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HOW TO RECEIVE MORE FROM ONE CLIENT. There are 7 useful ideas.
We are so worried about searching new clients that often we forget that our existing client can bring us additional profit. All world experts advise: remember, that the current clients - are the value, which we can't let go, you don't spend money on the attraction of clients, and their loyalty to you can do wonderful things. WilliZ found seven interesting pieces of advice which we can use in curtain business.

11.02.2015, Платные уроки
Haven’t you got a house on the Azure coast? Why? You are absolutely worth it and you have a potential. you just don't take everything that you can get out of the client. You miss the gold stones which are in your hands.

For example, how often do you have friendship with the client after the project and how can he help your business? Is it difficult? Begin from simple advice how to come closer to your dream.

So, it is necessary to use the last meeting with the client in the following way, and not for hanging up curtains.

1. Sell after final of the project
Here I finished the project and I left the happy client. My soul is calm and pleased, and in vain. Why did I forget, that we spoke about the cover in the beginning, but decided that "for the moment it is very expensive", what didn’t I tell about a canopy for child’s room?

Remember, every client has more requirements! And he can change his mind if he understands what he will receive and how much it will cost. Even if he can afford it only in half a year. Come to the last meeting with a ready offer about further work. The draft of the cover, examples of the canopy with the prices, production time and, attention: a discount for this month, because

"discount for fabric now", at "I have discounts for tailoring now", etc. Make a special offer, which will be limited in time. It works!
2. Accurately tell about discounts to regular clients and leave confirmation
This client has been attracted already. You don't need to pay rent for the salon, spend money on advertising. Therefore, this client can rely on a discount for the following orders.

It is important to speak about a discount during the meeting,a per cent has to be considerable (2% won’t please the people) and you should give a confirmation which will remind about your company.Of course, usually companies give the clients plastic cards, or something interesting as a magnet for the fridge. Just leave your business card with a discount, it will give power to your words.
We speak with pride that client came through " gossip hotline ". What did you do to take good recommendations from client?

Tell about the benefit, make a good offer which couldn’t be rejected. For example, pillows after the first new client, a cover after the third. And, maybe, – a new iPhone, tell that you will hold the contest between the clients who come with friends. Don't forget to leave business cards or a certificate with the signed name of the client.
4. Leave the memory about yourself
Apart from loyalty programs , there are a lot "cunning" ways to receive the client's friends. Leave the memory about yourself

* Gift something what a client will use: a bag made of cloth with your logo, the folder with samples of fabrics.

* Something that the client will be proud of: an envelope with sketches of curtains (obviously, during 3 months there will be somebody whom the clients that will want to show it), make original business cards, etc., original accessories for curtains, think up special "zest" for curtains or history about yourself and tell it to the client.

* Leave your brand on curtains somewhere in the corner, look at the clothes: labels, back-stitched name, a small firm charm, etc.
5.Receive a comment in a social network
Your client has many friends in a social network. Write an interesting article in your group about the project and ask friends repost it.
6. Make a good photo shoot of the project
It is the main point for our business, and very important. A good photo shoot of the project will bring you many clients. Bad - No. The best thing that you can receive from the project is a good photo shoot, don't forget about it.
7. Make a gift on the Birthday
And the last small trick: make clients a gift on the Birthday. It costs mothing to sew one more pillow from the remaining fabrics, but to present it in a half a year – it is priceless.

Successful to your business, more orders from your existing clients!

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