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CHINA 2017. An overview of production and fabrics
12.09.2017, Выставки
In this article we would like to introduce to you the latest Intertextile Shanghai Home Textile 2017 trade fair and tell about the most prominent factories of Chinese textile market.

Visitors of the trade fair were very surprised by vigorous designs and inspired by sophisticated textures and ornaments. No one has remained indifferent after the exhibition.

This time we went to Shanghai with a business-tour group. There were a lot of opinions and objections from wholesalers and editors from different parts of our country and it helped us to expand our view to Chinese textile production.

You can get more information about our business tour in the article “Business tour to Intertextile Shanghai Home Textile”.

Chinese textile market is growing rapidly, incredibly continuing its expansion, evolving and developing year by year.

However, not all changes are positive and this article will reveal current trends and directions of Chinese textile market’s evolution.

Technology leap
Nowadays a lot of manufacturers adopt cutting edge equipment and up-to-date technologies, and collaborate with Western editors. These facts influence and bring positive impact to the quality of fabrics.

Comparing to the previous year we have noticed significant improvement of the level and range of Chinese textile production: finishing of fabrics, sophisticated compositions and natural fibers have become a priority.

Original designs reduction
Unlike the past year Chinese textile factories haven’t offered a lot of exclusive and original designs.

The majority of collections were influenced and inspired by the world’s top textile leaders and we have found many similarities to the Deco Off trade fair in Paris.

Currently Chinese market is the biggest premium designs consumer: despite of the price gap European and American collections are in a high demand and are being sold successfully in Chinese market.

Perhaps, due to the high demand in premium designs all over the world Chinese manufacturers chose a tactic of similar designs production as their main strategy.

Distressed textures, design with overflow effect, color transitions and effects of degrade have been the highlight of every collection. Some fabrics resembled metallic sheets or rusty walls.

Such effects can be achieved by combining fibers of different compositions, playing with color tones, mixing mat and shiny yarns.

Geometric motifs and optical effects were one of the popular trends of the latest collection as well.

Chinese specifics
Nevertheless, we have noticed several distinctive features in Chinese textile manufacture.

Firstly, we would like to highlight shiny fabrics and glitters that were dominant in the collection.

Secondly, Chinese editors like to decorate their designs with rhinestones, sophisticated models of lambrequins, applications and multilayeredness.

And lastly we’d like to emphasize finishing.
We remembered a lot of samples of Chinese designs with interesting and innovative decoration techniques and creative combinations: decorative borders, laces and edging, decorative tassels and a range of extraordinary methods in cushions and veils decoration.

The price increase
The average price level has increased since the past year.

It was mainly caused by ecological requirements and standards complication in Chinese industry. The government is very concerned about ecological problems in the country and tries to reduce environmental pollution, for example, by banning sales of cars with internal combustion engines.

Thus, ecological thinking leads to shutting down of harmful chemical industry, such as dyeing or finishing factories which affects fabrics prices directly.

The growth of competition
We paid a lot of attention to the growing number of factories that have transferred into editors: they keep fabrics in stocks, release sample books and catalogs and work with small orders. This happens in conditions of domestic market competition growth.

Since Chinese market is constantly developing, a lot of manufacturers tend to improve their quality and services.

They are polite, ready to help at any time and diligent with customer communication, maintaining the high level of the best quality.

Situation in the market is unstable and inconstant, there are a lot of changes happening recently but soon the role and position of Chinese manufacturers in the world will become clear.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that Chinese market will absorb other markets, there are still many problems to solve: price level, delivery duration, designs, etc.

But there is no doubt that China will shift the world market and the current situation is not the end of all global changes yet.

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