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EVERLASTING LOVE. How to earn on the client for the whole life.
We continue publishing articles about raising of income by curtains business.

08.02.2015, Платные уроки
Work of a designer on curtains is more similar to work of a luxury hotel, than to a grocery store. We will always be much more expensive than ready-made curtains, therefore it is difficult to be distinguished by a low price in the market. Our advantages in front of our competitors are our reputation and a high level of service.
How to earn much more on recommendations of clients and their repeat orders?
We decided to use the classical book on the client service "Clients for the whole life" as an expert in creation of such kind of relations with clients.

An author, Carl Sewell, in the USA built a successful and what is important stable business on sales and service of cars. There are a lot of ideas in the book, which are based on two theses: it is

important to build up a business on retention of the client and build emotional communications with the client.

We were always taught to be polite and help people as it is correct. Carl Sewell claims, it brings you money. This question changes psychology of work and helps to implement these principles in life. You will agree that we want money slightly more often than we want to be correct..
How change your views and earn more. 5 principles by Carl Sewell
Principle №1. We treat clients kindly because it is profitable
In this company the communication with clients was as a cult because it is an instrument for earning money.

"… our principle of the attitude towards clients as with close friends or relatives - it is not only altruism. Actually, all of us first of all think only about ourselves. Every time, when we make any efforts, we ask a question: and what will I have from it? Therefore, kind and careful attentude to people will win more clients, than an indifferent and rude relation."

The principle "if only to close the project" allows to keep time and forces. But you have to know that every time when you or your employees formally work with clients, it reduces your future profits.

It is not a question of politeness, views on life, not something about "to be positive and to bear good to the world", no. It is only a question about your financial wellbeing.
Principle №2. We do not want to sell at once and a lot.
It is a thin border, because to increase an average cost of the order is one of the key principles of growth your business. Carl Sewell agrees with increase of the price, but he thinks that the impression of the first contact is much more important. I.e. if the client is happy, he will find money fora living room, and for a kitchen.

"Try to do so that the client’s impression of the first contact with you will only be excellent. If you do it, the client will return again. You should remember how much money it can bring to you during your life".
Principle №3 Divide clients on categories.
If you want to give to the client more than he expects, you have to understand financial benefits accurately. When you divide clients on categories, you can define, how many additional orders this category of people and their acquaintances can give . Respectively, you understand what level of service and services you can provide on the level that will be beyond the client’s expectations .

"Measure. Of course, you should be polite with everybody, but you have to exactly know who of the clients will bring you $332 000 (value of order for all life, WilliZ comment), and treat them accordingly. Such clients deserve additional efforts. They never have to wait for anything".
Principle №4. How correct the mistakes? Remember kindergarden.
"Everything that you have to know to correct your mistake, you learned in kindergarden: recognize your mistake, immediately correct it and ask forgiveness. Your buyers, just as a father and a mother, will forgive you".

Sincere recognition of your fault is a very strong psychological tool. Use it in all difficult situations. It is important to remember: if the apology is carried in a formal form, it only makes the situation worse. Do you remember irritation from "Your call is very important for us …" on the fifth attempt to call?
Principle №5 Execuse, but don’t pay off
As readiness to do more, politeness it is an instrument of earning money. Therefore switch it on on full capacity.

"You don't need to pay off from people. Sincere apologies and timely correction of your actions almost always can solve the arisen problem ".

Important nuance again – sincerity.
The most difficult principle
To accept that politeness and desire to make more for the client are one of bases to earn more money, it is very simply. To say: "It is so clear", even more simple.

It is much more difficult to do it sincerely every day, even when circumstances are against you. Force yourself, it is difficult, but... "words are not enough . The head couldn’t tell morals to hissubordinates, he is obliged to show himself as an example of ethic behavior – as in relation with employees, and as in relation with clients".

We hope, this article will be useful for you. Good luck and good clients to you!
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