
Business interests: design studios.
«PROTOS Textile» на WilliZ >>

Giber (Italy) | Hall 4.1 C21
Specialization: decorative fabrics and sheers

The Italian factory, the leader in the production of tulles in Devore technique. It presents the high level of design, advanced technologies for the processing of tissues and natural materials. Company produces light fabrics using jacquard technology, devore, fill coupe and screen printing on light fabrics in the width up to 340 cm.

The producer combines several techniques in one design, pays much attention to detail, uses for fabric production only Italian yarns. 

MOQ: from 1 roll. 
Price level: 7 euro/r.m.
Business interests: design studios, wholesale companies.
«Giber S.r.l.» на WilliZ >>

Lodetex (Italy) | Hall 4.1 С30
Specialization: decorative fabrics and sheers

The Italian factory exists since 1946, it is one of the only two factories in İtaly owning the most innovative jacquard looms and the painting and finishing machines. The company cooperates with the TOP editors from Europe and the USA. The team of 8 designers creates individual designs and develops the ideas of the factory. 

The Italian factory specializes in light tissues, devore and unusual finishing techniques, three-dimensional applications, complex color transitions, large jacquard patterns, big coupons up to 340 cm. 

MOQ: from 100 r.m. 
Price level: from 12 euro/r.m.
Business interests: design studios, wholesale companies.
«Lodetex SpA» на WilliZ >>

Castilla Textile (Spain) | Hall 4.1 A06
Specialization: prints in decorative fabrics and upholstery

This Spanish manufacturer has long won the love of the Russian market. It began its production in the 70’s, and is currently a well-respected, successful factory, which exports its products around the globe. In addition to working with digital and sublimation printing, Castilla Textil also manufactures bases. Its collections include interior and upholstery fabrics.

The brand’s collection of fabrics for kids always draws a lot of attention from clients.

MOQ: from 1 roll.
Price level: from 5 - 15 euro/r.m.
Business interests: design studios, wholesales companies, furniture manufacturers.

Casalegno Tendaggi (Italy) | Hall 4.0 C40
Specialization: decorative fabrics

The Italian factory produces natural fabrics for curtains and clothes, using linen, cotton and silk yarns. The company is focused on ecological technologies of the interior fabric production. The producer has also some assortment of FR fabrics.

The company operates as editor in the interior market, some of designs are always in stock.

MOQ: from 1 roll.
Price level: from 5-42 euro/r.m. 300 cm width.
Business interests: design studios, wholesale companies, editors.
«Casalegno Tendaggi » на WilliZ >>

Lyontex (Italy) | Hall 11.1 B70
Specialization: fabrics for bedlinen use, mostly cotton and cotton linen

Lyontex has been creating and producing high quality jacquard cloth for three generations. 

The new Lyontex collection is inspired by soft and chic colors, in particular cream, silver, aquamarine and powder. There is also an addition of pewter and curry to complement the offer. The combinations are created so that the final result is always clean and chic at the same time.

Starting from this year Lyontex will introduce a complete new line of finished product, completely made in Italy (Fatto con cura in Italia). The name of this new collectionis inspired by the loom set up used to develop this new line.

MOQ: 100-300 r.m.
Price level:  from EUR 7-12 /r.m.
Business interests: editors, wholesale companies.
«Lyontex s.r.l.» на WilliZ >>

Ernst Feiler GmbH (Germany) | Hall 11.0 A50, 60
Specialization: bathroom textiles

Feiler is known around the world as the leading producer of genuine, colour-woven chenille and top-quality terry cloth with chenille borders. The foundation of the company was laid by Ernst Feiler in 1928, in Sudetenland. 

The product range includes exclusive bathroom textiles, soft and fluffy items for babies and a line of fashionable bags and accessories.

This season Feiler presents 2 new collections: PASSION and FEILER PURE.
The Passion collections are hallmarked by their sumptuous wealth of colour - often incorporated into floral designs.
Feiler Pure strives to use minimalist sophistication as an aesthetic stylistic device. Clarity, precision and regularity are musts for all designs which are implemented elegantly and perfected for Feiler luxury chenille.

MOQ: from Germany: 3.000EUR, from wholesale warehouse in Moscow from 1000 EUR.
Price level: one set of towels retails from 200 EUR.
Business interests: retail chains, wholesale companies.
«FEILER» на WilliZ >>

HEXIN HOLDING GROUP (China) | Hall 6.3
Specialization: jacquard, blackout fabric, curtain fabric

Hexin is one of the largest jacquard curtain factories in China. Established in 1984 as a weaving factory in Haining, today Hexin Holding Group is among the leading manufacturers of home textiles in China.

Hexin Holding Group’s principal business activities consist of production and marketing of yarns, jacquards, voiles, curtains, cushions and other complimentary home textile products. The company possesses 5 well-stocked warehouses ensuring that there is a constant supply to both domestic and international markets.

MOQ: 1 roll.
Price level: 3-3,5 USD/r.m. Books samples are from 20 - 150 USD and hangers are 20-50 USD.
Business interests: editors, wholesale companies.

Haining Qianbaihui Weaving (China) | 6.1 C19
Specialization: upholstery and decorative fabrics

The company will present a large number of various styles, though art deco style is prevailing. Sophisticated compositions, drapery designs with optical effects and a variety of textures – these were the features of the latest collection.

MOQ: from 1 r.m.
Price level: from 3-20 USD, the average price is 5-8 USD. Hangers are 30 USD/piece.
Business interests: editors, wholesale companies, decorators.
«Haining Qianbaihui Weaving » на WilliZ >>

Safetex (China) | Hall 6.1 D60
Specialization: silk fabrics

Safetex Mills Hangzhou was founded in 2001. Nowadays its products are in a high demand not only in domestic market but outside of China as well. Safetex Mills Hangzhou’s fabrics are exported to more than 30 countries of North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The production is known as Ascato, Safetex Mills Hangzhou’s brand. Ascato makes full use of organic nature fibers, such as silk, cotton, linen. Embroidery on silk and velvet is applied carefully with accurate development of details.

MOQ: from 1 r.m.
Price level: from 25-50 USD/per meter.
Business interests: editors, wholesale companies, decorators.
«Safetex Mills Hangzhou» на WilliZ >>

Thungasilk (India) | Hall 6.1 В49
Specialization: embroidery on silk, linen and composite fabrics

The Thunga family has been engaged in silk business for over 35 years.

Since 1981, the company has been creating exclusive silk fabrics for some of the finest designers, artists, editors and converters from all over the world, with no limitations and the fabrics they produce can be used in the luxurious home furnishings industry or in the fashion industry.

The factory specializes in embroidery on silk, linen and composite fabrics. The disposed collection shows bright colors, sophisticated transitions of colors, accurate development of details, English and American styles designs.

MOQ: 1 roll - for silk/100 m – for others designs.
Price level: from 7 euro/r.m.
Business interests: design studios, wholesale companies. 
«Thunga Silk International» на WilliZ >>

SVG Fashions KARMA (India) | Hall 6.1 D20
Specialization: decorative fabrics and upholstery

The factory with great potential and a good price-quality ratio, large variety of jacquard with modern geometric design, original embroideries on fabric, mix of different techniques in the same fabric.

MOQ: 100 m.
Price level: from 5-15 usd / per meter.
Exclusivity:  wholesale companies.

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