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Gold-coated, thin silk yarn and other innovations from the Chamundi factory.
In this article, we will explore in detail the assortment and technological capabilities of the Chamundi factory.
30.05.2016, Платные уроки
Despite being one of the leaders of the global textile market, Indian textiles, currently have a disproportionately small representation in Russia. Today, Indian factories expand their markets and readily collaborate with global editors, while the nation’s holding companies actively buyout American factories in an attempt to colonize the North American textile market.
Chamundi is an archetypal representative of the finest Indian factories, which offers a large array of technological solutions, great attention to the global trends and at the same time, preservation of traditional designs.
Styles and colors
Chamundi maintains an experienced staff of designers—three designers and seven artists, plus external designers with world names, which are invited for special projects. The high competence of their designer team is reflected in the fact that roughly 75% of the company’s total sales come from own creations and only 25%—from designs manufactured to clients’ specifications, which are too, developed in close collaboration.
In their designs, Chamundi strives to closely follow the latest global trends and market’s demands; their collections offer a large variety of geometry, heavily textured fabrics and blurred designs.
Due to the company’s close collaboration with American editors, their products feature many ornaments in the American style. In addition, Chamundi offers strong ethnic designs with a contemporary interpretation, as well as a large selection of classics with an oriental accent, which is expected of a traditional Indian manufacturer.
Another distinct direction represented in the company’s product line is floristics with delicate watercolor designs.

Chamundi has a strategic tie up with Avigdor (Italy) and many of collections are influenced by archives of old Italian manufacturer. The company now is working on contemporising their designs, that is realizing in new formats as Jacquards, prints, embroidery or a combination of thereof.

Types of fabrics and weaving capabilities of the factory
The factory produces nearly all key fabric types. Depending on the fabric’s intended use, the density of material varies from 40 g/m to 750 g/m.

One of the factory’s strengths, which ensures the quality of Chamundi’s products, is the attention to the utilized techniques for yarn preparation, processing and spinning. For the contract market, the company generally uses synthetic yarns, but the main collections are still produced only from natural Indian fibers—silk, cotton, viscose, linen and jute.

The weaving machines use nine screens as opposed to the conventional five, which allows for creation of designs with nine colors.

Finishing and pattern-forming techniques
Chamundi offers many fabrics with intriguing finishes, a large selection of embroidery, fine handmade materials and velvet applique. A number of fabrics feature interesting technique combinations, for example prints with embroidery.

The factory constantly searches for innovative solutions for textile finishing. A very special one utilized by the company involves the use of Sari yarn for embroidery on drapery fabrics. The resulting product offers exceptionally fine embroidery with thread covered in precious metals of gold, copper and silver.

To attain a more detailed specification on the factory’s technical capabilities, one can contact the company directly.

Contact person: Mr. Sundaram
E-mail: ram@chamundisilks.com | Tel: +91 8022 64 6700, +91 938 233 0742, +91 988 601 9755
chamundisilks.com | williz.info/company/3595/

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