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About last Heimtextil Russia and our market
05.10.2016, Выставки
One more time "Heimtextil Russia “confirmed its status as the key element on the market. It was the most significant representative group as the Russian supplier and as foreign factories and producers. And, of course, the exhibition is a good reflection of current situation on the curtain and textile markets. We would like to share our observations and would be happy to read your impressions in the comments section.
Here is what we found…

The market has not recovered from the Russian-Turkish crisis.

We immediately noticed that the number of Turkish producers has significantly reduced. Most of the visitors on the exhibition were people, who have been on the Russian market for a long time, they invested in warehouses and try to avoid the loss of well-experienced business.

On the other hand, Chinese sector has expanded.

An amount of Chinese companies has increased, while the level of represented textile materials was very far from what we saw in Shanghai. So far, only economy-segment companies came to the Russian market.

German factories were traditionally represented in Russia.

Factories from Germany were one of the first on the Russian market and even during last year’s their content on the exhibition stays almost the same, the crisis did not have any impact on them.

Very big interest was shown towards low price segment.

Came to the front, that Russian wholesalers, who focused on this specific segment, had clearly the most interest of visitors, and, in the opinion, feel themselves very confident in the current economic situation.

There is an increasing offer of ready-made textile.

Another important trend, which was clearly demonstrated during the exhibition is an increasing offer of ready-made textile. At Heimtextil companies were represented with the wide variety of choices: from economy to luxury classes. Ready-made textile and its impact on our market is certainly the topic for another discussion. We will return to this issue any time soon.

The Russian market has become closer to the fashion world.

Companies has shown several modern types of textile, so the period of entry of new trends into the Russian market became less than a year. Let`s see how high will be the demand among costumers, but so far it’s a very good tendency.

Geometry, abstraction and bright colours.

Geometry and abstraction became the key topics of the exhibition, including a lot of interesting fabrics with 3D-effect. In the new collection, in addition to the traditional for Russian market nude pallet, there were several bright colours, such as blue and turquoise, herbal green, mustards and emerald, warm red and terra cotta, lilac and purple.

Natural fabrics and velvet.

The great amount of natural fabrics was very remarkable: linen, cotton and wool imitation. Velvet was highly represented in the new collection: monochrome, embossed with small ornaments, laser cutting designs looked very impressive.

The great lectures, workshops and competitions program.

This year we could hardly fit into four posters the events, which were held during the exhibitions. The program was very interesting and diverse, events clearly had a high interest among visitors. Unfortunately, it was impossible to attend all the events.

In the next articles, we will tell you more about current trends in the collections and the most interesting novelties. We hope you will be interested.

Best regards,

Maria Belova
CEO of WilliZ

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