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The ideas and trends of Maison and Objet
We continue to speak about the Paris Exhibition Week
02.02.2017, Выставки
There is always a main theme on the main interior exhibition.

As we have already mentioned, this year in Maison&Objet the most relevant themes are silence and peace, and that is reflected in the concept called «Silence».

Open your mind, release yourself into contemplation, heart-searching and meditation in minimalistic interiors.

Find yourself in monochrome, calm and natural colours, with all shades of white, translucent pastel shades of dawn, and white-and-black graphics.

Geometry, abstraction, archetypal forms in furniture and pieces of decoration.

Transparent materials and optical effects.

Natural materials, inspiration from landscape and colours of the natural elements.

Fashionable colour Mineral Blue, also called the colour of sea-foam, perfectly fits in this trend.

In textile "Silence" means fluffy soft fabrics, boucle, fake fur, mohair. Transparent fabrics with gentle colour change-overs and optical effects. Natural fabrics with hand made elements, embroidery, applique. And innovative fabrics: sound-absorbing, blackout, heat-saving.

What else
However, "Silence" was noticeable, but far from being the only trend of the exhibition. Consumers are various, and the common trend of this year, as a mosaic, is made up from different movements and styles. It is crucial to understand the right proportions and the main hits, that will ensure good sales.

In the same fashion as last year, the exposition was divided according to styles:
Actuel — modern innovative design.

Elegance — elegant classic and Art Deco

Cosy — nature, cosy, romantic style, Scandinavian style

Eclectic — eclectic, folk, pop art, kitsch

Summing up: the core trends
Art Deco still popular, though in re-framed and updated forms.

Theme of nature. In interiors (non-textile) the rough forms and hands of last year, when one of the main trends was Wild, are going away. Now all the riot is going into more peaceful, romantic and light style, close to Scandinavian one. A lot of lamps shaped as a drop of water or a weightless cloud, pieces of furniture, reminding of hewn boulders. And of course a lot of green and emerald colours.

Folk style is alive in all its forms, fusion of traditional ornaments from different countries, plenty of African themes.

As always, the influence of Chinese and Japanese art and design was visible. For instance, carps in prints.

The jungles and tropical plants continue blooming. Flamingos and parrots are replaced by pineapples and cactuses of all sizes and shapes, and, of course, the peacocks.

Space research theme. The main trend, responsible for innovative hands and decisions is not going anywhere. Shining and gleaming surfaces, grey and black palette are still popular.

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