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We invest a lot into the technologies. Reportage from the Rekor factory
Hello, today we are visiting one of the oldest and the biggest factories in Turkey, Rekor.

06.03.2017, Про бизнес

– We are talking to Mehmet Necati Kurtcan, the Vice President of the company.

– We are pleased to welcome you.

– Could you tell us about the history of your company. Is it family business?

– Yes, my grandfather founded the company in 1946. We are the 3d generation now. The business started from the production of women’s’ clothes and afterwards moved to decorative fabrics. Now we produce a wide of range of decorative fabrics from velvets, tulles, sheers and drapery jacquards.

– The factory means first of all technologies. What are you proud of in this meaning?

– Our facilities are about 100 000 m2 and about 120 looms, 300 people of staff. We have a vertical oriented production from yarn dying, weaving jacquards and fabrics, prints and including the finishing as well. We also have our laboratory and we are very fast and free in any kind of colors, designs and sample production.
To enlarge click on photo

– What are you focusing now in your production business?

– We invest a lot into the technologies and innovations of our machinery. Nowadays we are engaged in the development of equipment with a Belgian producer of looms. We are planning to launch within 3 months the new technology of the production of velvets.

– What exactly new you are going to bring to the market? Is it a secret?

– We are working on weaving velvet in 340 cm. This is a completely new technology and we will be the first weaver of this product in the World.

– So your focus is now velvets. And even with your new collection that was shown at the Heimtextil 2017, we paid attention to the interesting designs. How is working on designs in your company?

– We are family business and all our family is engaged in business. I have 2 sisters, Ayca runs the export business and Seba is working on designs and creative production.

To enlarge click on photo

– We see in your designs mixes of different techniques.

– Yes, we are experimenting a lot now. And we see that this is the trend worldwide. For example we made a line of designs in velvets using mat and shiny fibers. We add to one design combinative structures and finally make prints to get the interesting play of colors. 
In other designs we used several colors of yarns to get various effects. 

To enlarge click on photo
To enlarge click on photo

– What about FR? What kind of technologies do you use?

– We are members of Trevira club, Trevira CS and the other certificates if the client prefers to make FR by finishing only.

- What’s you daily capacity? How fast you can produce the orders?

– Now we do 6000 meters per day and are capable of 10000 meters per day only for our velvet. We have purchased new looms as of 2016 to increase our capacity in worldwide sales. They’re the latest technology and we can update them to any design and produce very quickly.

To enlarge click on photo
To enlarge click on photo
– How long does it take for your factory to work out special designs by the order and to produce its samples?

– Well if it’s only the designs, we can do it within a day or two. A composition might take a few days.

– Do you have most of designs at stock?

– We are updating stock now after the fairs. Most of our ongoing designs we try to keep in stock. Our stock volume now is normally around 2 million meters.
To enlarge click on photo

– What is the geography of your business?

– We have a chain of showrooms in our domestic market. But most of our business goes to overseas. We are now focused more for exports. We are selling our fabrics to about 50 countries EU, USA and Arabic countries and we even have an overseas office in London.

– What about Russian market?

– Due to last years’ situation we were focused more towards the European and South American markets. The last Heımtextil we received great interest of our production and hope to move into these markets in the near future.

– Why should Russian clients work with your company?

– If we say in a professional way: manufacturer, ready for any technologies and design needs with high level of quality at a convenient price.

To enlarge click on photo
To enlarge click on photo

– What did the clients liked more at the fair?

– Very soft quality of velvets and drapery jacquards with very distinctive designs.

– We wish you success in your progressive technologies and expect to see you in Russia in the near future!

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